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So you want to be a singles champion

May 19, 2006
Geoff Oakley, who is in my opinion is the best singles player to ever play in W.A and would be right up there as one of the best ever in Australia in his time.
In one of the world rankings published, Geoff Oakley was 18th ranked out of 2o.
If there was ever a better player in windy conditions, I never saw him. "Mr Houdini" is an apt description of his ability to win from impossible positions.
I saw many a game where he was a goner only to see him win the game.
After a chat with Geoff last week he agreed to let us in on how he achieved his enormous success's
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Sorrento Master Singles

July 3, 2006
Wonder if you could put out a feeler to those that have won their club's singles, and who have not yet participated in this event, and ask them to supply their name, address, telephone number and year they won their singles to me, either on this email address, or through the Sorrento Bowling Club.
Copy and paste this address to your email

It is the club's 30th Anniversary this year, and also the 10th time that we have conducted this event since taking it over from Royal Park, we will be trying to make a special effort.

Ian Wittber
tournament director

Christmas in July

July 9, 2006
Arrive from noon on July 16th for a 12.45 traditional sitdown 3 course Christmas Lunch.
Tables of 8 with 2 complimentary bottles of wine per table.
The cost of $20 per head is unbelievable!!! value. The function is limited to 80 people
Visitors most welcome

Keith Manton is the Chef, and what a great job he did of the cooking last year.
The tremendously talented John Norriss will be providing the music.
To avoid disappointment Please book early

Stop Press

My new KARAOKE gear will be available for the audience to have fun by singing along with popular hits.
From the 1200   karaoke songs available I have selected  about 200 that our generation will know,&printed
 lists  that  will be on the tables on sunday.Any 'would be singers'  coming to  the sunday xmas lunch  can phone me  on 9276 8404  if they would like  to arrange a rehearsal .
John Norriss

Rhonda Wilk

June 30, 2006
Deepest sympathy to Bishop Wilk and family on the sad passing of his wife Rhonda early this morning, 30-6-2006

Our thoughts are with you Bishop.

From the members of the Bedford Bowling Club.

Bedford Saturday Pairs.

June 25, 2006
H. Matsen -Mel Lemos + 33
Glenn Davis - Kevin Corbett + 32
Alan Badham - Adi Mayer + 22
Noel Collins - John Norriss+ 32
A Andrew s - G Bancroft + 31
K. Manton - Brian Tupper + 30
David Twohig - Les Smith+ 28.
M. Browning - Peter Hunter+30
Bishop Wilk - Sherro + 30

There were 34 teams in the field today
Congrats to the agless Harry Matsen and Mel Lemos on their win, and also to the runner/ups Glen Davis and Kevin Corbett, I dont know what club they come from but great to have you playing in the Bedford Saturday Pairs.

Bill Lamble

Some where in Queensland

June 24, 2006
A group of Bedford bowlers have gone to sunny Queensland to wreak havoc on the bowling population by winning as many tournaments as they can.
The boys got away to a handy start by winning the DonnyBrook carnival worth $400.00 and that will help to pay for a few cartons of 4xxxxx.
Nigel Minchin, Paul Hunter, Don Mort, and Kevin Collins who loves his 4xxxx more than anyone I know, were the winners
They are playing in a carnival this weekend and all the big guns will be there, so we expect to see a good showing from you fellahs.
The boys have obtained a sponsor and will have shirts, fees and a few beers supplied to play in this event.
Lenny Krajancic has some luck playing the pokies, he is coming home shortly.
We will endeavour to keep track of their exploits

Queensland win National title

June 2 , 2006
Click--Here--for all W.A.results of the series and Neville Stevens final report on the team

June 1, 2006
We have our man at Tweed Heads. Our intrepid roving reporter, Neville Steven to update on the Ladies.
Many thanks Neville

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Queensland won the National Womens Title after defeating W.A. this morning

Wonthella Ladies Carnival

June 9, 2006
At Wonthella ladies carnival Mai Norriss was runner up. She played third in a composite team from Wanneroo, Geraldton & Koorda .
Carmel (Paul Lovelands partner) also had a win in one of the sections as well.
regards, johnny Norriss

Internations Carnival results

May 28, 2006
The Internations Carnival was held recently at Yokine, these results were passed onto me a couple of days ago
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Proper Finals for all grades next year??

