Aug 2012

Doubleview scoop the pool

December 20, 2012
One of our Sponsors, Mark Simpson, proprieter of the Gin Gin hotel was elated with the news at Doubleview, they won in every division and almost impossible to believe, they won on every rink in Mid-Week pennants.

The divisions were One Red, Two Bue, Four Red and six White. That is an achievement if ever there was one and boy do they like their President Bob Leed

When it came to the highest winning margin the Club President thought bugger it, this is such a rare occurrence every team member in those four divisions can have two beers on the Club, wow how generous is that? !! what a great President!! they sure don't do things in half measures at the View.

I am thinking the Pres might be hoping for a different result in next week's pennant matches tho.
Well done Doubleview

Henselite Tipping competition
Four winners

December 27, 2012
The tipping comp was concluded yesterday with four tipsters tieing in first place .

As per the rules, a draw will be done on 91.3 SportFM next Saturday morning to decide who will have won a brand new set of Bowls for Xmas

As soon as I can, we will announce the names of the four tipsters who will go into the draw.

We thank Henselite and
Dennis Pattullo of Perth Bowls Centre for their generous sponsorship,

The winner will be receiving a set of the finest bowls there is on the market in Australia today.

We ask Bowlers to support our Sponsor not only for the quality of their products, without their support we would have no tipping competition

Henselite and Perth Bowling centre will be running another tipping competition in the new year and once again many thanks to Australia's leading Lawn Bowling brand, Henselite Australia.


Conditions of Entry

Hollywood Senior Master Pairs

December 16, 2012
The Hollywood Senior Master Pairs has come and gone, There is no other information regarding the event.

From here all we can do is congratulate Kardinya Kat players Geoff White and Tony Cocodis for their win and say well done to the other placegetters.

1st. G White and T. Cocodis

2nd Dave Bradbury & T Mc Cormack

3rd K Strahan & M Hughes

4th J O'Meehan & R Donald

Plate: P Caffel & Grant Nicholl


December 14, 2012
I would like to thank people for the many texts, email and phone calls I received from the wider Bowling community regarding my health.

I must admit it has taken me by surprise somewhat that the well wishers have been so many and from all areas and grades in the bowling world and am most grateful for the concern shown.

Sherro is slowly but surely catching up with the site and hope to be up to date soon

Hollywood Senior Master Pairs
2nd day results

December 3, 2012
The Hollywood Senior Master Pairs section play was completed today.

Protest upheld

December 3, 2012
Innaloo Bowling Club lodged a protest to BowlsWA in the 3rd round One White pennant fixture.
The Umpire called this game off with only 2 ends to be played which would have completed the game .


Lake Monger on youTUBE

December 2, 2012
Bernie the Beacon on youTUBE

October 30, 2012

Lake Monger Bowling Club have put together a youTUBE video with a catchy new name and Club song

Kepler Wessels

November 30, 2012
Mike Zusman in Adelaide this week to catch some of the action, informed Sherro he had witnessed the best game of bowls he has ever seen, now that is a pretty big statement considering his long involvement in the sport.
The game was pairs, the players were
Aron Sherriff and Leif Selby
Paul Foster and Alex Marshall.

"Never have I witnessed such drawshot power in a game, their skill was phenomenal" he stated, and went on further to say "These player are so good they can play any shot with deadly accuracy and pinpoint exactly where they want to draw to and doing it on such a quick green"

The game ended 16 - 16 with the players receiving a standing ovation from the spectators.

November 29, 2012
Kepler Wessels, a star batsman represented both Sth Africa and Australia during his Cricket career, is in Perth as a commentator for the Television coverage of the 3rd test.
Kepler is also an extremely good Lawn Bowler and represents Eastern province in Sth Africa, which is the same as a player representing his State here in Australia
Mike Zusman has lined him up to be on his Bowls Talk show this Saturday morning
SportFM 91.3

Mike Zusman is in Adelaide keeping an eye on the World Bowls Carnival


Who is this player

November 30, 2012
Many thanks to our visitors who have attempted to name the mystery player.
He has been identified, tho there were so many who were way off the mark

Some suggestions as to whom it was in the picture;

Tony Krajancic was a hugely popular choice polling best of the wrong players list,
No, it wasn't the former CEO of BowlsWA Andrew Collings either, he received several nominations..

Former State player Laurie Slater who hailed from the 70's era who recieved a nomination, another choice was the late and great Bert Sharp, even tho we did indicate the pic was of a current day player.

However the player was overwhelmingly correctly identfied by our visitors
Many thanks once again to our visitors for taking the time to see if they could indentify the player

November 28, 2012

We received this pic yesterday of a long time player, He is very young in the picture. Can our visitors indentify him, the 146th correct selection gets a pair of Brown bowling shoes

Who is he

Lawn Bowlers star in the over 60's Interstate Cricket series

November 23, 2012
Two Players from the Mt Pleasant Bowling Club who were pretty handy Cricketers in their day, Represented WA in the inaugural over 60's Cricket Carnival held recently

Not happy with Sunday games

November 23, 2012
After running a poll regarding shifting 2nd div and under Grand finals from Saturday to Sunday so bowlers can watch the football, the response from our visitors was a clear no!

We have since received a letter from Maryanne Hughes


Many people I talk too are fed up with playing on Sundays. It is called Saturday Pennants and we sign up to play on Saturdays, not Sundays and not Fridays.

Our club, like many others, is disadvantaged by not having a full squad available.

How about you organise a vote:

Are you in favour of pennant games on Sundays?


Bowls finals

November 20, 2012
The Premier League Grand final will be played on a Sunday. The Good news for Lawn Bowls and bowlers is there is no AFL football on that day.

Grades from 2nd div and down will play to a new format, On Saturday there are two games,

1 plays 3, 2 plays 4 in the morning, winners play in the afternoon to decide who wins the flag.

With this arrangement now in place, bowlers who play in the Saturday finals have the opportunity to watch the Premier League, One White and the Blue Grand Finals on the Sunday.
It also gives supporters from other Clubs and grades the chance to watch the Grand finals even if their club is not involved

We have learnt that the West Coast Eagles are playing on Sat afternoon of the 2nd div and under finals starting at 4.40PM which means bowlers who love their footy will miss some or all of the game which will be a live telecast.

Should BowlsWA move the 2nd and under div finals and play them on the Sunday of the three finals allowing those who want to watch the footy to do so or should BowlsWA leave the finals the way it is now setup and forget about the footy.


Transferring to another Club

November 14, 2012
Just to make bowlers aware that if they have played a game for a club (either Saturday or Midweek) this season and seek a transfer to another club, they MUST write to Bowls WA and seek permission to do so and pay a fee of $100.00 PRIOR to playing for their new club.

Failure to do so can of course prove very costly to a club. (See page 36 of the Fixture Book - Rule 2.3.

Osborne Park Ladies on the way to the Australian Open

November 12, 2012
Osborne Park have two ladies Helen Stevens and Pam Chalmers winning qualification to play in the Australian Open series. Congratulations to both Ladies and we will barracking hard for you to do well

Pam Chalmers won a berth in the Australian Open mixed pairs playing with Clive Adams. It doesn't stop there for Pam, she has qualified in all elements,
Pairs with Therese Hastings,
Triples with Helen Stevens and Therese Hastings and Singles Pam Chalmers

Not sure if any other player has ever qualified in all the disciplines before but certainly a great feat for any player to have accomplished

UPDATE November 16, 2012
Others OP Ladies to win qualification were:
Singles - Shari Solly
Pairs -Robyn Obrien and Shari Solly
Triples - Bianca Riseborough (Osborne park)

World Bowls Championship

November 13, 2012
The World Bowls Championship series are scheduled to start on November 24th in Adelaide

Information and pricing details of the event are available on the link below


Bassendean Xmas Open Split Fours

November 18, 2012
Bassendean Bowling Club are holding their annual Open Xmas Split Fours, they are inviting players to nominate a team.


Frideee Night Premier League
South Perth Night Riders
Manning Eagles

November 23, 2012
It's on again, another Friday Night game at Sth Perth,

Last week was a fantatic game all the way thru, it was only at the very end Sth Perth got hold of League leaders Doubleview (who led for the most part) to win the game
Sth Perth will provide a free sausage sizzle for those who come to the game. The game starts at 6.30PM

Preview SP v MANNING

SportFM 91.3 Talking Bowls

Wings Clipped

November 15, 2012

Wings Evans has finally had his wings clipped after the game against Cambridge last Saturday following a heavy day of high fives and following his bowls to the head.

Wings only ever follows the good ones mind you and that is often.

Last Saturday I can't remember when there were more high fives ever celebrated in a game of Lawn Bowls such was his display in a memorable game of precision and skill.

Well, there was some bad news for the Winger when he took a turn for the worse on the way home and was raced off to hospital in an ambulance. It wasn't looking so good.

An examination for possible heart problems resulted in a clean bill of health thank goodness.

It was clear from the way Wings treated the opposition on Saturday, that he lacks any heart or compassion at all so there was no point in testing for heart problems

It turned out to be a muscular/skeletel problem, maybe a pulled muscle in the upper rib cage, not sure but it sure did hurt him a lot.
Wings has been told that running down the green and giving multiple high fives is not on, from now on he should consider looking at only doing low high fives.

It was a great effort from Wings and the rink to get across the line line.

Thankfully he is ok, but he will be playing only on one wing for a while

Sth Perth v Doubeview

November 16, 2012
Sth Perth Night Riders
V Doubleview PowerHouse
Many thanks to Roger Barns for these updates

Carpet pretty quick no wind a small crowd attending

Sth Perth Night Riders defeat the Doubleview PowerHouse

Travis Vallance and his rink have come from an impossible position picked up a big 5 shots to put the Sth Night Riders into good lead with three ends to play

Dave Rankin across the line in a brilliant game against Ross Bresland.
Six Ends to go Big comeback by Travis Vallance's rink coming from 7-18 down on end 11 now leads 19-18
Night Riders lead 69-65

Sth Perth have charged back into the game when it appeared DV were on their way
Ross Bresland and Dave Rankin are have a great battle, Bresland in particular has been outstanding in the last four ends with some great pressure bowls when down. The Night Riders lead 63-58 with 14 ends to play

Some great bowls being played, Rankin 4 down produced a brilliant draw shot with his last bowl of the end to lead 12-10

The big players for Sth Perth are Scott Walker and his rink who are really on top of Scott Edmonds
Kyle McIlroy is covering the Walker rink and has shot away to lead comfortably over Travis Vallance
Ross Bresland and Dave Rankin are slogging it out, Bresland player a ripper drive to make a four when one down to bridge the gap
Nick Reagan is making a comeback to be 5 behind after 48 ends have been completed

A good close game here, not much in it either way, Walker leading the way for the Night Riders are well on top of Scott Edmonds, Slav on top of Nick Reagan after 30 ends
A slight trend is starting to occur with DV slipping out to a handy lead after 39 ends have been completed

At this early stage Pat Buller is leading well for Slav against Ken Screech, Chris Hickman playing well, Nick Regan so has not produced his A game

Robert Bell still has the better of Cameron Kerr, Cody Packer having an impact for Rankin

Glenn Pauling firing for Scott Walker but latest word is all four Night Riders are firing on Scott Waker's rink

The full sides
Sth Perth 77 (6) def Doubleview 69 (2)
Walker 3 6 11 11 17 19 22 22 24 25 final    
Edmonds 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 8 final    
ENDS 2 4 8 9 12 14 17 18 19 21      
Vallance 0 3 7 7 7 10 16 19 24 25 final    
McIlroy 2 4 5 11 18 18 18 18 18 18 final    
ENDS 2 5 8 10 12 13 18 19 20 21      
Bresland 3 4 5 5 9 10 15 15     final    
Rankin 1 4 7 8 10 12 13 18     final    
ENDS 2 6 7 11 13 14 19 21          
Reagan 0 2 2 2 7 7 10 11 11 12 final    
Slavich 2 4 9 11 12 18 21 22 25 25 final    
ENDS 2 5 7 8 12 14 17 19 20 21      
Major Board                          
Sth Perth 6 14 25 26 39 45 63 69 70 75 77    
Doubleview 5 13 23 32 43 51 58 65 68 68 69    
ENDS 8 19 30 39 48 55 70 78 80 81 84    

Bedford/Vic Park split fours results

November 12, 2012
The Bedford Vic Park split fours carnival was played yesterday. The winners were..

Premier League scores

November 10, 2012


Premier League Results

All first div results

One White Ladder skip Stats

One Blue Nth Ladder skip Stats

One Blue Sth Ladder skip Stats


Charlie Slavich defeated

November 7, 2012
Charlie Slavich was defeated by Greg Harlow in the first round of the Scottish International Singles played in Perth Scotland last evening.

For those who don't have Foxtel which includes myself, the final score was 13-8, 12-3 to Harlow who is the number one seed in the tournament.

We were told Charlie made a promising start and did well in the first set, Charlie lost his draw power in the second set when he couldn't hold his bowls back on a fast track so our info goes.

The PBA is a wonderful event where it gives WA bowlers the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the world's finest players and I am sure Charlie Slavich will remember his experience playing in the UK and will be looking for more next year.

Sportsmans Melbourne Cup fours results

November 5, 2012
The Sportsmans Bowling Club Melbourne Cup split fours carnival was played yesterday. The winners were..

Premier League scores

November 4, 2012


Premier League Results

Premier Ladder skip Stats

One White Ladder skip Stats

One Blue Nth Ladder skip Stats

One Blue Sth Ladder skip Stats

All 1st div Pennant results


ABC Sport Bowls article

November 2, 2012
Many thanks to John Hannah for sending in this Bowling article on the ABC

Premier League scores

October 27, 2012


Premier League Results

Premier Ladder skip Stats

One White Ladder skip Stats

One Blue Nth Ladder skip Stats

One Blue Sth Ladder skip Stats

All 1st div pennant results

Tipping Competition

October 25, 2012

Sherro previews the first round of Premier League

Premier League Pennant sides announced

October 24, 2012
ALL Clubs have announced their Premier League sides for the opening round of pennants.

Hugh McKay wins the best player award

October 19, 2012
Congratulations to Hugh McKay who won the best player award(still no name for the medal) in his first series for the Seniors.
What a marvellous job he did when he took over the skippers role after two games had been played winning 4 of the 5 remaining games

The Ladies did a great job to finish 3rd and how good was that! Angela Sharp and Elizabeth Petrich who were both in the same rink tied for the Best Lady player award, the rink was the best performed of the the 3 WA rinks wining 4 of their six games

Wonderful performance from another WA / NT rink

October 19, 2012
Congratulations to the West Australian rink that represented the Northern Territory in the National Senior Sides series
Take a bow to
Lee Farrell(sk) J. McElroy, G. Gunning, B.Jepperson
The boys did themselves proud finishing with 5 wins 1 draw and 1 loss with a +26 aggregate.
The rink was in fact our best performed rink tho they played for the NT.
Well done to the boys on their performance

Roger Barns call it a day

October 19, 2012
Roger Barns announced his retirement from the State Senior side this morning.

It has been quite a journey for Roger who is an inaugural member of the side which was formed in 2007. Roger has been an invaluable member of the side over this period of time not only as a player but also as manager and selector.

There is some good news in as much Roger will continue on as Manager of the side and also be Chairman of the selection panel

Not Happy in Qld

October 10, 2012
A letter with News from Qld in regard to Brett Wilkie being forced to miss the Qld State Champion of Champion Club Singles championships due to a clash of schedules.
Not Happy

Australian Open announcement Broadbeach

October 12, 2012
Australian Open announcement correction

Bowls Australia wish to clarify a press release recently issued regarding the staging of the Australian Open from 2015 and beyond.

