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May 26, 2015

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January 28, 2010

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May 30, 2015

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May 30, 2015
Another player off to Mandurah.

May 29, 2015
Some movement in the camp perhaps


Cockburn Legends day results

May 29, 2015
The Cockburn Legends day carnival was completed last weekend
The results arrived a tad late but as we always say, better late than never


Northlands Shopping Centre
Saturday Pairs $300 first prize

May 30, 2015
Osborne Park Sat Afternoon Pairs every Saturday

To nominate a side ring Trevor Barron
0431 160 008


Bedford any Gender pairs

May 28, 2015
Bedford Bowling Club are inviting bowlers to play in their any gender Saturday pairs. It was advertized as mixed pairs, this was incorrect, It is any gender pairs


Innaloo 4 week series

May 28, 2015
Innaloo are inviting nominations to enter their undercover 4 week triples series.

Letters page

May 27, 2015
We had several letters including another two letters today regarding the three rink issue.

What do our visitors prefer, Three or Four rinks for Saturday pennants?


May 29, 2015

TWENTY ONE LETTERS........regarding three rinks

Thankyou to our visitors who have an opinion regarding three rinks, it is great to see that we have some good idea's.

Sherro has written infinitum on the issue of three rinks and a 14 game season since time immemoriable. I have not changed my stance on this issue, the sooner we have it the better, but it seems to be further away than ever from becoming a reality.

There are many benefits to be had if we have a three rink 14 game + finals season, however the bowling community have spoken via the recent survey.

FIVE LETTERS regarding the WA section of the Australian Indoor sets play event.
It was played at the Valley Bowling Club over the weekend in pretty bad weather.



Where to get a game
in the off season

Nollamara Men's Triples Thursdays Details
Nollamara Sat Pairs AG Saturdays Details
Nollamara Drawn mixed Tuesdays Details
Cockburn Pairs Tuesdays Details
Mt Lawley Pairs AG Thursdays Details
Kardinya 2 bowl Triples Saturdays Details
Kardinya 3 bowl Pairs Thursdays Details
Cambridge 3 bowl Pairs AG Thursdays Details
Sth Perth 2x2x2x2 Pairs AG Saturdays Details
Melville Friday Pairs Fridays Details
Osborne Pk 2x4x2 Pairs AG Saturdays Details
Thornlie 2x4x2 Pairs AG Start June 6th Details
Northern Territory Guide All year Details


Cockburn Legends day May 24th Details
Warwick Terrific Triples June 6th Details
Bedford Pairs AG June 13th Details
Stirling Open Fours June 14th Details
Sportsman split 4's June 28th Details

Ladies Prestige Singles

May 30, 2015
LIVE Scores for the 25th South Tweed $10,000 Ladies Prestige Singles.

Prestige Singles scorecard
Greg Kelly
Lawn Bowls on the net

Ossy Park
Northlands Shopping centre pairs 

May 24, 2015................

Ring Trevor Barron on 04311 60008 to enter a team

Bejabbers and begorrah it's a great day for the Irish, Henessee Tennessee tootled the flute and the players were somethin' grand
A credit to old young Irish Paul Kelly and gentleman Frank Gentili to land the Northlands Saturday arvo 2x4x2 pairs in a strong field

Frank Gentili in devastating form to win the Pairs

It was a good win to hold off a couple of pretty strong sides that were in with a big chance to win, well done to Paul Kelly and Frank Gentili who won the day.

Both players are previous winners in the Saturday Pairs but in different combinations.

So It is no surprise to see the both of them up on the Trevor Barron's diaz to collect the $300 1st prize

Runners up Jim Barry and Harold Christensen are very solid combination, both are top flight players and were on the very edge of taking out 1st prize, again it was not a surprize to see them rewarded with $150 to make it a memorable day

3rd placed the two Johns, Martin and Mather are Another wonderful combination that are always hard to beat no matter what the format. They too were also were right in the mix to snatch victory, no doubts they will win a Sat pairs soon enough.