April 24, 2006
BowlsWA have put forward a proposal that all grades of pennants have meaningful finals for next season..
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Finals letter

April 27, 2006
Another view regarding the BowlsWA decision to ask the clubs to consider having winner of the grand final to be promoted.

April 28, 2006

April 30, 2006

May 4, 2006

Kempy on the Darwin series

May 26, 2006
Kempy has a letter regarding the series in Darwin.
Thanks Kempy
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The Alan Eddy Medal winner

May 25, 2006
After a brilliant display in the 7 games played, the winner of the Alan Eddy Medal for best W.A player was ....
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Bedford Saturday Pairs.

May 28, 2006
Ivan Howell, Ed McTigue + 31 - 14 ends
Alan Badham, Adi Mayer + 31 - 13 ends
Don Mort, Tom Graham + 25
Harry Matsen - Mel Lemos + 30
John Norriss - Noel Collins + 31
O Weaver - Neville Young + 30
Bill Pitt - David Crook + 27.

A good roll up of players, 26 teams today.
well done to Eddy McTigue and Ivan Howell on winning the major on a countback from the very consistent Adi Mayer and Alan Badham.

It was good to see some of the personalities of the game turning up for a game, Tim and Mike Murray along with Neville Young from Victoria Park.

BowlsWA Aus Indoor Sets play Singles

May 15, 2006
To find out who won
Click--Here--for winners

Maurice and Ann Crabb looking to share accomodation

May 18, 2006
Maurice Crabb is looking for a couple to share booked accomodation at the Gold Coast
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W.A versus Queensland

May 20, 2006
Western Australia rounded off their lead up to the start of the InterState Sides Series starting on monday showing they are at the top of their game.

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W.A State team win the Ford/Wishart Trophy

May 19, 2006
West Australia defeated South Australia in Darwin today.
Rooster Wishart down eight, draws the shot.
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Hilton Park 777 Classic split fours

May 21, 2006
48 teams participated in this event.

Winner $2400.00

S. Hughes (skip), R. Barnes, J. Birch, P. Harber, (Melville)
Second $1000.00
B. Scott (skip), T. Mitchell, W. Butler, J. Evans. (Vic Park)
Third $600.00
M. Pasilich (skip), G. Zelich, M. Marovich, T. Dragicevich.(Stirl)
Fourth $400.00
J. Smith (skip) C. Smith, D. Pearce, S. Roberts. (comp)

Winning Fours $30.00 Winning Pairs $15.00.

Another huge success by Frank McGrath. As always, Frank is the best in the business and knows how to get the job done and get it running smoothly.
Any clubs looking for someone to run their events, Frank McGrath is the expert. Well done once again Frank.

Who will win the Interstate Sides Series

May 21, 2006
Who will win the Interstate Sides Series in Darwin
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What position will W.A finish in
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State Side v President's 12

May 7, 2006
The State side played the Presidents 12 today at Osborne Park
Click--Here -- for results

Bedford Ladies win the Matusik Fours

May 3, 2006
The team of Gwen Williams (skip) Corrie Van Den Heuvel, Colleen Robinson and Margret Sitko won the Matusik Fours in a strong field at Bedford
They won the carnival by winning all four games with a + 28 shots up. Congratulations Ladies on your achievment.
This win follows on from winning the Carlisle Classic recently.
Many thanks to the sponsor, Eric Matusik the friendly Jeweller and
Patron of the Bedford Bowling club.

50th South Pacific bowling carnival Fiji Tour..

April 26, 2006
The 50th anniversary of the South Pacific bowling carnival is to get underway.
This tour is one of those that is so good that many Bowlers return to it year after year.
Click--Here --To make a booking

No touchers!!!