A statement issued by the Broadbeach Bowls and Community Club this week that indicated the club had won the rights to stage the sport's richest and most lucrative event for a three year period from 2015 is factually incorrect.

"At this point in time, no decision has been made on the future venue for the Australian Open," Bowls Australia chief executive officer Neil Dalrymple said.

"Discussions are well advanced with a number of prospective venues, of which Broadbeach is one, and these discussions are ongoing.

"Throughout these discussions, the Gold Coast region has been regarded by Bowls Australia as an exciting prospect for the event, boasting very high participation levels, and the excitement will build as the 2018 Commonwealth Games approach."

The $125,000 Australian Open will remain at the Darebin International Sports Centre in Melbourne, the home of the 2006 Commonwealth Games bowls competition, for 2013 and 2014.

"The Australian Open is a Bowls Australia event and we are disappointed that the announcement was made public with no consultation with Bowls Australia at all," Dalrymple said.

"We are continuing to review the event and remain committed to finding the most suitable venue for it going forward after the current contract with the Victorian Government expires.

"Bowls Australia look forward to making the exciting announcement of the chosen venue for the sport's marquee annual event in due course."

Pink day at Perth Tattersalls

October 10, 2012
McGrath foundation pink day held at the Perth and Tattersalls Bowling club, we would like to thank all sponsors for supporting this event.

Members and visitors had a great time with Auction and Raffles being run during the day.

The total raised for the McGrath foundation was just over $5000.00 which was outstanding for a small club

Joe Aarons elected World Bowls President

October 9, 2012
Current Bowls Australia President Joe Aarons has been elected as the World Bowls president, Joe becomes the first Australian to be elected to fill this important role.
No doubt we have lost a good man in Joe Aarons, he has been a marvellous president in the time he filled the role, overseeing many changes for the betterment of the sport.

He has given a huge amount of his time to the game in Australia and was always accessible to the media. World Bowls have certainly gained a very good man who is highly respected and brings along a huge passion for the sport.

We wish Joe all the best in his new role

Can Osborne Pk regain their mojo

October 8, 2012
Osborne Park Saints came crashing down from a 5 year high to finish a distant fifth 5th last season...can they regroup to play a big role in the 2012-13 season ?

Australian Open qualifiers

October 8, 2012
Progressive scores in the W.A section of the Australian Open Triples Qualifying rounds being played at Osborne Park today
Full time scores

October 7, 2012

All scores in the W.A section of the Australian Open Pairs Qualifying rounds being played at Dalkeith today
Full time scores

October 6, 2012

The W.A section of the Australian Open singles Qualifying rounds were completed at Dalkeith today


W.A State Under 18's win best team award

October 4, 2012
WA won the best performed State award for both Boys and Girls to be the overall winner of the Australain Under 18 Championships.

More good news, David Downey, Tanisha Johnson and Elizabeth Allan were selected to be part of the Australian Under 18 squad.

What a series for WA to win two Gold Medals and be the best State for 2012

State Under 18's win two Gold Medals

October 4, 2012
The State under 18 side have done remarkably well to win the overall Championships winning two Gold, two Silver and two Bronze medals

All Results

Touch and go for Cambridge

October 2, 2012
2012 Premiers the mighty Cambridge Knight are getting ready to saddle up for another tilt at winning the flag again this year....but can they ??

Geoff "Doc" Oakley

October 3, 2012
Word has been getting around bowling circles that Hall of Fame and legend of the game Doc Oakley is in hospital.
The Doc is recovering from major surgery. It is understood he is on the road to recovery

The Doc is held in very high regard, there would be many many people who would be unaware and concerned at hearing of the news regarding his situation who would wish him well.

Sherro and the Bowling community wish the Doc a speedy recovery

Victoria Park fours results

October 1, 2012
The Victoria Park Bowling Club played their straight fours carnival yesterday. The winners were..

Ladies Mt Lawley
Consistency Singles results

September 28, 2012
Liz West 100 defeated Robin Jolly 70
Pam Chalmers 103 defeated Nolene Abe 97

Liz West
Versus Pam Chalmers
It was a great game but as always there can be only one winner who was......

September 27, 2012

The ladies Mt Lawley Consistency Singles is down to the semi-finals and what a crackerjack pair of semi finals it will be.

Crunch time for Wanneroo

September 25, 2012
Wanneroo will be struggling to have an impact in the Premier League, can they last the distance this season.....

Steve Withers resigns

September 26, 2012
Steve Withers announced his resignation from the state squad.
This is a big loss indeed, Steve explained that with family commitments and building his house, he cannot commit the time to the training schedule now required of the players.
His performance on the Sunday in the last game against NSW was exceptionally good, his loss will be felt.
Steve intends to keep playing as he previously has and will be entering State events and the like and also giving it his best shot for the Manning Eagles in the pennant season.

Armadale fours results

September 24, 2012
The Armadale Bowling Club held their annual straight fours carnival yesterday. The winners were..

Assessment of green speed

September 21, 2012
BowlsWA have resolved that all requirements for a green to be running at a minimum speed of 13.0 seconds prior to a match, be discontinued.


Will Bassendean survive ?

September 19, 2012
Bassendean got thru by the skin of their teeth to remain in the premier league last season.....

Ladies/W.A v Victoria results

September 18, 2012
W.A Ladies played Victoria recently, thanks to Beryl Brennan for sending the results
Ladies news

W.A v N.S.W

September 18, 2012
West Australia will play N.S.W in a four test series starting Friday. Both sides have been announced and are on site.

How do our visitors think the new look W.A team will go against NSW, the most populous bowling State in Australia, can they roll the Mighty Double Blues.

If you wish to vote you can take one of five choices,

John Goddard resigns

September 17, 2012
It is believed Long time State player John Goddard announced his resignation from the State squad yesterday morning.

John Goddard, always the team man has been a passionate person and a committed player not only for his Club but also for the State.

His record speaks for itself as W.A's best performed skipper over the past four Sides series and previously played in many a winning rink playing as a 3rd, his presence will be missed.

Bowls here in WA can ill afford to lose people of his calibre.

There have been other resignations along the way, which include the highly regarded Neil Payne who informed the selectors he was not available for the upcoming series against NSW.

Jon Sharp announced he was not available due to work commitments and Ross Bresland who played in the last two sides series has also withdrawn from the squad

Field of play changes

September 13, 2012
There are important changes to the Field of play rules. BowlsWA have released the new rules that will take effect for the 2012-13 season and beyond

Field of Play

What do our visitors think of the new format for promotional finals. You can let us know by voting on the change

Promotional finals

Wagin Golden Marino fours results

September 10, 2012
The popular Wagin Merino Fours was completed over the weekend, The winners were..

Helensvale 5 a side
Sth Tweed v Warilla

September 6, 2012
Warilla defeated Sth Tweed to win the Helensvale 5 a side Challenge

Grand final

September 6, 2012

The finals are underway, we have scores for the first game this morning

South Tweed defeated Helensvale after tying the game
They then played a one end game of singles shootout on the 5 rinks, Sth Tweed won 4-1

Warilla defeated East Cessnock

It should be a great final
A huge amount of money to the winner

Sth Tweed V Warilla

Semi finals results

September 5, 2012

All games completed today, Cambridge just missed out to play finals.

Day three Results

Tuesday Results

Monday Results

South Perth on the edge

September 7, 2012
The Sth Perth Millers were ever so close to demotion from the Premier League .....

Manning Eagles building for the new season

August 31, 2012
It has taken some time for the Manning Eagles to make it back to Premier League.....

Stirling at the crossroads

August 24, 2012
Stirling Rangers are at the crossroads for a place in the four, they have lost a couple of players and are a skipper short....

Where to get a game in the
off season

December 27, 2012
* AG
Any Gender, any combination

Cambridge Monday pairs From 27th Aug Details
Cambridge AG Thurs pairs From 19th April Details
Gosnells Open pairs From 12th May Details
Gosnells Mens 3 bowlPairs From 26th April Details
Sth Perth *AG Pairs From 21st April Details
Kardinya New Pairs From 12th April Details
Kardinya Cash Triples From 14th April Details
Innaloo *AG Triples From 21st April Details
Doubleview Friday Pairs From 8th June Details

Kalgoorlie Carnival results

September 16, 2012

1st K Guelfi C Guelfi G Smith R Dewson .Osborne Park.

2nd K Oliver C Holt S Curtis P Brown . Composite
3rd S Perica M Marovic T Radalj D Pekovich .Stirling.

Day 1 R Reeves J Gittings D Shippard L Trowl .Kalgoorlie.
Day 2 C Funazzi DTreen J Donnelly C Harman .kalgoorlie


1st S Perica M Marovic T Radalj D Pekovich.Stirling.

2nd D Treen C Funazzi J Donnelly C Harman .Kalgoorlie.
3rd K Oliver C Holt S Curtis P Brown.Composite.

Day 1 P Smith T Smith B Crisp G Nicol .Mukinbuddin.
Day 2 R Reeves J Gittings D Shippard LTrowl. Kalgoorlie.

Doubleview Bowling Club

September 12, 2012
The Doubleview Bowling Club is seeking
applications for the position of an Administration/Secretarial/Functions manager.

We are seeking a person with some bowling club knowledge for approximately 20 30 hours per week to assist our progressive Club Committee.

For further information please email an expression of interest to - to receive a detailed job description package.

Cambridge going well at Helensvale

September 2, 2012
Helensvale are the National Premier League winners for 2012
Cambridge do themselves proud with a fighting effort to finish 3rd
The scores

September 2, 2012

Cambridge Knight upset the applecart with an outstanding win against Merrylands Magic this morning.
This loss has put Merrylands in a hard position, they play Helensvale this afternoon, they have to win all three rinks and win the aggregate by 20 or more.Mission impossible I would think

This win by the Cambridge Knights could get them 2nd place if they defeat Tuggeranong this afternoon

The scores

September 2, 2012
A tough game here this morning for the Knights when they take on the Merryland Magic who are so far undefeated.
Merryland will need to win this game to set up the final against the other undefeated team the Helensvale Hawks.
The draw would have been done in anticipation that the last game of the series would see these two sides meet in the final game which will decide the winner of the National Premier League series which will be played this afternoon

September 1, 2012

Afternoon game Rinks scores up for that game

Play commenced at 9.30am this morning, we are updating the scores Thanks to Mike Zusman
Morning Game rink scores up for that game

Please refresh the page by pressing F5 on your Keyboard when you link to the scores page

The scores

August 31, 2012
Cambridge Knights have a bye today, they will commence their challenge with their first two games this Saturday starting at 9.30AM, the third game will be on Sunday

Henselite Helensvale
5 a side

August 30, 2012

Cambridge face a gargantuan challenge in their attempt to win the Henselite National Club 5 A Side Challenge which must be the hardest competition in the world to win.
The competition is stacked with so many of the best players on the planet, one of whom is none other than Scottish Legend Alex Marshall who is regarded by many as the best player in the world.

I wish the Cambridge players all the best, I am sure they are going to love the opportunity to play in such an event as this and will soak it all up, As the words of the Paul Kelly song go, from little things big things grow and I am sure the Cambridge players will be all the better for the experience. We will be wishing and hoping the Boys do well

I don't think any WA side has come away finishing better than 18th, 19th or 20th in this event but thank goodness our teams keep fronting up to keep a W.A presence in this enormous event.

A huge point of interest will be to see how the Australian Ladies side to represent Australia in the World games will perform in this event.

It all starts Monday 3rd September and goes to Thursday 6th September. They will be playing for $50,000.00 prizemoney

As per usual Helensvale have their outstanding Calcutta form guide showing all teams and their representatives

Calcutta Form guide

Media release

Kalamunda in the hot seat

August 2, 2012
Kalamunda Tigers won their way back into the Premier League, things are looking bleak, the big question is can they stay the distance

Kicking up a Storm

July 31, 2012
The Armadale Storm have added some very talented players to their Club in preparation for the upcoming season, at a glance they appear to be too strong for One Blue South.
There are bowlers who would disagree with my assumption that the Stormers are already automatic promotion candidates


Kardinya Shots up Triples results

August 28, 2012
Kardinya Shots up Triples carnival was completed last weekend. The winners were..

Cambridge any gender Monday
mufti pairs

December 27, 2012
The Cambridge Bowling Club will be starting their Any Gender 2x4x2 Mufti Pairs event starting Monday 27th August 2012.
Players are invited to come along and participate.


Thomas Taylor
Bowls shop opening

August 28, 2012
Today Karen Murphy will be at Vic Park BC 10am till noon

August 27, 2012
Australian representative Karen Murphy is in Perth to help launch the Thomas Bowls HQ retail outlets today and tomorrow.

Karen will this morning be at Bowls HQ at Carr place Myaree till 11am followed by Mandurah BC from 1.00 pm till 3.00 pm then Dudley Pk 3.30pm till 5.00pm.

Club Carnivals

Kardinya Shots Up Sat-Sun Aug 25-26th Details

State side changes

August 22, 2012
State skipper Jon Sharp is unavailable to play for W.A due to work commitments, his place in the squad has been taken by Cambridge team mate Chris Lander.

Jon previously retired from the State side also due to work commitments at the end of the 2008 after winning the Alan Eddy/Rod Wishart Medal, there was little doubt he was the best player for W.A in that series.

He returned to the side for the 2011 series at Nelson Bay in N.S.W and also played in the recent Qld series where his rink on both ocassions had limited success .

Jon is highly respected by the bowling fraternity and well liked by his team mates. What the future holds for him from here on is uncertain as far as State Bowls is concerned.

Jon played a huge role during season 2011-12 winning 10 of his last 11 games which was critical to Cambridge winning their first ever premiership.

The word we have heard is he will be back to play his part in defending the title Cambridge won and hopefully go back to back.

Chris Lander is a great selection, his form over the past two seasons in pennants has been outstanding.
He played mainly as a three for several seasons before taking the responsibility of skippering a rink and up comes a Premiership in his second year in that role.

His major asset is his draw shot ability which is very consistent, no doubt he will make a terrific second or third if selected in the side to go Bendigo

Innaloo Sportsmen's Under Cover Triples results

August 20, 2012
The under cover Innaloo Bowling Club was concluded last Thursday. The winners were...........

Sportsmans Split Fours results

August 20, 2012
Sportsmans Split fours carnival was completed last weekend. The winners were..

Australian Indoor SetsPlay

August 22, 2012
Follow the scores at the Indoors Sets play

August 21, 2012


Clive down 3-2 on 4 ends
Clive played a ripper with his last bowl when 3 down
Clive draw at 5-5 on 7 ends
Casey wins first set 7-5 after 9 ends

Clive missed a trail by millimeters with his last bowl

The Wanneroo Wizard has really lifted, starting brilliantly
Clive leads 6-0 after 3 ends.
Clive leads 6-5 after 5 ends.
Casey collects the full count of 4 on the 5th end to close the gap
Clive edged ahead after picking up two singles with one end to play.
Clive draws 8-8 after 9 ends
Casey picked up 2 shots on the last end to tie the set and win the game

Well done to Clive Adams in his game against the current Australian Open Singles champ Mark Casey.
To think there was just two shots between the players after 18 ends shows us that Clive, who is in the Australia A squad, is right up there when we talk about the best players in Australia.