1st P. Kelly, F. Gentili $300

2 Games 16 Ends 24 Points 16 Shots

2nd. J. Barry, H. Christensen $150.00

2 Games 15 Ends 23 Points 29 Shots

3rd J. Martin, J. Mather $80.00

2 Games 15 Ends 23 Points 19 Shots

Two game winners (Prize $40)

R. Lawrence, P. Budd 14 Ends 22 Points 17 Shots
K. McKilroy 14 Ends 22 Points 7 Shots
S. Richards, G. Gregson 13 Ends 21 Points 1 Shots
B. Nairn, K. Faulkner 12 Ends 20 Points 15 Shots

Plate ( Prize $30 )

R.Hill, J. Mathew 14 Points + 20 Shots
M. Vitale, T. Regan 13 Points + 12 Shots

28 Teams Prize Money $750

Bowls found

May 24, 2015
A happy result for Barry Parmenter who sent an email

Just a note to tell you that I have got my bowls back, bag and all, thanks to all for their concern, and thanks to Ren Jakovich for his help, I appreciate it

Barry has an opinion on the three rink issue on our letters page

Barry Parmenter

Egg trick

May 22, 2015
Many thanks to our Jokes man Eddy for sending in this Johnny Carson video

Egg trick

Fred Fortesque Medal count

May 20, 2015
Bassendean bowling Club recently held the Fred Fortesque medal count to decide the winner of the award for the best Basso PL player.
The final result of the voting was decisive .............

Fred Fortesque Medal winner

A list of Club award winners for 2014-15

Andrijasevich Medal winner

Wishart Medal winner

Mackie Medal winner

Phil Gillespie Medal winner

Caffell Medal winner

McCarrick Medal winner

Car key lost

May 17, 2015
David Malkin has misplaced a car key and wondered if he may have inadvertently put it in someone else's Henselite bowling bag.

The most likely venue would possibly have been at the recent State Triples at Lake Monger.

David can be contacted at 0409 227 548.

Many thanks.

Three rinks for Pennants on the agenda

May 16, 2015

BowlsWA have sent a circular to Club secretary's regarding the additional item added to the Presidents' Forum agenda regarding a proposal to move to a three rink competition for Saturday Men's Pennant


May 12, 2015

We have received word that three rinks for pennants is back on the agender.

Players who have an opinion as to whether we should or should not have three rinks are encouraged to discuss this matter with their club administrators.
Thanks General
Three rinks

Raffle results

May 15, 2015
Sharon Shackleton winner of the Club's Major Raffle

2nd Frank Gentili
3rd Nick Zounis
4th Peter Budd

WA section PBA Results

May 11, 2015
Congratulations to the winners of the PBA events over the weekend

Winning players

Final Results

State Triples 3rd Divison and under

May 10, 2015
Many Thanks to Trevor Barron for the results

The State 3rd division and under Triples was completed over the weekend at Osborne Park.
The winners were ..........

Letter to the selectors

May 13, 2015
We have received a letter from a visitor who contacted the selectors at his Club.
I have a feeling this letter has been around for a while but our visitors might enjoy his requirements to play pennants


Osborne Park newsletter

May 30, 2015
Osborne Pk Latest news letter

News letter

Meals Menu

Tony Andrijasevich Medal count

May 12, 2015
Stirling bowling Club recently held the Andrijasevich medal count to decide the winner of the award for the best Stirling PL player.
The final result of the voting was decisive .............

Andrijasevich Medal winner

News from the NT

May 8, 2015
We have received some news regarding the Northern Territory from the best left hander Sth of the river between the Canning and the Fremantle bridges.
Yes it is from none other than our dear friend Glenny Beard...........................

Just saw the NT bowls program on the site & thought you and or potential bowling tourists may be interested in some great news for the DBC.

It has just been confirmed that they WILL receive a $1.5 million grant from the NT govt to lay a synthetic, fully covered & lit green next year.

They are also (finally) sealing their carpark, which most people who have been there will atest to that the entry is more like a 4WD track.

They have had huge problems with their existing greens for years & one green will be "ripped out" straight after this year's carnival which ends July 25th.

I have been going up there since 2003.

regards Beardy


May 7, 2015
Internations Bowling Club

The Internations Carnival held at the Thornlie Bowling Club was another very succesfull weekend with the big winner being the Princess Margaret Hospital for Children .

Through the generosity of Sponsors, players and visitors and the first class Organisation and work of the Thornlie Bowling Club its committee and members, it is anticipated that the previous record of $9500 for the weekend will be passed when the committee makes its decision on the amount of donation at its next meeting on June 9th.

The Carnival was won by the Australian team who dedicated the win to the memory of Ken Screech a long time player, manager, and committee member.

The generosity of people never fails to impress when at a final collection of loose change from players one youngish player from Yokine Bowling Club turned his bowling bag / money box upside down and contributed all the money thrown in there to the cause, it must have amounted to $40-$50.