April 26, 2006
Reg Humphryson, highly respected State Ladies coach, Premiership skipper and winner of many big events has a point of view regarding whether we should have touchers in the game.
Perhaps others may agree with Reg. If you have an opinion, let us know.
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April 27, 2006
A couple of replies to Reg
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BowlsWA awards evening

May 5, 2006
The BowlsWA Awards evening to be held on Friday May 12th at the Burswood Casino Grand Ballroom have a couple of tables available.
Tim Gossage is the Compare and did a great job last year in what was a terrific night.
Cost is $100.00 per person. All food and drinks supplied. A top line band will be in attendance.

Bedford win the Champion of Club Champion fours

April 25, 2006
Congratulation to Barry Gartrell, John Trewhella, Dave Crook and Mat Trewhella on winning the this event against very good opponents. Congratulations boys on your terrific achievement.
Last year Bedford were runner up when Kevin Burke skipperred a team

Neil Minchin

April 24, 2006
Our Club singles champion Neil Minchin, did very well to make the semi-finals of the Champion of Club Championship Singles at Morley.
Congratulations Neil on your terrific performance.

Tim Murray asks an interesting question

April 4, 2006
Which Northern club is going to play in One Blue South for next season
Click -Here-- Question for BowlsWA

Click -Here-- Review One Blue

Hall of fame

April 19, 2006.
BowlsWA have introduced a Hall of Fame, this is a terrific idea and congratulations are certainly in order to get this special honour underway.

Mai Norris almost gets there

April 20, 2006
Mai Norriss got thru into the last 16  yesterday in the Ladies State singles .

A field of 80 entrants played off at Cockburn, North beach & Bassendean.
With beautiful sunny conditions at Bassendean Mai won her three games & went to North Beach today into the final 16 . However Mai was just defeated in very windy conditions by Val Cox who is the reigning Doubleview singles Champ.
Mai is also playing off at Morley next Wednesday in the Novice Champion of Champions.
This is only her second season bowling & will be travelling to the northern carnivals next month for more off season practice .

Champion of Champion Singles draw 2006

April 19, 2006
The Draw for the Champion of Club Champion singles has been released by Bruce Challen
Nominations are still open if your club champ would like to participate

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State Fours Play in Rockingham on first day

September 6, 2006
BowlsWA have allocated all sectional play for the first days play in the State fours Championships due to commence in early October to the Rockingham area.
The State Fours attracted 160 entries in 1996. In year 2006 there were 77 entries for this event.
The reasoning behind the decision is to encourage players from the Rockingham/SafetyBay/Mandurah area, which has a large player base, to enter.
This will be an interesting situation to see if the city bowlers particuarly from the Northern Suburbs are willing to travel to Rockingham for the first days play.

How do you feel about this move?
Will the move to play in the Rockingham area affect whether you will enter the State Fours?

Vote--Here--to vote

Dalkeith Spring Fours results

September 11, 2006
The very popular Dalkeith Spring fours was played over the weekend and a massive 59 teams took part. The winners were...
Click --Here--for results

New shirt for Osborne Park

August 26, 2006
Osborne Park have released their new pennant shirt for 2006.
They will be known as the Osborne Park Saints and that is great to see the clubs adopting a nick name, well done with the shirt Ossy Park

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Who will win the Consistency

August 30, 2006
Who will win the Mt. Lawley Consistency singles for 2006
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Kelli Wray wins the Triples and fours titles

September 6, 2006
Young West Aussie Kelli Wray age 18, has won the final of the Ladies Triples and fours with team mates Karen Murphy and Lynsey Armitage. Congratulations to Kelli, and no doubt it would be her biggest moment in Lawn Bowls.
Where to from here for the youngster, She has given notice of her talent and hopefully a place in the Australian squad beckons.
Certainly is terrific for Lawn Bowls in W.A to see this young lady doing so well on the big stage at Club Barham.

For an update on the scores

Yokine appoint a new Bowls co-ordinator

August 16, 2006
The Yokine Bowling Club have appointed....
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Never to old they say

September 3, 2006

The Osborne Park Winter Pairs was won yesterday by a team with an aggregate age of 177 years. Doug Lind at a sprightly 84 years teamed up with an ex Bedford bowler Archie Reeves at 93 years of age to win the pairs defeating 16 other teams.
Two wins against quality opponents was very popular result at the club.