Many thanks to Scott Walker for these updates

Australian Indoor SetsPlay

August 21, 2012
Clive down 3-4 on 4 ends
Clive draw at 5-5 on 7 ends

August 20, 2012
Liz leads 6-5 after 5 ends
It is a draw 8-8 after 7 ends
Liz loses first set 10-8

Liz down 6-0 after 3 ends
Liz down 9-1 after 5 ends

August 20, 2012

First set 10-1
Jeremy Henry leading 5-1 after 5 ends
Jeremy Henry leading 9-1 after 7 ends
Jeremy Henry wins first set 10-1
Word is Glenn is starting to show some good signs to get back into the game

Second set 11-3
Glenn is playing a good set but Jeremy Henry keeps producing
Jeremy Henry leading 4-2 after 4 ends
Jeremy Henry leading 8-3 after 7 ends
Jeremy Henry wins 11-3
Player pics from Tweed Heads

August 20, 2012

Clive Adams is on fire in the first set against Anthony Moran and lead 10-0 after five ends.

Clive Adams won the first set 12-1 and leads 4-0 after 2 ends of the 2nd set.
Anthony Moran finding his range and clawing back against Clive who leads 6-4 after 5 ends

Clive comes home with a rush to win the game in straight sets 12-1, 12-4.
Word is Clive played a sensational game

Charlie Slavich is having a great battle aganst N.S.W State player John Green, they are all square at 4-4 after 4 ends.

Charlie Slavich all square 7-7 after 7th end in the first set.

Charlie v Green drawn 1st set 8-8

second set 2-2 after 3 ends
Charlie leads second set 7-6 after 8 ends
Charlie draws second set 7-7 after 9 ends

3 end tie breaker
Charlie wins first end 1-0
Green wins second end 1-0
Green wins third end and set 2-1

Final score 8-8, 7-7, 2-1 to John Green.
Charlie Slavich has had a stiff trot, Last week he lost both PBA games in a tiebreak, now he loses this Aus Indoor SetsPlay game in another tiebreak. Bad luck Charlie but well done none the less

Liz West plays Karen Murphy 2.00 pm WST

Many thanks to Scott Walker for the updates

W.A Bowlers set for action at Tweed Heads

August 17, 2012
W.A Australian Indoor sets play qualifiers Clive Adams, Charlie Slavich and Glen Pauling will be at Tweed Heads Bowling Club to compete in the event starting on Monday.

Australian A squad member Clive Adams has played in this event several times over the years, the occasion he first played in this event was in 2005, as yet Clive who is our most prolific and consistent singles performer over the past 10 or so seasons is yet to claim ultimate success in the Indoor sets play.
Clive is well aware of what is needed to win, if he can produce the form he presented in the Side series he will go awfully close to being at the business end of this event.

Charlie Slavich is in excellent touch having played this week in the PBA and ever so unlucky to have lost both games he played in on the last bowl in tiebreakers.
We are pretty sure that this experience over the past week will stand Charlie in good stead against the quality of players he will meet

Glenn Pauling is another W.A player who has done well for himself when he won a trip to the UK after winning one of the PBA Singles events.
Glenn is no slouch when it comes to singles play and always puts in a good preparation to have himself ready as can be for the upcoming action

We wish the boys good luck and hope one of them can bring home the bacon

PBA news

August 16, 2012
N.S.W player Ray Pearse defeated Rocket Heaton in the final 2 sets to one to win the trip to the UK
The Rocket trailed the jack with his last bowl but a Ray Pearce bowl was waiting. Congrats to Ray and well done Rocket.

Rocket wins his way into the final defeating Chad Plentyman 2 sets to nil and will meet Ray Pearse

Steve Withers won his game 2 sets to nil but was beaten in the final 2 sets to one

Rocket on Fire

Tweed Heads results

Player pics

Day one

Tweed Heads pics

August 16, 2012

Charlie Slavich lost his game 2-1 in the World Indoor bowls section of the PBA this morning , once again it was a last bowl job that got Charlie, he lost to N.S.W player Ray Pearce.

Rod Heaton on the mat at Tweed Heads to contest the World singles section won the first set 11-0 against Victorian player Chad Twentyman. The Rocket is consistently putting his four bowls within a foot of the Jack. If he can win his next game which will be the final, he will be off to the UK

A view of how close the Rocket is getting his bowls to the jack, thanks to Greg Kelly for this pic

Steve Withers is also playing this morning (in the Scottish section I think) and he won his first set,

August 15, 2012
Results we are aware of so far in the PBA being played at Tweed Heads

PBA Result

Tweed Heads results

Archie Reeves 99th birthday

August 15, 2012
Archie Reeves turns 99 today! The old bugger is still going strong and doesn't look like slowing down.

I remember when I first started bowling. I'd had a few social roll-ups with my father, so naturally I knew everything about the game.

I started playing scroungers at Ossy Park, and came up against this 84 year old codger. I thought, "I'll give this old fart a pasting!"

I think I scored 6 points that day. :-(
A very quick lesson in one of the fundamentals of the game - you can't beat 60-odd years of experience.

Good on you, Archie, and I hope you're with us for many more years.

Archie Reeves

Osborne Park Split Fours results

August 15, 2012
The Osborne Park AHG Split fours carnival was completed last weekend. Sorry we are a little late but unavoidable The winners were..

W.A Senior State side announced

August 14, 2012
BowlsWA announced the Senior State side last week. The hardest job will be determining what positions the players will play in
The side

"Billy" the Kidd

August 14, 2012
A bit of sad news from the Top End re passing of effectively the man who would be regarded as "Mr Bowls NT". "Billy The Kidd" on Sunday.

Many of your 'experienced bowlers' who travelled up here regularly in in the 70's and 80's plus State Rep's through mid 80's to 90's will remember Billy well.

Thought it may be appropriate to pass this on given the old boys connection and networks betweeen ourselves that dates back to this period in particular, as I'm sure some would appreciate this sad advice of his passing.

Steve'Douggo' Douglas

No wonder he was called Billy the Kidd

August 14, 2012
Sorry to hear of Bill Kidd's passing. I still can't get over how the Old Bugger conned me when I played against him in the Arafura Games back in 1995.

I was representing West Kimberley, and Bill was representing the NT, He had me feeling really sorry for him with his "I don't know why they picked me - I'm too old. I've got a crook back - it's a real struggle just to pick up my bowls. And so on.

So I was pretty gentle with old Billy and started out being kind - thinking that I would let him score a couple of shots rather than demolish him completely.

He even had me picking up his bowls for him all the time.

Then before I knew what - the game was over. The Kidd gave me a belting.

It was only while sharing a few drinks after the game that Bill let slip that he had been a regular Territory representative, as well as having won a trip to England by winning the Australian Indoor Singles title.

No wonder he was called Billy the Kidd

Dave Scott

Vic Park Split Fours results

August 11, 2012
The Victoria Park Split fours carnival was completed last weekend. Sorry we are a little late but unavoidable The winners were..

Tweed Heads Ultima Apartments

December 27, 2012
Tweed Heads Ultima Apartments are one of the most sort after and popular places to stay when in Tweed Heads. It is where many of the players stay.
Tweed Ultima

Golden Nugget an eye opener

August 10, 2012
Just returned from Tweed Heads Bowling club where Mike Zusman and myself called the 2012 Golden Nugget. Must say how impressed we were with the Club and the event.

Bowls up on the Gold Coast is a way of life for many people. Where would we see people queuing up at 8.30 am to make sure they would get a seat to watch the finals, also where else would we see a crowd of 1500 in attendance to watch the finals. I remain hopeful that in time Bowls in WA would someday have a similar situation.

Thank you to Greg Kelly, a highly respected person throughout Bowling circles in Australia, who has done so much to promote the game over many years and the man who played such an important role in having the Golden Nugget broadcast on radio 91.3SportFM which is a first time for the event.

Also thanks to the Tweed Heads management and Paul Girdler in particular who left no stone unturned to make our stay a pleasant one

Playing in a field of 24 at the Golden Nugget were 11 players who will represent Australia in the World Games in Adelaide took part, it certainly opened my eyes to the professionalism and skill of both men and women, they were sensational, it was bowls at its best

I would hasten add that Bowls at the top level is in good hands when we have the likes of Steve Glasson on the the coaching panel and Kelvin Kerkow in selection

Congratulations to the 2012 Golden Nugget winners, Leif Selby and Rebecca Quail who were superb, as were their opponents Ben Twist and Kelsey Cottrell

Many thanks to these wonderful Golden Nugget players, they were so friendly and helpful by making themselves available at all times to be interviewed whether it was during the game or immediately after the game, they were very happy to do what ever they could do to help promote the sport.

Our feedback from the listeners showed they were appreciated these player interviews

Blake Heldt Radio Station

August 17, 2012
Blake Heldt has asked me to advise our visitors that his radio Station is now the largest online radio station in Australia and quickly growing with a worldwide Audience and announcers from many different continents.
Radio Station

Tweed Heads Golden Nugget

August 2, 2012
91.3 SportFM will be at Tweed Heads Bowling to broadcast the fabulous Golden Nugget series which will feature the best of Australia's Men's and Ladies singles players starting Monday 6th Aug.

The broadcast will be called by Mike Zusman and Sherro and comes directly into Perth on your local radio station 91.3FM

The Monday broadcast will start W.S.T 9.00 AM for the opening ceremony, Tues and Wed start 8.00 AM

Thursday updates from 7.30 AM, then full cover from
8;30 AM
The finals will finish Thursday afternoon August 9th.

For people who who can't get to a radio the broadcast can be heard from anywhere in the world on the internet or on mobile phones.

If listeners wish to SMS during the broadcast they can do so on these numbers
0400 308 986 and 0416 282 285

THBC will again broadcast an up to date Live Scoreboard
Each day, Each match and Each end - from their tournament web site
Live scoreboard

Junior Gold Nugget starts Sat 4th

Media Release

There is no doubt this is one of the best fields ever invited to play in the Nugget. Now in its 26th year, this has been one of my toughest assignments as Bowls Coordinator, and a member of the Tournament committee to select 11 men and 11 ladies to play in this prestige singles event.

Paul Girdler
Bowls coordinator

Section draws

Vote for Men

Vote for Ladies

Media release

Stirling 3 bowl pairs results

July 30, 2012
The Stirling three 3 bowl pairs carnival was completed over weekend. The winners were..

Australian sides for World Bowls Championships

July 27, 2012
The National selectors today announced the Mens and Ladies teams to represent Australia

Doubleview building for another tilt at the flag ?

July 25, 2012
Last seasons r/u Doubleview have upped the ante in their effort to atone for their loss to Cambridge in the last Grand Final


Victoria Park on the slide ?

July 17, 2012
Victoria Park have lost two players, their stocks look down and a place in the finals for the upcoming season look bleak, What do our visitors think, you can vote at the bottom of the page


Milan Bacich

July 23 , 2012
Cockburn Bowling Club member Milan Bacich passed away 28 July 2012

Milan represented W.A on many ocassions and was one of the States best best players in the years from 1970 thru to the 90's .

He was well known for his great sense of humour

Milan be sadly missed.
Our condolences to his family at this very sad time

Bassendean Open Triples results

July 23, 2012
The Bassendean open Triples carnival was completed last weekend. The information was slow getting to me The winners were..

Don Mort

July 23 , 2012
Bedford Club member Don Mort passed away 21 July 2012

Don was highly respected member of the Bedford Club and well thought of throughout the bowling community.
A good man who always had his hand up when ever the Club needed a hand.

A wonderful person who will be sadly missed.
Our condolences to his family at this very sad time


July 21, 2012
BowlsWA have announced WA will play NSW in Sept,

Guts goes down in the
Gold Coast Winter Singles

July 21, 2012
John Goddard was defeated in the final of the Gold Coast Winter Singles. He lost to Ryan Bester 25-17.
Guts was 15-4 down came back into the game strongly but was unable to overcome such a big lead where driving was a feature of Ryan Bester's game
None the less it was a great performance for John to make the final.

In his earlier win win against Dean McWhinney which Guts won 21-6, Dean who is a Qld State leader commented it was the best performance he had ever played against such was the standard John produced.

This is the second time an Osborne Park player has lost the final in recent times, Pat Caffell lost to Dean McWhinney a couple of years back

July 20, 2012

John " Guts" Goddard progressed thru to the final of the Gold Coast Winter Singles after defeating Ray Glasser 25-15 this morning,
He will play Broadbeach champ Ryan Bester who defeated Nigel Smith 25-15.
In what should be a great final it gets under way shortly which will be played on the indoor carpet at Paradise Point.

Sean Heasman is playing in the restricted singles, he is down 21-19 at the moment, an update, Sean lost to Hugh Jorganson 25-21.

Gold Coast Web page

July 19, 2012

This morning John Goddard defeated Ray Pickard 25-17 in the quarter final to win his way into the semi-final which will be played at Paradise Point tommorow, he will play the winner of the game between Ryan Bester and Ian Taylor

In an earlier game Guts bowled over the Super whiz kid and previous winner of this event Dean McWhinney 21-6. Word from Tweed Heads is Guts is in some pretty good form.

Bad luck but well done to Gordon King who was put out of the quarter final when he was beaten 25-20 by Nigel Smith

Anthony Provost bombshell

July 12, 2012
Four time State Singles winner Anthony Provost has advised Victoria Park he will not be playing Premier League pennants in the upcoming season.
Anthony who has moved to Mandurah, advised Victoria Park that for family reasons he will not be available for 2012-13.

Family always comes first ahead of any other consideration and I applaud the decision from Anthony and wish he and his family all the best for the future.

He is regarded by many as the best player in WA and has an impressive record to back up that opinion
He is also regarded as one of the best players in Australia and still has plenty of time up his sleeve to make his mark on the National scene if that is something he might want later.

Hopefully he might be back playing at the highest level sometime down the track.

AP will fill his PBA committment in August where he was qualifier back in May.

Stirling Open Fours results

July 9, 2012
The Stirling open Fours carnival was completed over weekend. The winners were..

Innaloo Split Fours results

July 9, 2012
The Innaloo Split fours carnival was completed over weekend. The winners were..

W.A Ladies to play Victoria

July 12, 2012
15th & 16th September at Altona Bowls Club,Victoria.

Bowls WA is pleased to announce that the Women's State Side will be play Victoria in a three test series on September 15th and 16th at Altona Bowls Club, Victoria.

This will be the first time in recent history WA have sent a State side away for a test series. Discussions are similarly being held with other States & Territories to secure a Men's series in 2012.

Assistant State Coach Tony Hockey said the series will give the WA Women a good chance to prepare for the future Australian Sides Series held in Bendigo, April 2013. "The format will be three tests, two on Saturday and one on Sunday morning. They will be played over 21 ends, three rinks of four players, as in the Sides series".

"It will be a good chance for the selected players to gain further experience at Interstate level and allow the selectors and coaches to further develop the team."

CEO Ken Pride commented that this announcement reinforced the Bowls WA commitment to the High Performance programme. "Bowls WA recognises the importance of this series and will continue to support our athlete's in developing themselves to achieve success for WA in the future."

"We are extremely proud of the recent Australian A inclusions such as Kelli Rogalski and Clive Adams and it is hoped these Test Series for both Men and Women will continue in an ongoing basis to allow our elite athlete's exposure to high level competition."

The 12 players selected to represent WA for this series will be on announced in August.

Having a Ball on the Gold Coast

July 6, 2012
Terry Ball and Di Grlusich made it to the last 8 of the Mixed Pairs but were defeated 12-11 to end their hopes of winning the Gold Coast Winter Mixed Pairs, a good effort none the less for them to be right in it to the end losing ever so narrowly.