This reflected the atmosphere of the whole weekend, thank you to all involved.

President - Committee International Bowling Club

Lawn Bowler cleared of Assault

May 7, 2015
The Hobart Supreme Court jury took just under three hours to acquit Robert John Smith, 66, of the charge.

First report


Northern Territory

May 7, 2015
Lee Farrell sent a program guide alerting Bowlers heading North as to what events are taking place.

Perhaps they might consider to enter a side and compete in them

Carnival Guide


May 7, 2015
Many thanks to Eddy our jokes man for sending in this youTUBE link
It is a bit long but it has a surprise ending


Warwick Terrific Triples

May 5, 2015
The Warwick Triples was completed over the weekend
The winners were.....


Ladies Indoor singles

May 5, 2015
The ladies indoor singles qualifying was played on Saturday and completed in one day.

The winners are Liz Brooke from North Beach and Linda Warburton from Mosman Park. The Ladies will play in the Australian indoor singles at Tweed Heads at the end of August

Brookes defeated Therese Hastings from Manning and Warburton beat Sharn Saunders also from Manning.

Merredin $15,000 results

May 4, 2015
The Merredin $15,000 Triples carnival was completed last weekend
The results arrived a tad late but as we always say, better late than never


Australia Wins

May 3, 2015

The Result of the Internations was ;
1st Australia
2nd Rest of the World
3rd Croatia
4th Italy
5th New Zealand
6th England
7th Ireland
8th Scotland
Congratulations to all involved in organising running and supporting the event especialy the Thornlie Bowling Club. A very special weekend. Details later on in the week,

Eliminate section play draws

May 1, 2015
We have received some very good letters from our visitors in relation as to whether or not we should eliminate the draw in section play

What do bowlers think ?, stay with the current system and keep the drawn game in section play or play an extra end to decide the winner as Greg Kelly has suggested below


No draws in section play

April 30, 2015


There is no need for 3 or 2 points in SINGLES sectional play ( as in Golden Nugget, Silver Nugget or State Singles in sectional play) because of the fact of first to 21 shots or 25 shots - no drawn matches therefore 1 win is 1 win - 3 wins = 3 wins ( Golden Nugget still has 2 points for win - what for ? )

The motto of KISS "Keep it Simple Stupid) could easily be applied in the case of sectional play in Pairs , Triples, Fours IF an extra end was played - therefore No Drawn Matches ..

How easy, how simple the shots should not count on the extra end - scores recorded as at the end of the required number of ends -

E.G - 15 ends scores - Team A* 15 def Team B 15

The asterisk over Team A * indicates the match was won on an extra end - end of story !

Note:- Championship Knockout rounds do not have drawn matches - won by playing an extra end ...

Uniformity across the board IMHO for Sectional and Knockout matches -

play an extra end to find a winner

( no drawn matches)

Greg Kelly

Wishart Medal count

April 14, 2015
Victoria Park bowling Club recently held the Wishart medal count to decide the winner of the award for the best Vic Park PL player.
The final result of the voting was decisive .............

Wishart Medal winner

Praise for BowlsWA

April 29, 2015
Last year I attended the Champion of Champions Novice singles at Morley Bowling club. It was a very well run event, but, I was disappointed to see that no-one from Bowls WA in attendance.

This year was a remarkable turnaround. John from Bowls WA was there all day Sunday & Monday, had all the cards done and ran it well.
Monday also had a lady umpire from Bowls WA and Pieter Harris there taking photos.

A very good event and thanks go to Morley Bowling Club for hosting such a great two days of bowling. Plaudits also go to Warren Hinchcliffe (Morley club captain) and his crew of voluntary workers and to Russell Edmonds for giving us such great greens to bowl on.

Craig Hamilton

Mackie Medal count

April 28, 2015
Doubleview bowling Club recently held the Mackie medal count to decide the winner of the award for the best PL Doubleview player.
the voting was very close .............

Mackie Medal winner

Club Singles Champions

April 27, 2015

It was a wonderful game at Yokine in the final of the Champion of Club Champion singles this afternoon

Men's Final results

Lady final results

Lady Novice finals

Men's novice finals

Congratulations to all winners and runner ups in the Mens and Ladies finals

April 26, 2015

Down to the last eight of the Champions of Club Champion singles

Men's results

Men's Novice section results

Men Follow on draw

Women Novice section results

Women Novice follow on

April 23, 2015

BowlsWA released the draw for the Men's and Ladies Champion of Club championship singles events

Selecting the section winners is always tough going fo Sherro but good news, we had a bit of luck in the State Triples and got 14 0f the 17 correct.