Rob Lawrence


August 10,2006
Bowls numbers have increased for the first time since....
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Rule changes for next season

July 25, 2006
Rule changes for next season from World Bowls that will affect the game we play each week. If you wish you vote for or against.
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Wonthella Carnival results

August 22, 2006
The results of the Wonthella Open Fours Carnival were..

Draw for Super League

August 22, 2006
The draw for the newly formed Super League is now online

Kelvin Kerkow the new Champ

August 24, 2006
Congratulations to Kelvin Kerkow on his brilliant performance winning the Australian Indoor sets play Championship against another great performer in Nathan Rice.
Those who saw Kelvin playing at the Tri-Nations last October at Melville would be well aware of this players enormous skill, it is like he comes from another planet where they play a different brand of bowls.
Our own Mark Lindsay was a little unlucky to draw Nathan Rice in his second round game after defeating Mark Casey because Nathan was playing as well as Nathan could play. Nathan Rice beat Kelvin in the final of the Golden Nugget where every State of Australia was represented except for W.A.

For results in the Australian Open Indoor Sets Play
Click--Here--for results


Ladies News

August 16, 2006
Mother and daughter in the state Ladies squad.
two of the Solly's have been announced in the ladies state squad. Melissa (Junior-15) and Shari Solly (senior- melissas mum) both announced to be in the squad together

Clubs Reject grand final winner trial

August 18, 2006
BowlsWA have recieved the votes from the regions regarding the proposal to have meaningful finals with the winner of the Grand Final being the team to be promoted.
The clubs prefer that the team that finishes on top of the ladder at the conclusion of the home and away games to be promoted.
The North, South, and South Coastal regions voted against a trial season. The Eastern zone voted yes.
Sherro will comment on this decision later

Pieter Harris rejoins the State squad

August 17, 2006
Pieter Harris resigned from the State side after the team to go to Moama was announced.
The W.A team could ill afford to lose W.A's best performed skipper over the past three years, Pieter has had a rethink and asked for this letter to be published. This is the news all would have been hoping for

Warnbro Mens Winter

August 3, 2006
The Warnbro Bowling Club are running their mens Winter Carnival 26-27th August
Click--Here--for details

Mark Lindsay beaten

August 22, 2006 7.40 AM
Mark Lindsay was beaten this morning by Nathan Rice. Mark lost both sets.
Our man at Tweed Heads Vince Beckley who rang result thru at 7.40 AM, said that Mark played very well and often had bowls with in 2 inches of the jack only to see Nathan land inside his bowls. I don't have the actual scores but it was something like 13-4, 10-8.
Once again we see W.A bowlers showing they can cut the mustard in the big league. Mark beat last years runner up in this event Mark Casey, yesterday 10-4, 5-12, 2-1.
Last year John Sheridan beat Wayne Turley, another Australian player in the first round.
If W.A players were able to compete in the big Eastern seaboard events more often we would perhaps see the State have a player in the Australian team.
Well done Mark you have done good.
Garry Caffell only just lost his first round game and both Ladies Renate Coote and Carol Wight went out in the first round also.

For other results in the Australian Open Indoor Sets Play
Click--Here--for results


Mark Lindsay Beats Mark Casey

August 21, 2006
For other results in the Australian Open Indoor Sets Play
Click--Here--for results

August 21, 2006


Mark Lindsay has caused a major upset by defeating Australian representitive, Mark Casey in the first round winning the tie breaker 10-4, 5-12, 2-1
Mark Casey was one of the favourites to win this tournament.
Life will not get any easier for Mark Linday as his next opponent is Nathan Rice who recently beat Kelvin Kerkow in the Tweed Heads Golden Nugget Singles.
If Mark defeats Nathan he will play Steve Glasson.

Gary Caffell, the number one ranked bowler in W.A, was beaten in his game against Trevor Allright from the Northern Territory losing on the tiebreak 8-7, 7-12, 2-1

These scores were passed onto me by Vince Beckley who now lives in Queensland.
Many thanks Vince and greatly appreciated by all here in the West.
Tweed Heads are not providing live scores for this event.