July 5, 2012

Warnbro Wizard Terry Ball and his better Half Dianne, have won their section in the Gold Coast Winter Mixed pairs.
Good to see WA players over on the Gold Coast and doing well. Keep it going Terry and Dianne who continue on tomorrow morning (Friday)
Will keep our visitors informed as much as possible as there is no info posted as yet.
Gold Coast Web page

Who is this player?
Identified at last

July 2, 2012
Many thanks to Wayne Maher who has correctly identified our mystery player. We did say it would be tough to name him, we did say he was well known, and we did say he was a handy cricketer, we didn't say in what grade tho.

I would like to thank all the visitors who had a crack at who they thought it was, I was so surprised to have recieved so many emails ( I couldn't reply to all of them such was the amount) , and the interest that it created.
Must say I got a laugh or two especially when one of members of his rink couldn't idenify him correctly after having two cracks at it, all in good fun mind you.
Who is he

Vic Park Split Fours results

July 2, 2012
The Victoria Park Split fours carnival was completed over weekend. The winners were..

King Kelvin does it again

July 4, 2012
The King of the Tweed is what they call him, Kelvin Kerkow defeated Victorian player Ashley Bates in a game where he was never threatened to win very comfortably 25 - 7.
The win makes it back to back for Kelvin Kerkow who was victorious when he played Ashley Bates in last years final.

The win emphasizes further just how good Kelvin Kerkow really is where he remains unbeaten over two Prestige Open Singles tournaments.

Must say well done to Ashley Bates on his performance to make it to the final and unfortunate to have run into Australia's best player both times.
It was great to see him to be included as the wildcard entry in the upcoming Tweed Heads Golden Nugget. He thoroughly deserves his inclusion.

Tweed Heads Prestige Singles live scoreboard

Kelvin Kerkow Versus Ashley Bates

Live scoreboard

W.A Lady Bowler wins the Coach prize

July 4, 2012
The Gold Coast Winter Carnival Stones Coach prize valued at $5000.00 was drawn at at the Tweed Heads Bowling Club and was won by Maureen Harkin.
Sure is a pretty good prize just for entering the Gold Coast Tweed Winter Carnival which starts on the 5th July
Congratulations to Maureen

Gold Coast winter carnival

July 1, 2012
The Gold Coast Winter Carnival starts in July. Osborne Park's John Goddard, Wings Evans, Gordon King and the General, Grant Nicol have entered, they have invited any W.A players who get over there to have a get together much like they did last season.
Any players interested please contact John on 0438921842

Mark Simpson and Matt Mitchell lose


July 3, 2012
Matt Mitchell lost to Barry Lester 25/22 coming from 14/2 down.
Played bad early as he struggled with the change of green and rinks but played very well over the last half of the match and gave himself a chance of victory on the last end when he had had a chance to sit the Lester shot bowl out and stay for three but was unlucky when his attempt just slid by.

Matt won his earlier game 25-18 against Ian Taylor.
Well done to both Mark Simpson and Matt Mitchell

Matt in particular has really excelled when we look at the quality of his opponents, better things lay ahead for the Manning Eagle

Barry Lester defeated Mark Simpson 25-12, word from the game was Mark got off to a bad start and couldn't make up the lost ground

There have been some surprise results in todays play. Looking at the draw there some huge games ahead

Day 3 Results
Matt Mitchell at Tweed Heads playing against Barrie Lester
July 2, 2012

Matt Mitchell defeats Brian Baldwin 25-20 in the second round, this is a big win in the scheme of things. Brian Baldwin is an outstanding Singles performer, he was one of the fancies in the event. He will play Sth Aussie Ian Taylor in his 3rd game first thing Tuesday morning

Gingin's Mark Simpson's wins his second game and sets up a dream clash with Victorian star Barrie Lester.

Steve Glasson plays Nathan Rice in what should be a promoters dream

July 2, 2012
Cliff Edmunds defeated Kristina Kristic 25/16

July 2, 2012
Yesterday Sth Perth's Joe Galipo went down in a thriller 25-24

This morning Mark Simpson won 25/15
Mat Mitchell won 25/12

Nessie Weston from Merredin, the 16 time women's singles winner from the Civic club lost 25/17 to Steve Baxter

Day 2 Results

Day One draw

Club best player awards 2012

June 14, 2012


Runner up for the 2011-12 Premiership announced the winner of the famous Mackie Medal awarded to the best performed player


June 2, 2012


Premiers for 2011-12 Cambridge Knight announced the winner of the " Brownlow" Medal which awarded to their best player

May 21, 2012



May 15, 2012



April 11, 2012



April 6, 2012



Gold Coast fever
Two Players needed

July 1, 2012
We were given the wrong info, Alan Is trying to make up a side of four, he is still looking for two more players to compete in the Gold Coast Winter Carnival

Warnbro Wizard player Terry Ball has responded to Alan Faigen's request for players to make up a side. As we know Terry Ball is a very accomplished player and great company to be with so Alan is already off to a great start with his team.
If there are players from anywhere in Australia who would like to be involved could they.

please ring Alan on 0408 071 577

Who is this player?
Identified at last

July 2, 2012

We at last have a visitor who has correctly identified the "Who is this player" picture.
I Will publish tomorrow morning with a modern day pic

July 1, 2012
There were many more suggestions as to who our mystery player is. Chris Lander has taken over as the most selected player, he is not the player.
One Clue, he is a Cambridge player

June 30, 2012


Sorry to say but so far no one has identified the player, there has been a terrific reponse with so many different names sent in, Reg Humpryson, Ivan Jakovich Neale Griffin and Brad Ball are some of the latest to be nominated. Not sure how our visitors could have such a wide and varying idea of who this player is, but many thanks for having a go at it.

Probably the biggest surprise is there are players from his own Club that can't see any similarity of him as he is now and back then when the pic was taken, but as we did say, it would be a toughie to pick.

June 29, 2012

Many thanks to all who have responded to " Who is this player" . The emails keep piling in but sorry to say no correct selection yet.

Other suggestions, and some of them several times have been Mike Zusman, Daniel Brown, Tom Norac, Ken Screech, Fred DiGuiseppe, Pat Caffell, Rooster Wishart, The Jones Boy and Chris McKenna who incidently won the Mosman Pk best player award back to back which is a very good effort indeed
If we dont have the correct selection by mid next week we will publish a current pic of him.

June 28, 2012


This pic has generated a quite a lot of interest, so far there have been no correct selection including those in the mail bag this morning.

Among those mentioned include Mick McGann, Roger Barns and Gary Caffell.
I think we have got our visitors measure with this pic, but the player is well known.
Several visitors have expressed they are thankful there are no Brown shoes for the correct winner, saying to pick who the player will be enough satifaction. I am sorry about the shoes, bowlers seem to not like that colour but for me Brown is best.

June 27, 2012


We have had many replies to who is this player, Most have suggested Jon Sharp, Pieter Harris, Brian Kiely, one even suggested Bustling Billy Brandsma, there are others as well but too many to mention.
This player had a very good season in 2011-12 and will play again this season .

June 26, 2012

I have a picture of a very well known player, I feel our visitors will not identify easily unless of course he lets the cat out of the bag.
Who is he

Tweed Heads open Mixed Singles

December 27, 2012

Special offer to all WA bowlers playing in the Tweed Heads Mixed singles

WANT to be FAME..ous? - on & off Stage ?

$60 for Entry into Prestige Singles and ticket for FAME the Musical ( next door to THBC)
The Tweed Theatre Company are very proud to announce their latest play, FAME, THE MUSICAL


email Greg on

Black Caviar wins George Smith Loses

June 24, 2012
Northlands Shopping Centre
Big 300 Results.

Another big big week in the world of Sport, Black Caviar wins her race in the U.K
The West Coast Eagles go down in a thriller to Collingwood, the Dockers beaten by the Essendon Bombers

Even bigger news was at Osborne Pk in the Big 300, overwhelming favourite and at almost unbackable odds for the event, prolific winner Wanneroo's George Smith was defeated and not only just defeated but defeated in both games.
A huge sigh of relief swept thru the Osborne Pk Club house Club now knowing the seemingly invincible George could actually be beaten.

Well done to the winners, the Yokine duo of Richard D'Sousa and young Ben Horwood who are great supporters of the Big 300. Their best placing in this event was back in May when they snared second place.
Good to see them doing so well this weekend

As we know in this wonderful game of Lawn Bowls Consistency is important, we see the talented Wanneroo duo of Ron Bates who was the 2009 State Pairs winner and Geoff Gunning who has represented the Northern Territory in the State Senior sides series follow up on last week's second place by snaring second place once again, this week we notice they had a small increase in their shots up.
Congrats once again to these gentlemen

Ossy Park pair Carl Thompson and Brooke Newstead carried the flag for the home Club with a good performance to finish in 3rd place

Just remember everyone has a chance to win a prize and now that Wanneroo's George Smith has shown he is not invincible there is plenty of scope for all to win a prize.

26 Teams Entered, Prize Money totalled $650 

1st Prize $250

R. D'Souza, B. Horwood
2 Games 16 Ends 24 Points 28 Shots Prize

2nd Prize $120

R. Bates, G. Gunning
2 Games 15 Ends 23 Points 19 Shots 

3rd Prize $60

Brodie, C. Thompson
2 Games 15 Ends 23 Points 12 Shots

2 Game Winners Prize $40 Each

B. Nairn, J. Davies 14 Ends 22 Points 12 Shots
N. Bolton, R. Bolton 13 Ends 21 Points 16 Shots
G. White, F. Carbone 13Ends 21 Points 16 Shots
P. Chalmers, J. Chalmers 13 Ends 21 Points 5 Shots

Plate Winners $30 Each

R. Hill, I. Hill 12   Points    8 Shots
K. Beaver, F. Mottolini 11 Points 4    Shots

Bassendean Open Split Fours results

June 18, 2012
The Bassendean Open Split Fours carnival was completed over weekend. The winners were..


Who could this be ?

June 19, 2012
At first we had no answers from our visitors who I think were stumped as to whom this lady could be then an avalanch of answers arrived, all were correct.
I would like to thank our visitors for participating, sorry but there is no prize.
This Lady is..

June 15, 2012

This pic of a very attractive Lady was sent to me, it was taken at an award night. Who could it be.
Who is this Lady

Australian Indoor Exemptions

June 12, 2012
Greg Kelly has sent an interesting article regarding exemption for the previous winners and runner ups in the Australian Indoor Championships.
What do our visitors think about Greg's idea. You can vote if you wish as to whether you agree or disagree at the bottom of the article


Australian Sides series in Victoria

June 7, 2012
Bowls Australia have confirmed that the Bendigo Bowls Club will host the 2013 Australian Sides Championship and Super 6 event on the following dates:

Super 6 Friday April 26 & Saturday April 27, 2013 Australian Sides Monday April 29 Thursday May 2, 2013

In addition, the City of Greater Bendigo will host (at their historical town hall) the 2013 National Awards and Hall of Fame night on Saturday April 27.

A formal announcement will be made tomorrow morning in conjunction with Bowls Victoria, the City of Greater Bendigo and the Bendigo Bowls Club.

Stirling Fours results

June 13, 2012
Sorry we are a little late with the results but, as they say in the classics, better late than never
The Stirling Open straight fours carnival was completed over weekend. The winners were..

Innaloo Split Fours results

June 11, 2012
Innaloo completed their Open Split fours without interruption despite the weather . The winners were..

Need a Lawn Mower
New phone number

June 13, 2012
Unfortunetly We given the wrong Phone number
The number is 95833343
June 8, 2012

The Mandurah Bowling Club have for sale three, 2 x Very Good & 1 x Average condition Scott Bonner Lawn Mowers.
We are not after a fortune for them just a fair price and a good home.
I can be contacted at the following.
Kevin Briant
V/Pres. MBC

Hilton Park Classic Fours results

May 28, 2012
The Hilton Park Classic fours carnival was completed over weekend. The winners were..

Australian Indoor Sets play
C. Adams, C. Slavich, G. Pauling

May 20, 2012
Clive Adams defeated Ryan Havercroft 10-1, 8-7 to secure a place at Tweed Heads to compete in the Australian Indoor sets play later this year.

Lance Strahan who was Last years runner up in the Final of the Australian Indoor Sets play, lost his bid to repeat that performance or go one better when he was was bundled out by Sth Perth's Ryan Havercroft 5-7, 10-0, 3-0.

I have a score for the other two winners, Doubleview's Charley Slavich continued on with his recent good form when he defeated Gingin's Mark Simpson in the second final 7-8, 8-1, 5-0.

Sth Perth player Glenn Pauling defeated Osborne Pk player Lewis Grigg in the remaining final 8-5, 9-6

Earlier scores were

G.Pauling bt C. Packer 11-4, 9-5.
L.Grigg bt N. Griffin 9-8, 8-3
C.Slavich Bt M.Mitchell 6-11, 10-5, 3-0
R.Havercroft Bt L. Strahan 5-7, 10-0, 3-0
C.Adams Bt R.Bresland 3-12, 8-6, 3-2

May 20, 2012

Sorry to say but we have no results for the Aus Indoor other than section winners

Sets PlaySection winners were:
S Withers, C Packer, G Pauling, T Hinkley, N Griffin, J Clayton, S Davies, L Grigg, R Gray, M Simpson, M Mitchell, C Slavich, R Havercroft, L Strahan, R Bresland, C Adams

May 15, 2012

The Australian Indoor set Play begins this Saturday at Innaloo (sections 1-9) and Cambridge (sections 10-16) Trying tp pick a winner is difficult

Texas Holdem Poker tournament

December 27, 2012
Osborne Park Bowling Club are holding four Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments from March till September
The first night of the Poker tournament was well attneded with 41 players taking part
If you love a good game of Poker then Osborne Park Bowling Club is the place to be.

A clash of dates has bought about a late change
The next tournament is on Friday April 13th starting at 6.30 pm and every fortnight there after.

PBA results

May 14, 2012
PBA Wrap up
PBA wrap up

May 13, 2012

PBA Scottish Singles completed, three qualifiers
Scottish singles Results
PBA Welsh Singles completed, three qualifiers
Welsh singles Results
PBA World Singles completed
World singles Results
The PBA World Pairs qualifyer were completed and the winners were...
Pairs Results

PBA Pairs starts this Friday night
Draw available

May 10, 2012
Kyle McIlroy has released the draw for the W.A section of PBA circuit to be played over the coming weekend at Osborne Park
The fields look very strong with several of W.A's best players involved. Should be cracking series of games and may the best performed players win

Scottish singles Draw

Welsh Singles Draw

World Singles Draw

World Pairs Draw

May 9, 2012

The PBA World Pairs starts this Friday night. Kyle has aked those competing in this event to be there at 6.00PM for a 6.15PM start.

Congrats to these Club Singles winners

May 2, 2012
Better late than never, my fault entirely

Club Singles winners sent in to Sherro.

I would like to congratulate the players below on their fine achievement

Mark Whiting won the Mosman Club Singles title after defeating Rob Tiller 21-4 in the semi, then defeated Mike Grace in the final 25-19

Mark Abonnel won the Kardinya Club singles finalwhen he defeated new recruit Danny Slade 25-14

Kyle McIlroy defeated Daniel Trewhell 25-19 in a tight game to take the blue ribbon event at Doubleview

Champ of Champ pairs final results

April 30, 2012
The final was played under lights

April 29, 2012

The Champion of club Pairs Champions got underway yesterday, Thanks to Brian Burton for passing the results

Professional Bowl's Association
registration date extended till
4th May

April 30, 2012
A great opportunity to win a trip to the UK, WA have had three winners in the past, David Opie, Matt Mitchell, Glenn Pauling along with Stuart Bainbridge when he played in Queensland.


Kyle McIlroy has been in charge of running the W.A section of the Professional Bowls Association for the past five years.