Ladies Draw

Internations auction

April 25, 2015
The InterNations Carnival is being held at Thornlie They will be auctioning an Anzac item that could be of interest to people/collectors on Sunday Afternoon 3-5-2015 approx  3.30 pm, 


Inter-Nations team lists

May 30, 2015
The annual Internations carnival will be played on May 2nd and 3rd at the Thornlie Bowling Club

Where possible we ask Bowlers to please support such a worthy cause

To read more about this wonderful event and view the selected sides

Players lists

State Triples finals

April 20, 2015

The 2015 State Triples final

Day Two Men's Ladies results

State Triples preview

East Cessknock 5 a side

May 30, 2015
East Cessknock 5 a side $50,000 challenge started today the 20th of April.


Perth Bowls Centre

April 20, 2015
We received a letter of thanks from the winner of the Perth Bowls Centre tipping competition winner Mike Trojak
Mike Trojak

East Cessknock 5 a side


Nollamara Carnival

April 16, 2015
Despite a lot of rain overnight and in the morning our carnival went ahead uninterrupted on surprisingly good greens.

The winning four consisted of
John Cowl, Ron Slater, Clive Busch and Gary Nelson.
The lead second and third are from Nollamara and Gary is from Doubleview.

Jogging companion

April 15, 2015
Many thanks to Eddy for this video link

In the not too distant future you imagine all sorts of possibilities of how this technolgy will be used


Cambridge St Ives Cup

April 14, 2015
A great weekend at Cambridge for the St Ives Cup.
A good field took to the greens and the winner was ...


State Senior Mixed Pairs

April 14, 2015

A wonderful performance to win the Senior State Mixed Pairs at Yokine this afternoon,


Gillespie Medal count

April 14, 2015
Manning bowling Club recently held the Phil Gillespie medal count to decide the winner of the award for the best PL Manning player.

It is a huge honour to win the medal and even more so in a premiership winning season. the voting was very close .............

Phil Gillespie Medal winner

Sides series 2015

April 13, 2015

Congratulations to Thomas Mitchell on his Allan Eddy/ Rod Wishart medal win,

This is his first Medal win since he started representing WA in the 2009 series at Tuggeranong in the ACT

Congratulations also to Kristina Krstic who won the Beryl Godfrey Medal for the Best Female WA Player. I think it is also a first for her as well.

Congratulations to Aron Sherriff and his rink for being the best performed rink in this years sides series

The last word

April 12, 2015

A huge upset win by the A.C.T over Sth Australia enabled N.S.W to win the Alley Shield.

A.CT. 54 defeated S.A 53
At one stage the Sth Australians led by 16 shots with very few ends to play.

Skipper stats

3rd Division State Singles final

April 9, 2015
Congrats to Peter Wernicke on his great win in the recent State 3rd div and under singles finals.
As the pic shows he was a very happy man to have won the State title

Peter Wernicke

Draw for State Senior mixed Pairs

April 8, 2015
BowlsWA have released the draw for the State Senior mixed pairs.
A quick glance at the draw reveals a very strong field will take to the greens on the 13th April,
We will endeavour to have a closer look at draw a little later


April 7, 2015
The National Sides Series gets underway at Yokine on Thursday 9th April.

Our visitors can vote to give us an indication who they think will win the series and where they think WA will finish on the ladder.


Presidents 12

April 6, 2015
President Graham Leeks selected a Men's and Ladies team to play practice games against Victoria and Sth Australia

The sides

McCarrick Medal count

April 6, 2015
Wanneroo held the McCarrick Medal count for the best One White pennant player recently,

It was a very deserving winner that was awarded the medal in a premiership winning season. the voting was very close .............

McCarrick Medal winner

Wily veteran wins the Mt Pleasant Club singles

April 3, 2015
Congratulations to Bob McDonald after winning the Mt Pleasant Club Championship Singles recently...

McDonald had an outstanding season when he scooped the pool by winning every Club championship event at the club, it is a very special achievement particularly at a big strong club such as Mt Pleasant.

Mt Pleasant Club Champion

A very close Caffell Medal count

April 2, 2015

The Caffell Medal, an award for the best performed Osborne Park PL player was conducted last Sunday morning .
It was a very exciting count with the winner emerging in the last two rounds of the pennant season

Caffell Medal winner

Oldest Club

April 1, 2015
Many thanks to BowlsWA Operations manager Aaron Delaporte for sending in some further history of the game

Lost pennant shield

April 1, 2015

Hi Sherro,
Just some trivia for you the oldest bowling club in W.A was PerthBC established in June 1895 .