Renate Coote has been defeated and is now out of the tournament
Our W.A Ladies reps, Renate Coote (Thornlie) will be playing Sara Rumble from Qld at 2.00PM.
Carol Wight (Fremantle) will play Ann Maree Hardey at 4.00PM

Doubleview Ladies request

August 3, 2006
The Doubleview Ladies are ......
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Bedford Mens
Saturday Pairs.

August 13 , 2006
G.Campbell – D.Scott + 37
R. Tomisich – Bob Norriss + 33
Sherro – B. Gartrell + 22
Charles Pryde – Peter Healy + 21
John Norriss – Noel Collins + 32
R. Hamilton – Spike Jones + 29
The Jones Boy – Matt Tutlys + 29

Bill Lamble

Wonthella Carnival

July 22, 2006
Wonthella Bowling Club are are running a carnival, for entry details

Bowls moves to prime time
on TV

August 2, 2006
Bowls Australia media release
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National Super Club Challenge

August 1, 2006
Bowls Australia today announced the development of a new national club championship competition to commence in 2007

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Which club was selected to go South for the summer

July 28, 2006
Like to Have a guess what club from One Blue North will be the club that will spend their summer in One Blue South next season.
Click--Here-To ReadMore & vote

Kyle McIroy into last 8 of the Professional Bowls Ass.

August 1, 2006
Kyle Mc Ilroy.
Mark Casey
Georgia White
Brendan McCallum
S Parnis
I Stone
S Caundle
A Laguzza
The qualifiers will now play off to see who gets free trips to England, Scotland & wales depending on which event they qualify for. These are the biggest money earners in the world. Prices range from 1000 pound first round losers to 35000 winner of the world indoor title. All played on a televised portable one rink carpet surface. This is the tour that Kelvin kerkow was ranked 5th in the world.


July 24, 2006
We have received a letter from Glen Payne regarding the starting time of pennants
Click--Here--To ReadMore and if you wish you can cast your vote.

Premier League

July 28, 2006
We have had a letter of support for the Pat Buller, Aaron Delaporte W.A. Super league
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Alan Kemp has his say on the Super League

July 31, 2006
Kempy has been busy in recent months and is managing the Halls Head Tavern in Mandurah.

Prickles Thorn was a recent visitor and Wayne Williamson (The Katís brother in law) is a local. I would like to extend an invitation to all city bowlers to drop in and say gíday and have a beer.

Kempy has his say on the Super League
Click--Here--To ReadMore

Super League set to go

July 30, 2006
The Super League was finalised today. The meeting was held at the Doubleview Bowling Club
The Clubs selected were
Click---Here--To ReadMore

Late news

July 28, 2006
Tom Gates at BowlsWA has rung Sherro to say that the One Blue North, One Blue South divisions have not been sorted out and that the info provided by me is wrong.
Sherro recieved his information from 4 sources and three of them would be extremely reliable (100%).
Of course, I will not reveal who the info came from.
Anyway the poll will stay and we will watch with much interest as to who draws the short straw to go South for the Summer.
In the latest BowlsWA notes that are sent to all metropolitan secretaries in the Men's Saturday entitlements section it says North Beach div 1 1Bs.

North Beach asking where are they now

July 24, 2006
North Beach bowling Club are looking for previous players who have won their King Scroungers
They have provided a list of the players they are looking for

Click---Here--To see List

Letter from an Umpire

July 26, 2006
Firstly thankyou to all who have cast a vote on the changes that will come into effect next season compliments of the World Bowls Council and to which Bowls Australia have agreed to.
We have a letter from an umpire and he shows how far behind the game the World Bowls committee really is.
Australia leads the world in the sport and to think they will support such antiquated methods is mind boggling.
Click--Here--to ReadMore

Bedford Mens
Saturday Pairs.