He has done a wonderful job and because of his efforts we have seen three W.A players win a trip to the U.K. and really put W.A players on the world map so to say.

No doubt this is one of the best events of the year and well worth the entry fee when you consider what can be achieved

Kyle is inviting players to join or renew their membership

State side wrap

April 27, 2012
I would like to thank Jack Cahill from the Gold Coast, a real gentleman who has a huge passion for the sport
Without his assistance we would have had no stats from the Sides series. He also provided several other organizations with his data
Thankyou to Jack Cahill

April 26, 2012

Sorry I am late with my impressions of the Sides series

Congratulations to Kelli Rogalski

April 27, 2012
Congratulations to young 18 years old Kelli Rogalski on her selection in the Australian A team.

Having seen her in action at Broadbeach in the Sides series where she was outstanding in her role as a lead. It was here first time playing for WA in her short career

It was no surprise at all to be selected considering her form not only in the series but winning a Gold Medal in the Triples in the six a side series prior to the start of the Sides series. lets hope it is not too long before she represents Australia

Clive Adams was in sensationally good form during the Sides series also has won selection in the Australian A team. Well done Clive.

Quinns Rocks Triples Carnival

April 25, 2012
Quinns Rocks carnival was held last weekend. The winners were..

Esperance Carnival a big success

April 19, 2012
The Esperance carnival was held last weekend. The winners were..

Osborne Park Lady's Club Championship Pairs

April 15, 2012
The Ladies Club Championship Pairs was won by.......
Beryl News

St Ives Cup results

April 16, 2012
The annual St Ives Cup was played at Cambridge over the weekend with a large field raring and ready to go.
The three State rinks were entered to play, how did they go?

The winners were....

Champion of Club Singles Champions Results

April 15, 2012
Quinns Rocks John Berecz has his biggest day in bowls when he won the Champion of Club Champions singles at Yokine.

ChampChamps Winner

Novice Results

Novice Winner

April 14, 2012
We have the results of the Saturdays play, including the follow on games.

Many thanks to BowlsWA for passing on the results of the Novice Singles first days play

Novice Draw

Novice Section
Novice Knockout

December 27, 2012
BowlsWA have released the draw for this event which once again is a star studded field

The Novice Singles Draw is also on line and we wish the players all the best to decide who will be the new Champion
Novice Draw

91.3 SportFM
Sides series broadcast

December 27, 2012
The Australian Sides series kicks off next Saturday morning at Broadbeach Bowling Club in Qld

91.3 SportFM will be there to broadcast the series. Colin Minson, Mike Zusman and Sherro will be doing the call.

Broadcast Western Standard Time

Friday 12 noon for a preview.
Sat-Sun 7-30 AM
Mon - Tues 8-00 AM

Listeners can SMS 0418 912 085 throughout the broadcast

If you can't get to a radio, anyone anywhere in the world can listen to the broadcast on the internet via desktop,laptop computer or Mobile phone on the link below.

SportFM 91.3


State team Bombshell at Broadbeach

April 19, 2012
Big news from Queensland, regarding State Skipper Daniel Trewhella, his place will be taken by Daniel Patterson.

Apparently Daniel Trewhella had broken a curfew and will miss the Sides series. That is all the info we have at the moment.

We have been mislead by the information that Daniel Trewhella was being sent home. This information is incorrect, he has not been sent home and is still in Qld. Sorry if we have offended


State side changes

April 20, 2012
The State side has been changed tp accomodate the loss of State Skipper Daniel Trewhella
The rinks could be as follows

K. McIroy (sk), D. Rankin, S. Withers, N. Stevens.
J.Sharp, (sk), J.Slavich, D. Patterson, C. Packer
J.Goddard (sk), P.Harris, R. Bresland, C.Adams

This is a possible lineup, Kyle McIlroy to take the skipper role and at the same time moving Steve Withers back from 3rd to a seconds role.
Dave Rankin moves up from a seconds role in Jon Sharp's rink to play 3rd to Kyle McIlroy.

Kyle McIlroy has previously skippered for W.A way back in 2005. Kyle was the best performed skipper in Premier League this season

Gerry Edwards

April 13 , 2012
Former BowlsWA greens committee Chairman Gerry Edwards passed away 10th April 2012

Gerry was also a highly respectected member of both the Bedford and Yokine Clubs and well thought of throughout the bowling community.
A tireless worker for the good of the sport and of lawn Bowls in general.

A wonderful person who will be sadly missed.

Our condolences to his family at this very sad time

An unusual end in the pennant play for promotion

3rd Division Singles title goes to Forrestfield

April 10, 2012
The Pairs was played between two Morley sides while the 3rd div and under State Singles was won by...

Many thanks to Ron Head for this report

Stirling Easter Carnival results

April 9, 2012
Stirling have been running their very popular Easter Carnival for for the past 32 years

The winners were ......


April 3, 2012
Doug Arrowsmith played in the final between Hollywood and Bassendean. He shares the nail biting and exciting last end with us.

Still hard to beat at the age of ninety years, Doug Arrowsmith is an ornament to the game of Bowls in Western Australia. Both on and off the green his contribution has been immense.

Many thanks Doug


Pennant finals preview

March 29, 2012

Premier League preview
PL Ladder and Stats
PL Club by Club Stats

One White preview
Ladder and Stats
Club by Club Stats

Blue North preview
Ladder and stats
Club by Club stats

Blue South preview

Ladder and Stats
Club by Club Stats

Fremantle split fours result

March 26, 2012
It was a full house at Fremantle for the Open Split Fours
The winners were ......


Osborne Pk Novice Singles winner

April 4, 2012
Osborne Park held their Novice singles recently. The winner was...

Top Skippers
Premier League/ One White/ One Blue

April 4, 2012
Congratulations to the Best performed rinks in first division this season

Top Skips Premier League

Top Skip One White

Top Skips Blue North

Sorry, at the moment we have no pic of the top Blue South rink

Victoria Park rumours

March 29, 2012
There have been several rumours getting around the Clubs regarding Victoria Park. Were they true, is the Club closing down?
Sherro has been hearing what everyone else has been hearing so I put it to Victoria Park President Wayne Butler and asked him if he was aware of these rumours and was there any substance to them

Wayne Butler reply

March 29, 2012
Important information from Wayne Butlers regarding relocation
More info

Blue North Promotional final review

March 26, 2012
Ron Head's review of One Blue North promotional final
Blue North/South pennant playoff Review

Blue North Promotional Review

Ladder and stats

Club by Club stats

One White finals review

April 2, 2012
Ron Head reviews the final

One White Review

Ladder and Stats

Club by Club Stats

Blue South finals review

April 2, 2012
Jack Driver reviews the pennant finals

Blue South review

Ladder and Stats

Club by Club Stats

Cambridge Knights
Premier League Champions

April 1, 2012
Cambridge Knights well and truly upset the Doubleview applecart twice over the weekend to win the Premier League Pennant in a grand performance that leaves no doubt as to who has the best 16 in W.A

Premier League GF Review

Premier League GF preview

Premier League semi finals review

Kind act of generosity

April 3, 2012
from time to time we hear about the not so good side of the sport, not all that often do we hear about the good side.
There are many volunteers involved in the sport that give up hours, weeks, months and years of their time to help their Club and the game in general.

Word filtered its way to me recently that a team competing in a Bayswater carnival won $1000 first prize. They donated $500 of the prizemoney back to the Club who were fundraising for an important project. Such kindness is rare these days.

Take a bow Steve Black, Aaron Delaporte, Phil Hutchinson and Jamie Davies

Cambridge Knights
Premier League Champions

April 1, 2012
Cambridge Knights well and truly upset the Doubleview applecart twice over the weekend to win the Premier League Pennant in a grand performance that leaves no doubt as to who has the best 16 in W.A

Premier League GF Review

Premier League GF preview


MANNING 75 (6) def KALAMUNDA 71 (2)

To win the One White division pennant.

Aj Heal 29 bt D. Von Horn 11
J. Franciso 18 bt F. Anderson 15
M. Mitchell 14 lost to S. Alden 22
W. Heldt 15 lost to M. Biglin 23

COCKBURN 81 (7) def BEDFORD 68 (1)


1.) Joe Spadaro v Cliff Graybrook 21-10
2.) Marin Dragojevic v Cody Packer 25-22
3.) Joe Marevic v G Gray 13-19
4.) Steve Srhoy v Scott Edmonds 22-17

WARNBRO 84 (5) def SAFETY BAY 78 (3)

Warnbro made it even though with not much to spare in front of a huge crowd of supporters from both teams. The details are:

J Trewhella 35 defeated M Massari 5
L Strange 17 lost to N Read 18
T Ball 17 lost to Alan Holmes 23
T Tuckerman 15 lost to G Scott 32

One Blue Sth Promotional Finals

March 31, 2012


Safety Bay 82(6) defeated South Perth 71(1)

A Holmes 27 def B Kalinowsky 16
N Read 21 def M Petrich 19
M Massari 15 drew with V Santostefano 15
G Scott 19 lost to Ken Pride 21

Warnbro 88(6) defeated Spearwood 74(2)

J Trewhella 27 def I D'Ascenzo 10
T Tuckerman 23 def V Pesich 21
T Ball 17 lost to I Unkovich 18
L Strange 21 lost to K Nadilo 25


Safety Bay 74(7) defeated Spearwood 61(1)

G Scott 21 defeated V Pesich 15
A Holmes 19 defeated I Unkovich 12
N Read 20 defeated I D'Ascenzo 18
M Massari 14 lost to K Nadilo 16

So it is the Wizards against the bay for that second promotion spot tomorrow afternoon.

David Phillips.

One White finals

March 31, 2012
Very briefly, here are some results from kalamunda. Sorry that they are incomplete in terms of rink winners.

John Terrell

Kalamunda and Manning are through to the pennant play-off after both convincingly defeated Mount Pleasant in their respective morning and afternoon "crunch" matches at Kalamunda today.

Kalamunda 7 (98), Mount Pleasant 1 (53)

Manning 6 (85), Mount Pleasant 1 (67)

In the first (elimination) final earlier in the day, Manning easily accounted for Sorrento

Bowlsworld Tipping Competition


December 27, 2012

This comp is for the
second round of 9 Premier League and One White pennant rounds, starting this friday.
Many thanks to Bowlsworld for their continued sponsorship


the winner will receive a set of coloured
AERO Bowls, we will have more info regarding the Aero Bowl a little later.
Please remember that tipping closes 5.00 pm on friday

Up till that time you can change your tips if you find it neccessary to do so, your selections will be sent to you by email.


Conditions of Entry

Live scores from Richmond Union

March 30, 2012
Thomas Mitchell defeated Nathan Rice in a stellar game, he will meet another topliner in David Holt which should be a ripper of a game but at the moment things look kinda bleak for Thomas
Just click the link below to see updated scores every 5/10 minutes

March 30, 2012

Richmond Union have a live scorecard for the finals, you can follow Tom Mitchell V Nathan Rice on this link, scores updated every 5/10 minutes
Many thanks to Stan Meale for alerting me so our visitors can be in touch with what is happening

Richmond Union Masters

March 29, 2012
One of your guys is doing well in the Richmond Union Masters over here Sherro.

Thought your blokes couldn't handle slow dodgy tracks? he has taken out a few good names here and plays Lurch (Nathan Rice) tomorrow, and the way he is going could well do the job.

Link here will show you his progress and he also had to win two earlier qualifying games. From Victoria park also and it seems they need some good news. Enjoying that heat?

Stan Meale.


Having a Hedlt of a good time

March 28, 2012
There is another famous family having a ball, the Heldt family are having a hell of a good time.

1st Division Green at Manning, obtained promotion to 1 White.

Manning Premier League, 1st on Ladder and play Osborne Park in the final.

2nd Division Red @ Mosman Park. Team made finals after promotion last year. Was looking like relegation earlier in the season. 3rd to the legendary Guy Hagan.

1st Division White, New to Manning this year. Skipper.

Having a Ball

March 29, 2012
Sorry to say but we forgot to mention another Ball! Yes that makes 5 members of the Ball family involved in finals. We were unaware that Robbie Ball's young son Troy is also playing in the finals and if things work out he will become a pennant winner at such a young age.

We sure wish Troy and all the Ball family the best of luck in the finals

March 27, 2012

Yes sir, the famous Ball family are indeed having ball, all of them ! They have achieved much success winning many titles over the years

I am Just wondering if this could be some kind of record.

5 of the Ball family are playing Saturday Pennants, and all of them playing in the finals and at different Clubs.

Terry --.-- finals in One Blue Sth at Warnbro.
Robbie --- finals in Six Gold at the Valley.
Troy ........ finals in Six Gold at the Valley.
Norm ---- finals in Two Red at Kardinya.
Brad -...... finals in Premier League at Doubleview.

There is one more from the Ball family.

We Forgot about sister Dale from Bolgart, who has just been involved in back to back wins for her pennant team.

No doubt about it The Ball family are a very competitive group who just love their bowls and we take this opportunity to wish them all the best next weekend in their chase for ultimate success

Well done to BowlsWA

March 28, 2012
Well done to BowlsWA, they have pulled the right lever in selecting a venue North of the river for the Premier League, One White and Blue Grand Finals

There were several good choices to select from, Yokine was chosen and there is no secret about how good their greens and facilities are.

I am hopeful that the fixtures in future will be drawn up so that the Grand Final will be played before the football season starts.

The largest crowd at the Premier League final was when no AFL football match was played on Grand final day a few years back.
All it takes is to start the season 14 days earlier like they do in other States

Sadly as far as Bowls is concerned this Sunday sees the West Coast Eagles play the Western Bulldogs in Melbourne so there is no guessing where many would have been spectators will be spending their time.

Osborne Pk
Mens Club Championship Singles

March 23, 2012
The Osborne Pk Club Championship Singles final was completed last night
It was a terrific contest between Rob Lawrence and John Goddard , the winners was....


Premier League Pennant results
round 18

March 24, 2012

All results on site

Premier League Scores

PL Ladder and Stats

PL Club by Club Stats

Sky diver

May 23, 2012
March 21, 2012 Our Sky diving State selector has received rare praise indeed from one of our letter writers and we have avoided legal action, but only just

Sky Diver Letter

And this arrived in the post as well

Even when he's dropping at 100 mph the little bastard was still talking. A braver man than me why the hell would you want to jump out a perfectly serviceable aircraft??

Regards Beardy

Osborne Pk
Ladies Club Championship Singles

March 23, 2012
The Osborne Pk Ladies Club Championship Singles final was completed last night. The winner was.....

State Selector takes a dive

March 19, 2012
State Selector, Lawn Bowler extroadinare and 3rd in the best performed rink in the PL this season, is a man who knows no fear, we have a link to prove it is so

Kyle McIlroy wins

March 19, 2012
Doubleview skipper Kyle McIlroy and his rink are the best performed rink for season 2011-12. With one round of the home and away fixtures remaining they cannot be overtaken and have 14 wins 2 losses + 122 shots up with one game to play

Kyley Mac has made a huge turnaround on recent previous years where his stat sheet was not good reading.
This outstanding performance was achieved with two Senior citizens, Roger Barns, Prickles Thorn and a bushy, Greg Crisp from South Mandurah.

Sherro managed to catch up for a light hearted chat with the group.

Country Week
Fours/ Pairs/ SIngles

March 9, 2012
The Country Week Singles was completed today, the youngest ever winner hails from Busselton.