It was in 1894 that a few men were having a drink at the Freemasons Hotel which was later to become the Palace Hotel, the outcome of this gathering formed the parent club which was to become PerthBC on the Esplanade, opened by the mayor of Perth Mr Alec Forrest.

The first bowl was rolled down by Lady Forrest in 1895.
Lord John Forrest was the clubs first president.

Some old files show that prior to the opening day a gentlemen by the name of Dr Ledger-Ersson had a private green at his home in Leederville.

FremantleBC was the second club and SwanBC was the third club to be established

Cheers Mario Ravipinto.

Premier League 2nd best rink

April 1, 2015

The 2nd best performed rink was from Manning , we congratulate them on their outstanding performance this season

2nd Best performed rink

Swan Bowling Club Premiers

April 1, 2015
Swannyyyy... how we love ya, our dear old Swannyyyyyyy

Congratulations and yes indeed it is great to see the third oldest Club in WA are back to 1st division One Blue North in quick time, a great effort from the boys and well done
Many thanks to Mario and Ian for the correction

Premiers 2015

Premier League best rink

March 31, 2015
The best season on record in the Premier League now completed.
The best performed rink was from Bassendean, we congratulate them on their outstanding performance this season

Best performed rink

One White review

March 30, 2015
The White Knight reviews the FINALS


Finals Review

Wannero Champions

One Blue Nth- Sth review

March 30, 2015

One Blue grand final, promotional play off included in review


Blue Sth play off

Perth Bowls centre
Tipping competition

March 30, 2015
Many thanks to Denis Patullo from the Perth Bowls Centre for his generous support of this website. He is a great supporter of the game itself.
When you are after a set of bowls, you will receive great service from Dennis and his friendly staff.

We are sorry for the delay to announce the winner of the Perth Bowls Centre tipping competition, unforunately it was unavoidable... the winner, formerly a well known bowler here in the West now lives in Qld

The winner

Gosnells One Blue Champs

March 30, 2015

Congratulations to the mighty Gosnells Kookaburras. One Blue Premiers 2015.


Gosnells Premiers

Wanneroo One White champs

March 30, 2015

Congratulations to the magnificent Wanneroo One White Premiers.

Wannero Champions

Grand final win to the
Mighty Manning Eagles

March 29, 2015
Lets fly away with the Manning Eagles after their win against Doubleview today

Manning PL Champs

Grand final review


Premier League review

March 28, 2015
Finals flop today with onesided results in two of the three finals
However We can be certain that the final will be a cracker between two brilliant sides.


Wannero beat Osborne Park in the second semi
Cockburn beat Mt Pleasant in the first semi
Cockburn beat Osborne Pk in the Preliminary final

Premier League scores

Dudley Park Club singles Champ

March 27, 2015
Dudley Park Bowling Club held their Club singles Championship recently, an old favourite and winner of many major titles the winner was.......

Dudley Park Champ

State Seniors Singles

March 25, 2015


Down to the final

Ross Bolton 21 defeated Laurie Johnson 15

....6, 10, 11, 15, 21
Johnson .2
,...4, 10, 15, 15
.......5, 10, 15, 20

finals Results


March 24, 2015

Many thanks to Pieter Harris
The State follow on games at Fremantle and Joondalup completed yesterday

The finals will be played at Joondalup Bowling Club today


Mandoon Magic

March 25, 2015
President Cliff Guelfi family and friends visited the Mandoon Estate Winery and restaurant over the past weekend.

The one of the finest wines I have had the pleasure to drink and the food was superb was how Cliff, described the experience on his first visit.

Cliff fully recommends to bowlers who have as yet not visited the Estate, to pay a visit and sample the superb food and Wines, you will not be disappointed.

Sherro has been to Mandoon on four occasions now, and each time settled in at the Homestead Brewery and have had Goldband Snapper and chips with a pint of Kaisers Choice Wheat beer.

If the good lord made anything better than this, then he has kept for himself.


Victoria Park Club singles Champ

March 25, 2015
Victoria Park Bowling Club held the final of their Club singles Championship last Friday evening

Congratulations to Rooster Wishart who defeated Shane Knott 25 -15

The win for the State selector which bought his Championship singles tally to six, a good performance considering the club has so much depth in quality singles players.