July 23, 2006
Peter Hunter – M. Browning + 34
Paul Hunter – Kevin Collins + 33
Leo Erneste – Jack Caddy + 21
P. McCutcheon - B. Donovan + 33
Sid Hearn – Don Manning + 32
Sherro – Bishop Wilk + 30
Ivan Howell – E.McTighue + 29
Bob Norriss – R. Tomisich + 30

Thirty two teams played today and the team of Peter Hunter – Mike Browning who had been threatning to win the Saturday Pairs finally did so after beating last weeks winners from Wongan hills. Congratulations fellahs.
Don Mort and Frank Saleeba lost their first game for sometime after winning something like 10 straight.
Another very consistent team, that of P. McCutcheon - B. Donovan are looking likely winners sometime soon
After this week, only two greens will be available – weather permitting. This will limit teams to 28 (14 if Grass green unfit and Carpet playable)
Bill Lamble

Premier League

July 20, 2006
BowlsWA have announced they will change the name of divison One Red to the Premier League
Sherro has a comment on this issue
Click--Here--To ReadMore.

State Selectors remain unchanged

July 17, 2006
The State selectors have retained their positions. Lindsay Thorne and Geoff Ellis have been re-elected for a two year term while Rod Wishart has a one year term.
Roger Barns and Mike Zusman were overlooked for the job.

Metropolitan Trophies becomes a Sponsor

June 4, 2006
Otto Weber of Metropolitan Trophies in Osborne Park has become a Sponsor.
His company enjoys a world wide reputation and has a huge range of all types of products, trophies, medals, plaques, and awards.
It is a fully owned West Australian company.
Thankyou Otto for your support.
For your trophy needs please give Otto a call. Visit his very impressive website by clicking on the link at the left of the page.

Mike Zusman wins Gold

July 12, 2006
Congratulations to Mike Zusman on winning the International Maccabi Games gold medal for the singles and the pairs. His partner in the pairs was Alan Faigan. The game were played in Sydney

Stirling Fours

July 10, 2006
The Stirling Fours was held yesterday.

Winner $900.00
Nev Stevens (skip), B. Parmenteer, T.Alden, S. Alden
Runner up $500.00
T.Krajanic (skip) W. Heldt, A.Erceg, B. Heldt.
R. Butler (skip), B. Scott ???????
Some players names were not available.
There were 40 teams in this event and once again Frank McGrath has filled the greens to capacity. If you wantsomeone to run an event at your club, contact Frank, he is the best in the business.

Victorian Grand Prix

July 6, 2006
For details Click--Here

Super League a step closer

June 20, 2006
It was announced today that a Super League was a possibilty
this coming season.

Bowls has waited a long time for this type of inititive. Well done to Aaron Delaporte and Pat Buller.

Click--Here--To ReadMore

State Selectors

June 22, 2006
I have information that BowlsWA are to call for an expression of interest from bowlers to nominate for the position of State Selector

Victoria Park Master singles

June 28, 2006
The Victoria Park Master Singles has been deleted.
Reason was there weren't enough entries or interest in general to warrant the time and effort and the prizemoney given to run the event.
The last Victoria Park Master Singles had only 70 entries .
Rhett Butler defeated Clive Adams in the last Master singles.

The Sorrento Master Singles is on in late November early December.

Who is the best player in W.A

July 3, 2006
Who do you think is currently the best player in W.A.
Our poll did show that the best players polled well and were in the top ten.
Some good players were not included but I am certain that we had the top 5 players included in our poll.
Thankyou for participating.
Anthony Provost had the most votes, Pieter Harris 2nd and Daniel Trewhella 3rd

Sherro says thankyou

June 16, 2006.

Sherro Comment

June 14, 2006
The resignation of Pieter Harris from the State side .....

Click--Here--To ReadMore

June 15, 2006
There has been a huge response to our poll. I have now closed the poll and the visitors to our site beleived overwhelmingly that Pieter Harris should have been included in the side to go to Moama.