Interview with the winner

Friday results

Singles results

Pairs results

Fours results

Senior State Singles final

March 14, 2012


Tony Krajancic V Hugh McKay


2012 Winner

Tuesday Results

Yokine Blue ribbon event goes to
Erron Martin

March 12, 2012
Congratulations to Erron Martin the winner of the Yokine Club Singles Championship.

He defeated Eddy Hammond 25-9 to win his first ever Club singles Championship. On the way to the final he defeated Ian Cooper 25-20 in the semi and Ian Coghill 25 - 18 in the quarter final after being down 15-3

Erron is a sponsor of this web site and runs a Bob Jane store in Midland. He looks after Lawn Bowlers and is the man to see when it comes to tyres, wheels and wheel alignments

Morley Millions pairs results

March 12, 2012
A very good field was at the Morley Bowling Club yesterday to compete in the Morley Millions pairs
The winners were ......


Narembeen Bowling Club April 3, 2012 The Narembeen Bowling Club is looking for a second hand heavy duty greens roller. We would be prepared to pay for it and pick up. Arthur Cousins. Greens Committee 0429 647 330

Kalamunda split fours result

March 6, 2012
A very good field took took to the greens in the Kalamunda split fours
The winners were ......


Thornlie Ravens Classic results

March 6, 2012
Thornlie Ravens Classic was played over the weekend
Who was the winner, I thought Buddah Rewell might have been
Our visitors might think differently

The winners were ......


Mills Park fours result

March 4, 2012
The well run Mills Park carnival was played yesterday.
The winners were ......


Country Week Pairs

March 4, 2012
The Country Week Pairs results for all section play. We thank BowlsWA and Brian Burton for passing on these results

Country Week Singles

March 3, 2012
The annual Country Week got underway yesterday, the Singles was the first discipline played.

Welcome Fours

March 2, 2012
The welcome Fours held at Osborne Park atttracted a huge field, The eventwas won by...

Country Allstars roll the Metro in memorable win

March 1, 2012
For the first time in living memory the Country Allstars really upset the applecart when they defeated the Metropolitan State squad in a nailbiting thriller.
The results
The teams

Must add that what a good selection for the Country Allstars, Ken Pride and Roger Barns were in York recently when they spotted a player Jamie Conway, a young man who was playing in the Zone playoff and leading brilliantly. He was so good they invited him to be part of the Allstar team, Jamie performed outstandingly well last night to help his rink cause a boilover when the rink led by Brian Calthorpe defeated Jon Sharp's rink convincingly in a high standard contest.
Well spotted by Ken Pride and Roger Barns, there is a message there for all players

Master PairsFinal

February 28, 2012
Congratulations to Peter Ker and Matt Mitchell who won the Doubleview Master Pairs defeating Joe Rollnik and Linton Pike


February 27, 2012
Many thanks to Bob Leed for the job he does getting the scores for our visitors

Results of last 8

Draw last 16

Results day two

Draw for day two

First rd Results

Vic Park
Quick and the Dead Mixed Pairs results

February 27, 2012
A large field contested the Vic Park mixed pairs on Sunday, the winners were......

W.A State Team v President Pats

February 25, 2012
BowlsWA President Pat Buller side gave the W.A State side a good run for their money
The sides

Doubleview Master Pairs
Draw for day two

February 24, 2012
Results day two
The second round of the Doubleview Master Pairs will commence this Sunday Morning.
The famous Katunarich Brothers will be making an appearance, they are in different teams but are both in the same section. Good to see the Kat and brother Brian back in the action over the weekend and perhaps a little longer

Sherro was most impressed with the quality of last week field The second round draw looks to be even more impressive than last week
Draw for day two

February 19, 2012

The first day of Doubleview Master Pairs commenced today with the first 8 sections taking part in a star studded field.
The following 8 sections will play next Sunday

First rd Results

President Pat
selects a good side to play
W.A State Team

February 21, 2012
BowlsWA President Pat Buller has selected a good team that will give the State side a run for their money.

The game will be played this Friday evening starting at 6 pm at the Osborne Park Bowling Club on a first class green
All welcome to come and see a great game
The sides

Radio show SportFM 91.3
Saturday morning

December 27, 2012
The last show for the season will run from 7.00 AM thru to 8.30AM

Guests this week:

Trystan Smallacombe
Cambridge Bowling Club

Matt Ellul
Stirling Bowling Club

Prickles Thorn
Doubleview Bowling Club

Phil Long Victoria Park Bowling Club

listeners are invited to ring in on 9418 7700 or send an
SMS 0433 975 586

Bowlers if you can't get to a radio you can listen on the link below

SportFM 91.3

Pennant preview round 16

March 8, 2012

Premier League preview
PL Ladder and Stats

One White preview
Ladder and Stats

Blue North preview
Ladder and stats

Blue South

Ladder and Stats

Doubleview Master Pairs Draw

February 15, 2012
It's that time of the year when the Doubleview Master Pairs which is one of the best events on the Bowling Calendar is on again.
This long running event has produced many highlights over the years.

Now in its 45th year the first Doubleview Master Pairs was won by W. Stephens and J. Webb way back in 1967,
The 2011 Master Pairs as won by Neil Payne and Farley Anderson

This year has attracted another high standard field with many of the combinations in with a chance to share in the chop up and take home some of the $5000 prizemoney that is available.

The draw we have has been made for both Sundays and the event will be sectional play

It is important for playerss to please read the conditions of play, Doubleview have acted wisely to stop unnecessary player movement which has been a blight in all forms of Pairs play in the past


Conditions of play

Osborne Pk
Club Championship Pairs

February 14, 2012
The Osborne Pk Club Championship Pairs was a terrific contest, the winners were
Final result


G. Evans(sk) L. Bell, Leslie Bell, Helen Stevens.... 20
P. Caffell(sk), G. Milne, J. Greenough, J Caffell.....18

G. Evans d M. Sims 23/4,
P. Caffell d G. King 13/9

Plate final
M. Ryan d R. Clark 18/8

Plate semi's
M. Ryan d T. Shrewsbury 20/5,
R. Clark d P. Chalmers 15/12

Can anyone help

February 16, 2012
I would like to thank the ever hardworking BowlsWA President Pat Buller who came to the rescue and kindly donated his own copy of A-Zen of lawn bowls by Barry Slater /John Bliss to Bill Fitzgibbon who resides in N.S..W.
Well done to Pat who has made a fellow Lawn Bowler very happy and will be sure to get plenty out of the book

Also a huge thankyou to our many visitors for their offer of help and directions.

February 14, 2012

Is there a bowler out there that might be able to help out with this request.

A-Zen of lawn bowls by Barry Slater /John Bliss

Hi I am looking for the above mentioned book for my wife who has just taken up bowls.

Can you help as it is very difficult to find?
Thanks bill

91.3 SPORTFM Bowls show

February 13, 2012
It was an interesting and entertaining interview with State selector Lindsay Thorn who spoke at great length regarding the State side, did he give the game away somewhat when he said one of the backend could be moving forward to the front end.

I would have asked Lindsay who it might be, but as a selector he is not allowed to reveal any info so I havent been in touch with him

Australian Open Triple/Pairs/Singles
results so far

February 24, 2012
We have three West Australian players playing in the finals of the Australian Open series being held in Melbourne today.

Andew Ness from the Cambridge Bowling Club has won his way thru to the final in Blind Bowlers catagory of Aust Open.. Harold Christensen is his Director

We have two W.A Ladies making it into the Pairs final. Kristina Krstic and Rechelle Cole will play friday morning, we should know the result soon

Ladies Pairs

Mens Pair results

Mens Australian Open Singles

Mens Triples
February 23, 2012
Scott Walker and Glenn Pauling doing well at the Australian Open are into the semi finals which will commence at 9 am WST

W.A Men's/Lady's State side

February 20, 2012
BowlsWA Have announced the State side to play in Qld this coming April
The side and positions

W.A Ladies State side

W.A Ladies side

All Senior State Pairs results
down to the last 4

February 7, 2012
AllResults from the Senior State Pairs
Many thanks to BowlsWA and Ian Wittber for these results

Senior State Pairs finals results

February 8, 2012
Congratulations to the Sth Perth pair Geoff White and Greg Reagan who won the State Senior Pairs title defeating Wanneroo's Reg Humphryson and Geoff Smith 17 -15

The semi finals

Geoff White/Greg Reagan defeated Cambridge's Greg Kane/ Tony Bellos 26-7

Reg Humphryson / Geoff Smith defeated Thornlie's Glyn Vaughan/ Terry McCormack 18-17

State Senior Pairs results

February 7, 2012
The State Senior Mens's Pairs section play was played yesterday, all results are linked at bottom of page


Letter from NSW

February 3, 2012
An interesting Letter from a WA Bowler who moved to NSW last year on how different Bowls is in that State .

State side named

February 10, 2012
BowlsWA announced the side selected to represent WA. in the Sides series to be held in Qld in April

A look at the selected side

Mike Zusman selects his State side

February 10, 2012
SPORTFM Bowls show Radio host Mike Zusman, a keen and astute judge of Lawn Bowls was asked to select the side he would like to see represent W.A next April.
Mike's selection

I thought Sherro might as well have a go as well.
Sherro's selection

Abandonment Letter to Ken Pride

February 1, 2012
After the abandonment of play last weekend we recieved several letters from our visitors.
Sherro approached BowlsWA CEO Ken Pride and invited him to respond to some questions that were raised in the letters we recieved. A very big thankyou to Ken for taking the time to respond and put bowlers in the picture regarding the decision to abandon play


Ken Pride Response

BowlsWA get it right

January 30, 2012

The decision of BowlsWA proved to be......


Doubleview PowerHouse too good for the Manning Eagles

January 30, 2012
The One White Doubleview PowerHouse who are in last place on the ladder surprised the bowling world when they smashed the second placed One White Manning Eagles side 94 - 51 at Manning on Sunday.

A huge win that has come out of the blue with Doubleview winning on all rinks.
This is the second 8 pointer for Doubleview who got one against Mt Pleasant a couple of round ago

Pat Buller....... 26
J. Francisco..... 14
Tough and tight Buller led 17-14 with 4 ends to go put the foot down and accelerated away against the tough to beat John Francisco with 4, 1, 1, 3 to run out handy winners

E. Johnson ......18
M. Mitchell ......13
Another hard day at the office in this game for both sides. Johnson led 12-11 with three ends to play picking up a 5 and a 1

G. Nelson ........27
A. Heal ............15

W. Langdon .....27
W. Heldt ............9
This game saw the Manning boys piling them onto the jack for the first 7 ends but were thwarted by the brilliant Winton Langdon who did all the damage, his side come good for him and away they went.

Terry Ball

January 28, 2012
Terry Ball, one of the famous ball brothers is off to the Eastern States toward the end of April, with the idea to be in Queensland for the Winter Gold carnival. from 5th -20th July 2012

Terry was wondering if anyone else is going, and would they like to form a team with him in it ?

0421 835 201


January 27, 2012
The Chairman of the Men's Match Committee, Brian Burton has sought the latest advice from the Bureau of Meteorology regarding the forecast for tomorrow afternoon. The advice received is that the temperature will be forecast to be 42C with a potential to be hotter during the afternoon hours.

As a result, noting Bowls WA's duty of care to its members;

A) The Saturday Ladies Pennant Round has been abandoned,
B) The Saturday Men's Pennant Round has been abandoned (including therefore tonight's schedule Friday Night Premier League fixture),

C) Ladies Friday Night Pennant has NOT been abandoned (Refer Pages 45 and 81) of the Fixture Book for specific reference to Conditions of Play.

No points will be allocated to fixtures abandoned in (A) and (B) above.

State Singles winner 2012

January 26, 2012
Anthony Provost wins a thriller against Steve Withers 25-22 to win his 4th State Singles title...
Day two Results
Round up

Day one Results

State Singles last 8 results

January 24, 2012


A.Provost 21
defeated P.Nicholls 5

N. Stevens 21
defeated J. Goddard 16

Russell Bates 21
defeated Eddy Dodd 17

S. Withers 21
defeated D. Rankin 19

January 23, 2012

January 22, 2012

Defending Singles Champ Clive Adams has knocked out ot the State Singles, and what a knockout it was when he was defeated 21-4 by Shane Knott. Gary Caffell fell to the spell of of State Triples Champ Brad Ball

Duty of care

January 26, 2012
I read with interest the BOWLSWA report of the Mens State Singles Final.

Apparently neither player was perturbed about the 42 degrees heat, so obviously the weather was not considered extreme and therefore no duty of care was required.

Congratulations to both players for putting on a great show, especially to Anthony for making it title number 4.

Roy Stevens

State singles results

January 22, 2012
The State singles results for day one
Many thanks to BowlsWA for passing on these results for our visitors


State Singles draw

January 17, 2012
BowlsWA have released the draw for the State Singles

Scott Edmonds resigns

January 16, 2012
Scott Edmonds has resigned from the State squad. It is understood that he was unable to fully commit to to the program due to work committments.

Scott was very quick to say he fully supports the Coaching panel and believes they are on the right path going forward to the Sides series.

It is very unfortunate for Scott who was unlucky to not have made the side last year, he has been on the edge of selection for the past couple of seasons and would have been in with a big chance to represent W.A for the first time at Qld's Broadbeach Bowling Club.

a fair go for all required

January 11, 2012
We spoke recently of giving Frank McGrath and fellow bowlers a fair go.

In last week's Bedford Bowl he had two withdrawals on the Friday before the Saturday start of play, the first withdrawal came at 1.00pm, tho inconvenienced Frank got on the blower and quickly arranged for another side to fill in, ok late withdrawal sorted.

Frank received another call at 6.00pm, boy of boy!! of all times to receive another withdrawal with only 15 hours till start time. Where are we going to get a replacement team in such a short time span, a team already entered and committed for the weekend now may have to miss out on getting a game.

Next morning with the event due to start there were two other sides that didn't front and no courtesy call to say why they weren't in attendance after having rang Frank to enter a side

The team that had been organized the night before was in attendance and ready to play but because of the two withdrawals and two sides not showing up, had to miss out and go home. It was very inconvenient for all concerned and rather thoughtless for fellow bowlers.

So I repeat to people who enter these events how about some consideration and a fair go for Frank and fellow bowlers before you decide to withdraw so close to start time or those that don't bother to turn up

Letter regarding State Squad additions

January 11, 2012
Well done to you Sherro for raising the issue in the first place.

You only put to paper what most of us were thinking.

It is pleasing to see the selectors are flexible and have acted for the greater benefit of bowls.

I am a Wings Evans fan and would be proud to see him represent our State again. He is an absolute gentleman, accepts the umpires decision, is committed to the game of bowls and most of all is a champion bowler.

The same could be said for Messrs Caffell and Payne.


Bedford Bowl fours result

January 9, 2012
A wonderful return for the Bedford Bowl, the winners were......


Rule change a winner

January 3, 2012
There have been a couple of players beat the cut off time of 31st Dec 2011 to change clubs. Must say it is a good rule that keeps players playing.

North Beach player Mike Vitale has moved to the Stirling Club and Cambridge player Tony Walsh has joined Doubleview

When the rule first came into being that players could change clubs once the season has started, it was for the first five games of the season.
For what ever reason the rule was cut back to the first two games a year or two later. That move had me scratching my head as to why they would lower it to the first two games but that is what was bought in.
The cost to change clubs for the player is $100.00

A player can now change clubs up until the 31st Dec. which could be after 8 or 9 games depending on the program for the season up till Xmas. I applaud BowlsWA for this latest initiative.

Pam Chalmers 100 up Singles champ

January 9, 2012
Osborne Park Lady bowler Pam Chalmers was victorious in her quest to win the 100 up and become the first Osborne Pk player to win this event.