The semi finals

Rooster 25 def Tom Mitchell 17
Shane Knott 25 def Rhett Bitler 14


March 23, 2015
One Blue North/South reviews
Blue Nth

Blue Sth

Wanneroo Club singles Champ

March 23, 2015
Wanneroo Bowling Club held the final of their Club singles Championship on Sunday

Congratulations to Erron Martin who defeated Jamie Edmonds 25 -13.

The game was close early the score 8 - 7. From that point Martin shot away to win his 2nd Club singles title, and become a two Club singles champion, the other was at Yokine.

The semi finals

E. Martin 25 def B. Sing 18
J. Edmonds 25 def K. Boswell 18

Bowls stolen?

March 22, 2015

Wanneroo played against Kalamunda at Kalamunda Saturday 21st March.

Barry Parmenter's Bowls were accidently taken or stolen from the back entrance of the club.
They were in a light blue bag, ABT Evo's (Black)

Perhaps a player has accidently picked up the wrong bag, if so would they please check and find they do indeed have the wrong bag, if so;

Please contact Barry Parmenter
Mobile: 0411664797 Home:94010097

Perth Bowls Centre
Tipping Competition

May 30, 2015

Many thanks to Dennis Pattulo, the manager of Perth Bowls centre and his friendly staff for their continued support of the tipping competition.


PBA Membership

March 19, 2015
The Professional Bowlers association (PBA) through Kyle McIlroy, have released their membership renewal forms for existing players and those who wish to join up and be part of the action

Membership Form

One Blue preview

March 19, 2015
Ron Head previews Blue North and Blue South


Blue North

Blue South

Merredin Club singles Champ

March 18, 2015
Merredin Bowling Club held their Club singles Championship recently, Merredin is a club of high achievers in major singles events, this season they have a new Champion

Merredin Champ

Morley Millions Carnival

March 17, 2015
Morley Bowling club ran their Morley Millions Carnival over the weekend
The Winners were......

Dudley Park in a remarkable
Grand final win

March 16, 2015
Dudley Park come from the clouds to win the MDBL Premiership.


Osborne Pk Championship
Singles final

March 13, 2015
The final of the Osborne Park Club Championship singles was completed this evening

The winner was ......


March 9, 2015

Ossy Park big guns have a hard day at the office in the Club singles Championship singles. The event is down to the final which will be played between.....

Semi Finals

February 17, 2015

The Osborne Park Club Championship singles got underway on Sunday and are down to the last 16

Last 16

Osborne Park Ladies pennant results

March 13, 2015
Osborne Park Ladies pennant results are bought to us by Beryl Brennan

Cambridge Club singles Champ

March 11, 2015
Clive Adams won the Cambridge Bowling Club Championship Singles when he defeated Mohan Lal 25- 15 in a pretty good game considering the very windy conditions.

Congratulations to Clive on his win in the event, after coming thru a particularly strong field to do so, and achieving the win in his first season playing at Cambridge.
Commiserations to Mohan but a very good effort to make it to the final.

The semi final results

Adams def Trystan Smallacombe coming from 15 - 19 down to win 21-19

Lal def Ashley Byres 21-9

Country Week Pairs champions 2015

March 10, 2015
Last Friday the final of the Country week Pairs was played down at Melville, unfortunately we were not in attendance, but as we often say, better late than never.

Congrats to the terrific Dalwallinu pair of Glenn "T-Bone Jones" and Dan Jolly.

2015 Winners

Colin Johnson Coaching Clinics

March 10, 2015
Many thanks to one of natures gentlemen Colin Johnson, there are none more committed to helping people to become better at playing the great game.

Colin's knowledge and understanding of the game is second to none, he has the gift of being able to impart that knowledge to players to help improve their game

Col recently sent in Clinic nine for our visitors to peruse.

Colins Clinics

Osborne Pk Ladies Pairs Champions

March 6, 2015
Congratulation to Marion Whelligan and Pam Ellen on their win in the Osborne Park Club Championship Pairs final.


Previous winners

Wrong bias humour

March 5, 2015
The Melville Bowling Club is hosting country week including finals for the first time in years.

It has been very successful with some first class bowls being played.

After the days play President Garry Mac commiserated with Joe Clifford who had his Ute broken into.

Quick thinking Joe spotted the culprit speeding away, and having his bowl in hand, took a shot at the car.

Unfortunately, some said, he had it on the wrong bias again and missed his target .