Pieter Harris bombshell quits as a State player

June 13, 2006
Pieter Harris has quit the State side and will no longer be available for selection
Click--Here---To ReadMore

Team to represent W.A at Moama selected

June 12, 2006
The team to represent W.A has been selected....
Click--Here--to View side

Lance Strahan loses singles game at Helensvale

June 21, 2006
Richard Girvan (N.Z)

Lance Strahan (W.A)
8-10, 9-8, 2-0.

June 19, 2006

M.Strochnetter -M. Nitz(TAS) 19
S Srhoy-L Strahan (WA) -- 11

June 18, 2006
L Strahan, S Srhoy (WA) -- 18

L Pointon, S Piggott (QLD)--8


Lance beat Bob Marty (Qld) 12-4, 7-6. The singles resumes 20 June
B. Wilkie DEF Steve Srhoy 17-5

Geraldton Carnival Fours

June 8, 2006
A real crack side won the Geraldton split fours carnival last weekend.
Jon Sharp (skip) Roger Barns, Colin Fleay and Steve O'Neil were the winners and took home a very nice $2,400.00.

Roger Barns has been busy in major tournaments this year, only a fortnight ago he won the Hilton Park Classic.

The Bedford team of Cliff Graybrook (skip) Bob Norriss, Don Mort and John Norriss were runner/up
With only one shot difference in the final tally .....They almost got the 1 st. prize.
Won $ 1200 & also they bought themselves & ran third winners in the all in all did very well.
Great sunny warm weather & had a great time !!

Two W. A. Bowlers win National selection

June 4, 2006
David Goddard and Graham McClean have had an outstanding series in the Blind Bowlers Championship held in Sydney, capping it off by winning a spot in the Trans Tasman series.
Click--Here to ReadMore.

Wanneroo Photo Album

May 11, 2006
I have an album of the Wanneroo players
Click--Here--to vie

Also a large pic of the premiership team.
Click--Here--to view

Hall of Fame photo gallery

April 28, 2006
Sherro has come up with a photo gallery of the Hall of Fame inductees for 2006.
Not to bad if I say so myself
Thankyou to BowlsWA for releasing the pictures to me
Click here--Here--To view

North Perth Classic

May 29, 2006
Winner $1500.00 Comp

Jon Trewhella (skip) G. Wilks, K. Strahan, M. Trewhella
Second $800.00 Morley
M. Ford (skip) I. Wood, B. Hoad, A.Elmer
Third $400.00 Bassendean
M. Huerer (skip) G. Gray, B. Bettina, S. Black
Fourth $200.00 Comp
B. Dykes (skip) D. Italiano, P. Loveland, G. McFarlane.
8 round prizes @ $180.00 per round.
Frank packed out the north Perth greens to their capacity of 28 teams and had bowlers queing up to enter.
Well done Frank McGrath you are certainly the "THE MAN" when it come to organization and running these events.


Queensland win the Alley Shield

May 25, 2006
Queensland won the Ally Shield and defeated a determined W.A side comfortably this morning.
W.A finished third overall.

Many thanks to Lindsay Thorn for his terrific contribution keeping bowls enthusiasts up to date with the scores.

Click--Here--for all results and rink details

W.A Police do a great job

May 24, 2006
The annual Interstate Police carnival saw the W.A Police do a great job
Click---Here--To ReadMore

Jack-Hi out this week

May 22, 2006
The Jack-hi magazine will be sent to all clubs this week.
Jarrad Rainoldi has put a lot of work into presenting a different look and feel about the next issue. The pics in the last issue were the best we have seen ever.

State Four final 2006

May 1, 2006
The final of the State fours played today at Victoria Park was won by a brilliant side led by Robbie Ball.
They were simply too good for State Triples winner David Opie and his rink.. to readMore

Menís 3rd Div & under State Fours 2006 At Victoria Park Final K.Cameron(Cannington) b I.Ashworth(Leeming) 21-11

New Legend of the game

May 5, 2006
We have added another legend to our legends of the Game page.
Geoff Oakley is a true legend in the sport of Lawn Bowls and has had an outstanding career.