Bedford New year Split fours result

January 2, 2012
A big upset win during the carnival.
Bedford Bowling Club

Ron Head

January 2, 2012
In answer to many inquiries I have an update on Ron's health, and that is he is recovering well but progress is slow .
He said it was unavoidable that he was not in a position to cover the last round of pennants but is hopeful of being ready for the start of round nine. He would like to wish all a happy new year.

Frank McGrath Carnivals

December 27, 2012

Bedford Bowl Mens fours Jan 7/8th 2012 Details
Ned Bull Memeorial 4's Jan 26th 2012 Details

Sunday Premier League
Grand Final rematch

December 27, 2012
The big game of the round between last years Grand Finalists, Osborne Park Saints and the Victoria Park Reds will be played on Sunday at Osborne Pk on the 18th December start time 12.30 pm.

Come along and watch the cream of W.A Bowls strut their stuff.

There is plenty at stake for both clubs as they jostle for a better position on the ladder

Should be an absolute cracker of a game.

Sandwiches and Hamburgers will be available

State side comment

December 31, 2011
The State Selectors made it known the State squad could be added to or if neccessary downsized, also they would wait till mid January before making such decisions.
Sherro has an opinion on who should be added to the squad, will the selectors see it the same way.


Interstate RSL results

January 2, 2012
We have results of the recently held annual Interstate RSL series....

State Pairs final

December 29, 2011
Sherro has just arrived home at 7.47 PM after watching the Final of the State Pairs wHich finished at 7. 20 PM . It has been a long day

State Pairs final

Interview after the game

Down to the Last 8

December 27, 2011

Section play at Yokine

State Pairs draw
December 21, 2011


Bassendean Xmas Split fours result

December 20, 2011
Bassendean Bowling Club

Osborne Pk Club Championship Triples

December 19, 2011
Osborne Park Mens and Ladies Club Championship Triple were held friday night

Men's Triples Results

Ladies Triples Results

Senior State Triples final

December 14, 2011
The State Seniors Triples final was completed today
Finals Results

Yokine Box All Stars Fours

December 12, 2011
The famous Box All Star fours was completed over the weekend

Wet weather stoppage rules

December 10, 2011
There has been confusion among bowlers when they leave the green to get out of a shower and the end is unfinished, after the rain has finished should the end be continued on from where is was before the players left the green or should it be replayed.

Brother John has made enquiries and received the answer from BowlsAUSTRALIA umpiring directors.
I am sure it will surprise many players


Lawn Bowls TV

December 15, 2011
No more Bowls on TV, Now online for your enjoyment
Watch the Stars in action with top commentators

Steve Glasson, Karen Murphy, Tony Scott, Peter Halloran and the late Graham Richards

Lawn Bowls TV

Seniors State Triples

December 13, 2011



A Davis (Yok) b G Grieve (Mor) 19/8,
B Elliss (Mt Pleas) b L Thorn (D'View) 12/9,
D Malkin (Dalk) b H Slawinski (Wonth) 20/11.


E Dodd (Wonth) b R Beazley (Wann) 18/9,
J Mather (Warw) b M Cooper (Mell) 20/19,
S Srhoy (Cock) b A Davis 17/3,
D Malkin (Dalk) b B Elliss 15/8.
December 12, 2011

December 12, 2011
The Senior State Triples section play was completed today
Osborne Prk Results

Dalkeith Results

Friday Night game
Doubleview V Mosman Park

December 10, 2011

The top of the table "Powerhouse" take on Mosman Park in a night game this Friday night at the Doubleview Bowling Club commencing at 6.30pm!

Come down and enjoy some top quality bowls and have a drink and a feed while you are down here!

Look forward to seeing you down here supporting the lads!
Game starts at 6.30 pm

We will update scores thru the evening

Cambridge a/g Sun Pairs Start 7th Aug Details
Gosnells Mens' Nom. Pairs Starts May 7th Details
Gosnells Mens' Nom Triples Starts May 9th Details
Cambridge a/g Thurs Pairs Start 7th April Details
Sth Perth any Gender Pairs Start 30th April Details
Melville any Gender Pairs Start 15 th April Details
Kardinya Thurs a/g Triples Start 21 st April Details
Kardinya Sat a/g Triples Start 16 th April Details

Senior Master Pairs results

December 8, 2011
The Senior Master Pairs final was held at Hollywood Bowling Club. The winners were....

Sorrento Masters final

December 7, 2011
The final between Anthony Provost and Tony Krajancic was completed in record time this afternoon
final scores

December 5, 2011
Down to the last four and what a good final four it is
Last 16 scores

December 7, 2011

The Sorrento Masters Singles commenced at 10.30 am this morning 7th Dec
Both semi-finals were a little one sided.

Tyrone Alberti on the move

December 6, 2011
Sth Perth Miller Tyrone Alberti is a Miller no more, he is in fact now a Mosman Mozzie.
Due to a lack of opportunity at Sth Perth where he was a regular selection last season, Tyrone decided his best option was to join the Mosman Park Bowling Club.

Having seen Tyrone in action, Mosman will certainly get value from this player.

It is pleasing to see the revision of the rule where previously players could swap clubs up until the second game of the season, has been changed to nine games.

Everyone is a winner with this rule change and well done to BowlsWA for having the forsight to have a rule that keeps players playing, rather than the possibility of them dropping out for the rest of the season or for that matter, permanently

Stein Davies unavailable

December 6, 2011
Wannero Skipper Stein Davies, informed the Club he is not available to play pennants, for how long we do not know. We are not aware of the reason but this is a blow to the Club and their hopes of playing finals

This season he had three wins from six on the board in pennants and a semi-final placing in the State Fours

When Stein was playing at his best, Wannero were flying, he was regarded very highly in the bowling world, his future remains unknown.

Tony Kay has resumed a skippers role in place of Stein Davies.

Night games

November 30, 2011
We have played four night games so far into the new season, what are the thoughts of our visitors, we have a poll to see what bowlers are thinking

Victoria Pk Split Fours results

December 5, 2011
Victoria Pk split fours was completed over the weekend

Float like a Hippo

November 15, 2011
We received a very humourous letter last week. I thought our visitors would enjoy the humour the writer generated.
We thank John Hannah, a dedicated man who has done much to help steer BowlsWA on a course toward the betterment of the game, he can see the humourous side to this letter and is quite happy for it to be published.

No longer alone at the top of the hill
after round six

November 28, 2011
Bassendean Lion Brian Axford was sitting on top of the best performed rinks in the PL after round five but round six saw his first loss for the season, three rinks share top billing inPL

Dalkeith Silvertails skip Alex Gryta was defeated but remains top rink on aggregate shots up

Blue Nth sees Jason Heath as the only undefeated rink in this division, not bad for a new skip

Blue Sth have two Cockburn skips remain undefeated so far, Steve Srhoy and Joe Marevic heading the list
Top Skippers

Sorrento Master Singles draw
week one

November 20, 2011
Thanks to Ian Wittber who has released the draw for the first week of the Sorrento Master Singles starting next Sunday. We will look a bit closer thru the week and see if we can pick the winners
Master Singles Draw

November 17, 2011

Ian Wittber still has room for some more starters, on the second Sunday the 4th December 2011.
Results week one
Ian is asking those who are interested in playing to please Nominate as soon as possible


Green Keepers side

November 1, 2011
Someone was talking about Green Keepers who have played bowls over the years and what sort of a side they could come up with.
Maybe the side that Wayne Neilson selected could dominate the current PL competition if was able to compete.

GreenKeeper side

Bedford Split Fours results

November 7, 2011
Bedford Bowling Club held their big carnival on Sunday, it was a huge sucess, well done to the club and Frank McGrath


Glenn Pauling in the UK

November 8, 2011
Glenn Pauling played Andy Thompson in the first round of the International PBA tournament.
Glenn lost overnight last night in straight sets 8-3 7-5. All reports suggest it was a tight contest but Andy Thomson just too good.

Doubleview locker room raided

November 8, 2011
Some good news for the Doubleview Bowlers who had their Bowls stolen last Friday.

They were dumped under trees nearby overnight and all have been retrieved only minus any small change !!!
While it was a low act stealing the Bowls from the locker room, is was a good thing they were returned by who ever stole the Bowls and put in a place where they could be found.

November 5, 2011

The Doubleview Bowling Club locker room was raided by thieves last night while the Club was in full swing.

Around 12 bags of bowls, jackets and shoes have been stolen from the locker room.

Unfortunetly no one noticed the Bowls being stolen, Who would expect such a thing would occur on a Friday evening while there were people at the Club?

Bowlers in all Clubs will have to make sure they lock their lockers at all times .

This is not the first time this has occurred at a Bowling Club but is a salutary lesson to never take anything for granted and make sure your locker is locked at all times.

Bowlers please keep an eye out, who knows, someone might spot something that could lead to the recovery of this stolen equipment.

Where will they finish in the Premier League

October 27, 2011
The pennant season is almost here, it will be a difficult year to select winners on a regular basis.
Looking at where I think the clubs will finish is a difficult job, I could so easily be wrong with my predictions

State squad announced

October 21, 2011
The State Selectors have announced the State squad for 2011.

National Premier League
Cabramatta take the title

October 15, 2011
Cabramatta won the National Premier League play off at Osborne Pk this afternoon

Scores for all games

October 15, 2011
The National Premeir League series will conclude today at Osborne Park, games start at 9.30am and 1.30pm

October 14, 2011
Round one was completed this afternoon


Three West Australians inducted into the Hall of fame

October 5, 2011
Dennis Katunarich, Steve Srhoy and Connie Hick have been inducted into the inaugural Bowls Australia hall of fame.
These players who have represented Australia on many occasions, have achieved so much success over the years and are indeed true legends of the game.
We can feel very proud of these players who done much to promote the game in every way possible. Their sportsmanship is second to none and their skills are the highest possible.
Congratulations to Dennis, Steve and Connie for their well deserved recognition to the sport

Robbie Ball back on the pennant scene

November 8, 2011
We reported last week that Robbie Ball was seen at BowlsWorld in Osborne Pk being fitted out for some new shoes and strides, it was for good reason, he played his first pennant game for the Valley Bowling Club.

He last played pennants for Doubleview in the losing preliminary Final at Osborne Pk back in April 2010. His comeback is good news but the result was bad news playing 3rd to Graham Falconer in 3 White, they lost 16-21 to Innaloo's Bill Swarbrick.
However it is good to see the former Super Star back playing the game and the wins are sure to come

Harry Matsen

November 4, 2011

Our good friend and a real gentleman Harry Matsen passed away on 3rd November

Harry Matsen was a highly respectected member at both Bedford and Royal Park. A wonderful gentleman who's Sportsmanship was of the highest order.

A great member who will be sadly missed.

Our condolences to his family at this very sad time

Sportsmans Melbourne Cup Fours results

October 31, 2011
A good crowd rolled up to play in the Sportsmans Melbourne Cup Split Fours.


Australian sets play qualification

October 30, 2011
Australian Triples qualifying decided today

October 29, 2011

Many thanks to Brian Burton for these scores
The Australian Sets play qualifying Singles and Pairs results from Manning

The National Champion of Champions

October 27, 2011
It is a very good field, and all quality with Australian representitive Brett Wilkie and Lynsey Armitage included the field.

We have received a letter from Stan Meale regarding this event, some of our visitors will agree with Stan and I am sure there will be some that don't, you can vote to indicate if you think Stan is on the right track

Cambridge Knights spring a late surprise

October 31, 2011
The Cambridge Knights have sprung a surprise when naming their side for the kick off game against Victoria Pk this Saturday.
Former Kalamunda player Neale Griffin has been included in the 16 and will play for Trystan Smallacombe.

The side is
T.Smallacombe(sk), M. McGann, N. Griffin, R. Bolton
J. Sharp(sk), The Jones Boy, G. Kane, A. Walsh
C. Lander(sk), B. Ball, D. Milbourne, B. Kylie
P. Harris(sk), L. Richardson, S. Rushforth, D. Jones

Sth Perth name their PL side

October 31, 2011
R.Bresland (sk), A Sharp, G Reagan, J Galipo.
N Reagan (sk), T Antonio, T Kinnane, D Mortley.
T Vallance (sk),, A Durrant, R Havercroft, S Kelly.
G White (sk), , S Walker, D Bandy, C Kerr

Two players not in the side are Glenn Pauling who will be overseas for 4 weeks and the promising Tyronne Alberti who is unavailable due to work commitments

It was reported earlier that Adrian Durrant was not available for the up coming season but we see him included in the side.


Osborne Pk PL side for next Saturday

October 31, 2011
Osborne Park Saints have named their side for the opener next Saturday against Stirling
We see they have had to rejig their great Premiership winning side from last season.
These changes have been forced on them with the loss of three key players.

J. Goddard (sk), G. King, F. DiGiuseppe, B. Galloway.
G. Evans (sk), K. Pickering,P. Pendergast,R.Lawrence.
S. O'Neil (sk), P. Caffell, G. Nicol, L. Grigg.
I. Payne (sk), M. Nilson, B. Couper, W. Coffey.

Swifty and memory's

October 5, 2011
Thanks to Martin Swift for sending in a list of the way life was waaaaaaaay back in time, Thankyou Martin for sharing this with us

Doubleview V Cabramatta

October 15, 2011
Cabramatta played Doubleview PowerHouse in a warm up game yesterday.

Changes at Doubleview

November 2, 2011
Doubleview PowerHouse have had to make four changes from last years side

J. Slavich(sk), R. Heaton, C. Hickman, O. Dawson
D. Rankin(sk), C. Slavich, P.Ker R. Bell
K. McIlroy (sk), G. Crisp , L. Thorn, R. Barns,
D. Trewhella(sk), A. Delaporte, B. Nairn, K.Screech

Wanneroo Express name their starting 16

November 2, 2011
Wanneroo have announced a new look side for the opening game agaianst Doubleview, there seven changes from last seasons list

C Adams (sk),D Griffin G Gunning P Potts
T Kay (sk), D Triffitt M Hulbert I Collins
S Davies (sk), B Parmenter P Flack George Smith
W Neilson (sk), M Golding G Adamini R Humphryson

Stirling looking good to start off the season

November 1, 2011
Stirling steady as she go's, name a predictable starting 16 in the big clash with the reigning Premiers this Sat.

T. Krajancic (sk)  T. Norac,  A. Erceg,  J. Gupanis
M. Ellul(sk),  F. Carbone, S. Perica, P. Turpin
D. Golem (sk) M. Pasalich, G. Zelich,  V. Colley.
N. Stevens (sk), M. Krajancic, W. Coyle,  T. Dragicevic

Kardinya have a good team to start the season

November 1, 2011
Kardinya haven't made many changes to their Premiership winning side from last season, they will play Bassendean on Saturday

D. Comrie (sk), R. Foy, I. Hastings,L.Phillips
M. Yates (sk), T. Cocodis, G. Wake, O.Sweetman
Dan Woods (sk), G. Gould, A. Hayward, Dave Wood
D. Radford (sk), M. Abonnel, C. Jones, C. Stokes

Bassendean announce their starting 16

Bassendean Lioms have named their side for the opening game of the season
This side may not be the strongest Bassendean has with some of their stars missing
J. Opie (sk), M.Heruer, L.Pike, J.Davies
D. Patterson(sk), D.Rowlands, C.Hotker,N.Kirkup
J. Mitchell (sk), J.Lynch, P.Hutchinson, P.Harber
B. Axford (sk), P.Nicholls, M.Erceg, G.Stokes

OUTS blacky (back problems - min 4 weeks), D. Rhodes - 3 games (getting married), A.Staples 1 game (best man), S.Patterson available after xmas, (navy commitments

State Fours final

October 24, 2011
The State Fours was won today by a composite side led by ....