Thornlie Ravens Carnival

March 4, 2015
The Thornlie Ravens annual Carnival was completed over the weekend
The Winners were......

Country week results

March 4, 2015
A change in the way we get results for BowlsWA events.




Country week fours section/knockout
results and pics

March 2, 2015
Many thanks to Pieter Harris for passing on the results of the Country week fours section and knockout results

Fours results

Knockout results

March 1, 2015

A few pics

Always great to run into our Country friends who we are so lucky to see each year during Country Week

Warwick Terrific Triples results

March 2, 2015
The Warwick Terrific Triples has proven to be very popular with bowlers, another large turnout for the event...


Erron Martin

March 1, 2015
We would like to thank our Sponsor Erron Martin for his long standing support of this website. He has been with us for around 5 years standing behind the site thru thick and thin.
Thank you Erron

Erron is off on an around Australia trip at the end of the bowling season, he will be gone for around 12 months. No doubts he will enter a few bowling events and we hope he can keep us informed as to how he goes.

Wishing you a safe and happy trip

Country week pairs section winners

February 28, 2015
Many thanks to Pieter Harris for passing on the results of the Country week pairs section results


It was nice to see old faces today I hadn't seen in quite a while, and what terrific players they were when they played in the City so very long ago


Country week singles section winners

February 28, 2015
Many thanks to Pieter Harris for passing on the results of the Country week section play Singles and the draw for the follow on games.


Follow on draw

OP Ladies fortnightly pairs results

May 30, 2015

The fortnightly Ladies Night 3-bowl pairs results


The next round is scheduled for Thursday March 5th – 6.00 PM for 6.30 start.
Snacks available from the club kitchen.


Phone Thia on 93495786 to enter.

Welcome Fours Winners

February 27, 2015
The Osborne Park Welcome Fours which heralds in the start of Country Week was played yesterday

The winners were ........

Metropolitan Def the Country Allstars

February 26, 2015
The State squad defeated the Country Allstars at Osborne Park this evening

State Senior Pairs

February 26, 2015
The Senior State Pairs was concluded recently, there is conjecture as to what format should be used for the event. The event had been played with a 2x2x2x2 format since it's inception back in 2007, the format has been changed to a 3x3 format around 2/3 years ago.

There has been a call for a change back to 2x2x2x2

Seniors can vote on our poll


Country Week Preview

February 25, 2015
Many thanks to TBone Jones our man in the Country, he is a man with an Eagle eye, and is on the money more often than not.

We asked our good man if he could come up with a winner or two in the Country Week carnival that is to get underway this Friday

South Perth Club singles Champ

February 25, 2015
Sth Perth held their Club Championship singles recently, they have a new Champion who was down the list on the Bookies odds to win the event....

Sth Perth Champ

Doubleview Master Pairs final

February 24, 2015

Peter Ker Matt Mitchell win their second Doubleview Master Pairs

2015 Final

Pam Chalmers Osborne Pk Ladies singles Champion

February 20, 2015
Congratulation to Pam Chalmers on her win in the Osborne Park Club Championship Singles final

The Club Triples Championship was completed a while back
The Winners were .........

Previous winners

Senior State Pairs results

February 18, 2015
The final was played this afternoon in good weather, it was a terrific game and a thrilling finish


The semi finals have been completed and now Down to the final The final will start at 12 .30 PM


Not under my Roof

February 18, 2015
Many thanks to Eddy our jokes man for sending this one in
Not under my roof

Never over the Hill

February 17, 2015

Greg Hill, a former Victoria Park and Bedford Bulls player and not forgetting he also had a stint as a Beach boy with Nth Beach before moving to the Country

Playing at the Bridgetown Bowling Club He finally won the only Chamionship event that has eluded him, a Club singles championship.

Greg Hill 25 def John Eggleton. 17 (formally from Cambridge)

Having won Club Championships at Vic Park and North Beach, it is a relief for him to finally add the singles trophy to the cabinet.

Selectors pick a strong Senior side
for Metro V Country

February 16, 2015
Chairman of the Senior State selection panel Roger Barns, released the sides named for the annual big Metro V Country to be played at Osborne Park

The sides

One Blue Nth- Sth review

February 16, 2015
One Blue North/South reviews

Blue Nth RD 14

Blue Sth RD 14

John Terrell going great guns

February 12, 2015
John Terrell is representing Australia in the over 60s cricket tour of New Zealand
He wrote and gave me a rundown on how things are going


Osborne Park Mixed Pairs 

February 13, 2015
The final of the Club championship mixed pairs was held on Friday night. the major was won by Paul Pendergast and Ros Blacklock from George Smith and Julie Cox. This was a nail biting finish with Paul needing 3 on the last end to draw and force an extra end and he did it.