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BowlsWA awards evening

May13, 2006
Well it was another great night at the BowlsWA Awards evening held on Friday May 12th at the Burswood Casino Grand Ballroom
The Grand Ballroom was full but hard estimate how many people attended but it was plenty.
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Clive Adams to write for
the Sunday Times

May 17, 2006
BowlsWA have contacted the Sunday Times and secured having a column in the paper.
Things were looking grim for bowlers State wide, this was one of the main ways to get information out and about.
Congratulations to you Clive and we look forward to your column. I am sure you will do a great job.
If you wish to contact Clive to pass on any information or stories you can email him,
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Letter from Dave Scott

April 13, 2006
We have recieved a letter from one of our favourite people, Dave Scott who is holidaying in Europe, Lucky doer.
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Sorrento Swans Award

May 1, 2006
The Sorrento Swans best player for season 2005/6

Unheralded, but ultraconsistent lead-second-third (he played all positions this year) Richard Bone won the Sorrento's players award held on Saturday night.
Those who were smart enough to take the 6/1 about Richard were laughing all the way to the bank.

1. Richard Bone 196
2. Tim Murray 188
3. Ray Beard 182.5
4. Peter Crow 182
5. John Hammond 180..5

Congratultions To Richard on a mighty good season. Well done

State Fours draw and rinks

April 26, 2006
Sherro has named all members of the rinks to play in the State fours this Saturday and selected who he thinks will win each section.

Osborne Park best player

April 25, 2006
Osborne Park held their annual windup and it was well attended.

The results of their best player count were:

1.John Goddard ....Skip
2.Wings Evans........Skip
3.Grant Nicol..........Second
4.Paul Fair..............Leader

Congratulations to John Goddard on winning the Osborne Park award for 2006

Cambridge "Brownlow" Medal count

April 24, 2006
The Cambridge Bowling Club held their windup and were reminiscing just what might have been this season. It was a great show and they are determined to go one better next season


Wayne Maher.............. 390
Trystan Smallacombe 379
Ron Stockton ..............372
Chris lander................ 369
John Rainoldi.............. 360
Harold Christensen.... 352

Three Skippers, two leaders and a third in the top six.
Congratulations to the leader Wayne Maher on his magnificent season. Great stuff Wayne.

Master Mixed Pairs

April 24, 2006
The Master Mixed Pairs held at the Bayswater Bowling Club
John Wardrop- Claire Hill
12 + 76
Runner Up
Juris Lorencs- B.Lorencs
12 + 60
John Carlsen- Jan Collins
10 + 51
John Hall- Lilian Coyle
10 + 49
There were 36 teams and once again Frank McGrath has done an excellent job of organising and running the event.
Frank you are the MAN, well done yet again.

Peter Sardelic Legend fours

April 24, 2006
The Peter Sardelic Legend fours was completed yesterday The winners were
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Champion of Champion club Fours

April 24, 2006
Congratulations to the winners of this event... The winners were

Champion of Champion club singles

April 23, 2006
Brilliant singles final goes to the wire, anyones game right till the last bowl
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Results of the State trial matches

April 24, 2006
For the results of yesterdays games

March 22, 2006
A letter from Aaron Delaporte
Thankyou for the input Aaron

McCarrick Medal

April 22, 2006
The Wanneroo Bowling Club, who are still celebrating their brilliant premiership win held their annual windup last night

Voting for the McCarrick Medal

Clive Adams ...........378
Geoff Ellis ..............355
Murray Hulbert......355
Reg Humphryson... 348
Stein Davies........... 338
Derek Griffin.......... 338

Congratulations to the Wanneroo Wizard Clive Adams on winning the best player award. This will be a season to remember for the club
Four Skips in the top six, lead and second fill the other spots

Champion of Champion club singles

April 23, 2006
Brilliant single final goes to the wire, anyones game right till the last bowl
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Neil Payne, the back to back winner of this event met his Waterloo in the first round after section play going down to a rising star in Neville Stevens 21/17.
Neil Payne is one the most highly respected players in W.A and one of only two players to have won this event back to back.
Congratulations Neil Payne, you are an absolute gentleman and thankyou for your magnificent contribution to Lawn Bowls, and that don't mean that you are finishd yet, still plenty more to come from you..