Finals Results

Sunday Results

Section play Results


Gary Carbery doing well

October 25, 2011
Former State player Gary Carberry has landed on his feet in since arriving in Victoria last April.....
Thanks to Stan Meale

Men's State Seniors win Silver Medal

October 21, 2011
The Interstate Seniors sides series conluded the morning with Queensland winning the title and W.A came second.

Speaking with Roger Barns he said.

"The players were sensational, the side worked hard and really gelled together to almost win this event, we all are absolutely delighted with every aspect of the performance and camaraderie was terrific. Sherro it has been great"

Wings Evans won the medal for the best player of the series, he and his rink of Pat Caffell, Geoff White and Gordon King went thru the series undefeated, a wonderful perfomance indeed.
Roger Barns has a magnificent seres to finish second and Pat Caffell in his maiden appearance for the Seniors was third

Henry Slawinski has announced his retirement from the State Senior side.
Henry has not only been an outstanding player for the Seniors but also is an ornament to game, one of the finest gentlemen to have played the game. It has been a great innings henry, we wish you well and I am sure we havent seen the last of you yet.


W.A Ladies win the Seniors

October 21, 2011
W.A Senior Ladies State team won the inaugural Interstate sides series at Warilla today they finished ahead of Queensland by 1 point. We say well done and congratualtions to the team. Overall it was a terrific performance to go thru the series with just one loss

Angela Sharp and her side of Janne Gibsone, Bev Scott and Elizabeth Petrichwere the best performed rink for W.A. They went thru undefeated but had two draws.


Dayne Malloy

October 23, 2011
Dayne Malloy passed away this morning 23rd October.

Dayne was a wonderful person to know, he was always such a kind gentleman. He sure loved his game of Bowls.
I will miss you Danny, always smiling, alway happy, you were just simply a beautiful person to know

Our condolences to his family at this very sad time

Lance Strahan's star is on the rise

October 17, 2011
Lance Strahan returned to his best form in the Australian Indoor sets play Singles Championship.
The Hilton Park Bowling Club have produced a runner up in both the Australian Open Singles and now the Australian Indoor Singles, something they would be very proud of.


Blind Bowling Championships

October 15, 2011
Andrew Ness is in an unassailable position and has won the State Blind Bowling Championship played at Perth Tatts.
He started out very well on the first day when he defeated an extremely good player in Dave Goddard, a bowler who has won and done most things in Blind Bowling events in Australia
Many thanks of course go to Andrew's director, State Selector Prickles Thorn who helped out on the first two days and to Tony Walsh who is doing the last two days for Andrew
Final results

October 13, 2011

Second day results

The W.A Blind Bowling Championships got underway yesterday at the Perth Tattersals club.
One of the directors was none other than Prickles Thorn, State Selector and man around town with his many duties at Doubleview.

Prickles has taken Cambridge player Andrew Ness under his wing so to say, some silly wag sugested if ever there was a true case of the blind leading the blind then this was it.

However I am having none of that and say well done to Prickles for giving up his time to help out in such a worthy cause as is the case of the other directors

State Triples huge comeback

October 12, 2011
Many thanks to Dave who contacted me to make me aware of a significant happening in the recently completed State Triples Championships .

The winner of the event Brad Ball (sk), Domenic Milbourne and Dave Woods had lost their first game in section play 13-14.

What we were not aware of was the side were 13-1 down in the second game of the section play to the Kevin Pickering led composite side. From that position on they never put a foot wrong to go on and win the State Triples.

What a comeback and a well deserved victory for Brad and the boys

State Triples final

October 10, 2011
The State Triples was played between the composite side of Brad Ball (sk), Domenic Milbourne, Dave Wood against the Stirling trio of Dinko Golem (sk) Mark Pasalich and George Zelich.
Finals Scores

October 9, 2011
The State Triples is down to the semi finals, we have the scores for todays play. The finals will be held at Lake Monger starting Monday 11th October


October 8, 2011

Alignment and knockout will be held tomorrow at Lake Monger Bowling Club starting at 9.30 am.

Section Winners:

Played at: Mt. Pleasant:

G Evans (Osborne Park), R Berecz (Quinns Rocks),
A Provost (Composite), B Kalinowski (South Perth),
J Rollnick (Valley), A Southern (Midland Morrison).


B Ball (Composite), C Adams (Composite),
M Ellul (Composite), M Cooper (Melville),
D Jones (Cambridge), S Alden (Kalamunda).

Lake Monger:

D Golem (Stirling), S Perica (Composite),
L Thorn (Doubleview), J Sharp (Composite),
R Butler (Composite), P Harris (Composite), A Anderson (Leeming).

State Triples draw

October 4, 2011
The State Triples starts next weekend, it is a quality field with several outstanding sides in contention to win the the first of State events this season

Mandurah Round Robin results

October 4, 2011
The Murray League, Vic Park, Mosman Pk and Doubleview played a round robin on Sunday at the new Mandurah Bowling Club

Important news regarding bowling Shoe's

October 3, 2011
Bowls Australia have banned two types of Bowls Shoe for use on its bowling greens.
Thankyou to Stan Meale for this info

Big games on Sunday

September 30, 2011
Three of the top four Premier League clubs, Victoria Park, Mosman Pk and Doubleview will play in Mandurah this Sunday in a round robin format which will include Mandurah. It will be a 12 a side format.
The result of this event will be interesting with the inclusion of Mandurah who many believe should have a team in Premier League.

These games will be played indoor on the carpet

At last we are back on line

September 30, 2011
Sure have been on a mindbender over the past 7/8 days and hopefully we have all the drama's sorted out.
I have much updating to do on this machine, it will take a few hours to do from here

Update on computer

September 26, 2011 6.45 PM
We have not found a solution as to why certain pages will not load.
Try as I have for sometime now, I am left with no alternative but to reformat my HD and see where that takes me. The site will remain as it is until we hopefully overcome what ever it is that is causing this drama. It could be our visitors will see a blank white page for a while

A quicky is Mandurah's Greg Crisp could be heading to Doubleview

Computer woes

September 26, 2011
Sorry to report but we are still experiencing difficulties and not sure when we can find a fix for what ever the problem is that wont allow our pages to load....

September 24, 2011

Sorry to report we are having some huge problems, page are not loading as they should and are coming up blank, and it is possible we could be off line at some stage anytime from now.

Mt Lawley Consistency Singles
finals results

September 19, 2011
A great performance by Scott Edmonds to win the Consistency
Finals 19th

September 19, 2011

Semi-finals 10.00AM Final 1.00PM

Can giant killer Bedford's mighty Max Donovan continue his fairytale run to go all the way and win the Mt Lawley Consistency? His form says yes, he was super impressive in his great performance when he put Clive Adams down for the count to progress to the semi's

Will Kyle McIlroy win his second title, a huge possibility indeed, not forgetting he has also been a runner up as well. He has the eye of the Tiger and is my selction to win the event

The Valley's Joe Rollnik is on a roll and very capable of taking out this years event after ending Matt Ellul's hopes of winning this event,

Scott Edmonds is pressing his claim, he made the semi final of the last State Singles and was a runner up in that event in 2009 also has every reason in the book to win this event.
On most occasions the winner of the Mt Lawley Consistency is selected in the State team.

Max Donovan V Kyle McIlroy

Joe Rollnik V Scott Edmonds

September 18, 2011
Huge upset at Mt Lawley today
Results Sun 18th

September 17, 2011

Some good games today
Results Sat 17th

September 13, 2011

We have a look to see if we can pick a winner for this Saturdays draw which is a particularly hard round with several of the best players in the event up against one and other
Mens Sat 17th Draw

September 11, 2011
A couple of huge upsets today at Mt Lawley
Sunday scores

September 10, 2011
Saturday scores

September 6, 2011

Mt Lawley Bowling Club released the draw for the 2011 Consistency singles. Tho numbers are down It is a very strong field to take to the greens
A small preview for the first week
Mens Draw

Ladies Draw

Mills Pk Split Fours results

September 20, 2011
The Mills Pk split fours was completed over the weekend

Tim Murray has a look at Premier League

October 4, 2011
With the pennant season not far away highly respected bowls commentator Tim Murray has looked into his crystal ball and predicted who he thinks final four will be at seasons end.

Wayne Coyle Men's State Coach

September 16, 2011
Congratulations to Wayne "Springer" Coyle on his appointment as the new men's State Coach, he replaces Brian Jepperson who was the Men's coach last season, Brian now will take on the Ladies coaching job. Assistant coach Geoff Ellis has stepped down....

Wayne played for PL with Cambridge some years back and now plays for Stirling, having done so for the last three seasons in the Premier League.
Wayne has plenty of coaching experience over the past 7 years including being the head of the development squad.
Other credits include a Country Week Singles title and also a runner up in that event to Jon Sharp along with being a runner up in the Country Week fours.

Must say that Brian Jepperson was a very likeable person who did his best for the side leaving no stone unturned in his endeavours to see the State side do well. No doubt the Ladies State team will benefit from his expertise

Wagin Merino Fours results

September 12, 2011
The Wagin Merino fours was completed over the weekend

Helensvale Power on to win
$50,000 Henselite National Club 5 A Side Challenge

September 8, 2011
With many of Australia's top Clubs and players involved in the $50,000 Henselite National Club 5 A Side Challenge.

Helensvale once again show why they are regarded as the strongest Club in Australia, if not the world after their outstanding win today
Talented players representing Helensvale such as Brett Wilkie, Nathan Rice, Mark Casey, Anthony Kiepe and a Lady player Lynsey Armitage who is in the top couple in Australia it is little wonder they have prevailed in this magnificent competition. Who ever came up with the idea of having this event should take a bow.
Congratualtions to Helensvale and to Sth Tweed on making the final.
Grand Final result
Semi-final results


The carnival is over for VP at Helensvale

September 8, 2011
Well the carnival is over and we say a big thankyou to Victoria Park for going over to Helensvale and taking part in the $50,000 5 a side challenge.
While Vic Park finished last their was lots to be learnt by playing top class oppponents for 3 solid days


Day three Media Report
Leader Board Day 3

Day three fours results
Day three singles results page
Day three Triples results
Day three pairs results

Lawn bowls petition to pressure ABC

September 8, 2011
Politicians and Bowlers around the Country are dismayed at the decision by the ABC to stop the broadcasting of Lawn Bowls on television .
If Bowling Clubs and players around the Country send in petitions to the ABC regarding their decision to stop the broadcasts, it could help to reverse the situation
Thanks to Stan Meale for this alert

The Melbourne Age article

Kwinana Split fours results

September 5, 2011
Kwinana Bowling Club held their first ever split fours carnival over the weekend. The Club certainly went out of their way to make this a carnival to remember with an outstanding meal for the players

Kardinya shots up results

August 29, 2011
A large field entered the popular Kardinya Shots up carnival over the weekend.

Wonderful evening at OP when Gary Caffell announced his intentions

August 9, 2011
The Osborne Park Saints held their Premiership dinner last Saturday evening with the majority of the players and their wifes/girlfriends in attendance.

It was a night full of fun and merriment with Ian Payne bringing the house down with his take on the season in general and the Grand Final victory.

He was able to take the mickey out of a few of the players that bought tears of laughter to your eyes.
It was a performance that will long be remembered, what a treasure they have in Ian Payne to be able to produce such an entertaining slant on the season. Players are still talking about it.
Well done to you Payney on your outstanding performance.

John Goddard also has a wicked sense of humour was also in the thick of things and we were treated to another performance from Banjo Nicol who recited his brilliant poem to great applause. All of this was combined with contributions from each of the players.

It is easy to see how the PL leadership group makes Osborne Park such a great Club to play bowls, with evenings like this that not only enhances what OP is all about, but also builds up so much camaraderie among the playing group.

It was at this function that Gary Caffell made his intentions known to the Club regarding next season.

Gary Caffell announcement

New transfer rules

July 27, 2011
The new BowlsWA Board have been busy Beavers since they were swept into office last October. They have recently revised the player transfer rules for the up coming pennant season.

What do our visitors think of the change to the player transfer rule, perhaps there are some who disagree or on the other hand others might think the new rule is a good thing for the sport.
You can vote on this issue if you wish

Best player award OP

Pic 1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11  

Decision changed on composite sides competing in State events

June 23, 2011
BowlsWA have changed their position as to whether or not they would allow Composites sides to compete in this years State Fours...
Perhaps bowlers that favour allowing only Club based sides to compete in State events could let us know what their reasoning is.. Sherro favours allowing composite sides to compete...

Four rinks to stay in Premier League

June 15, 2011
The meeting with BowlsWA and the Club Presidents held at Cambridge last night saw the three rink rule that was to be in place for the upcoming season in Premier League League reversed and return to four rinks for the 2011 - 12 season. .

Apparently 5 Premier League Clubs that had originally supported the 3 rink rule reneged on their original decision and would prefer to stick with having four rinks this coming season.

They felt the decision to have 3 rinks for Premier League was too rushed and needed more time to evaluate the proposal.
All Clubs agreed there should be be a review of this decision sometime soon.

Osborne Park Poem to commemorate the final round series for 2011

April 19, 2011.
After those magnificent men in the green and the Gold won the 2011 Premiership, it was enough to inspire Grant Nicol to put pen to paper to come up with little gem.


Grand Final pics

March 30, 2011
We have at last some Grand Final Pics

Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5
Pic 6 Pic 7 Pic 8 Pic 9 Pic 10
Pic 11 Pic 12 Pic 13 Pic 14 Pic 15
Pic 16 Pic 17 Pic 18 Pic 19 Pic 20
Pic 21 Pic 22 Pic 23 Pic 24 Pic 25
Pic 26 Pic 27 Pic 28 Pic 29 Pic 30

Pennant fixtures format for the new season

July 29, 2011
BowlsWA Board have been very busy since coming to office. They have designed a new format for the PL pennant fixtures for the up coming season.
Overall the package looks pretty good and is certainly a little different from past seasons

Round 14 a Friday evening round

July 28, 2011
BowlsWA will play the PL round 14 pennant fixture on a Friday evening, it will be compulsory for all PL Clubs to play.
The reason for this decision is .......

Pennants to start earlier

July 19, 2011
At last we will be starting pennants a little earlier this coming season. This move is overdue and once again we see the new Board with their finger on the pulse so to say.
There may be bowlers that prefer the 2.00pm start time while there could well be others who would like to see an even earlier start time than the new start time .
What do our Bowlers think?
You can vote if you wish to give some indiction as to what Bowlers are thinking
Start Time

Rules Review

July 15, 2011
BowlsWA has recently completed a comprehensive review of our Field of Play Rules and the rules for Metro Pennants.
Must congratulate BowlsWA for this very timely review and taking action as soon as they have, I think most bowlers will see the common sense approach the committee have adopted to improve on existing rules.

It does make one wonder why previous Boards and committees didn't have the same foresight and acted in the same manner as this new committee which has been on the job only since last October.

They have moved very quickly to bring about some change which is very beneficial to the sport and I once again congratulate them on this initiative

Club best player awards 2011

June 26, 2011
The winner of the Don Evans Medal was

June 21, 2011

The winner of the Arthur McCarrick Medal was...

May 29, 2011
The winner of the Cambridge Medal was

May 29, 2011
The winner of the Yokine Ken Shaw Medal was

May 29, 2011
The winner of the VP Wishart Medal was...

April 20, 2011
The winner of the O.P Caffell Medal was......

June 3, 2011
The winner of the DV Mackie Medal was