Finally after the dust settled Paul and Ros got the extra end and ran out winners.

The plate winners were Doug Eaton and Julie Savell from Keith Tope and Carol Watson
Thanks to Lionel Bell for the info

Wayne Coffey
Yokine Club Champ

February 12, 2015
Congratulations to Wayne "Beans" Coffey on his win in the Yokine Club Championship singles when he defeated Ben Horwood 25-19.

The semi finals
Wayne Coffey 25 beat Paul Hunter 15
Ben Horwood 26 Mal McEwen 17

Justin Opie
Bassendean Club Champ

February 11, 2015
Congratulations to Justin Opie on his win in the Bassendean Club Championship singles when he defeated his team mate Dan Nicholls 21-19.

The semi finals
Justin Opie defeated Blake Nairn 21 - 19
Dan Nicholls defeated Bob Maynard 21 - 8


February 10, 2015
Kardinya tried something different this year. They played all their championship finals on one day.

It proved to be a success even with 3 people playing in more than one final.
The first game was at 9.30 am and was finished by 4.30 pm


Singles -
Peter Cole defeated DaveWood 25-12

Pairs - Hugh McKay and John Rochford
Triples - Geoff White, Marc Abonnel and Barry Burley
Fours - Marc Abonnel, Peter Wachmer, Gordon Manuel and Peter Castley.
Over Sixties- Daryl Radford
Novice -Joe Baker

Osborne Pk Championship Triples

February 9, 2015
The final of the Osborne Park Club Champioship Triples was concluded on Sunday, the winners were....

Final results

February 3, 2015

The Osborne Park Club Championship triples have almost been completed and are down to the final, which will be played next Sunday

Day one Results

Wanneroo Easter Carnival
takes up the slack

January 28, 2015
Wanneroo Bowling Club would like the bowling fraternity to know that an Easter Carnival will still be run this year.

The guys are busily planning what they hope will be an event to remember with our great grass, good food, cold beer, warm friendship, good prizes and terrific competition.

Novelties will include a Calcutta after day 1, raffles, money bats, music, full esky's at the greens and maybe even an appearance from the Pure Blonde girls.

The guys are super intent on accentuating the "carnival" aspect of the event.

For full details people can check the tournament list on your site.

There is only one stipulation and that is, if you are not up for having a great time please don't enter.

If some of our country friends are keen to play and need some help with accommodation give us a call and we'll see what we can come up with to help out.

Ron Bates.


Frank Carbone Trophy maker

May 30, 2015
Frank Carbone a well known and respected member of the bowling community would like to make Clubs and players aware that he makes all types of Trophies ranging from Honour Boards to Perpetual Trophies.
They are made to the buyer's specifications.

Any Clubs who are looking for quality made products and are interested to purchase Trophies for their event winners, please contact frank, a good deal is assured .

Please take a minute to view samples of his work

State side named

January 28, 2015
BowlsWA have announced the Mens and Ladies side to play in the National Sides series to be held at Yokine in April

K. Krstic (Sk) Robyn O'Brien, Kelli Rogalski, E. Allan,

T. Hastings (Sk) N. Abe, Linda Warburton, S. Heldt,

Lisa Featherby (Sk) H. Morss, D. Kelly, Laura Merz,

Mens State side

John Terrell
Australian representitive

January 28, 2015
John Terrell is a well known Mt Pleasant One White player, what many in Bowling circles are not aware of is he is also a talented cricketer.
John has earned selection in the over 60 National Cricket team that will tour New Zealand in this next month

State Singles final

January 26, 2015

The State singles finals were completed early this afternoon.
Congrats to Thomas Mitchell and Nolene Abe for their impressive wins. Commiserations to Daniel Patterson and Kristina Krstic.

Men's Final

Ladies final

Stirling Bowling Club

January 22, 2015

"Stirling Bowling Club advises that regrettably this year's Easter Carnival has been cancelled due to planned construction works on replacement of B Green.

The green will be ready for play for the regular out-of-season Carnivals commencing in May 2015.

The Stirling BC Committee apologies for this inconvenience.

Doubleview Equipment sale

May 30, 2015
The Doubleview Bowling Club has two items for sale.

A Nilfisk 127 CFM Industrial Vacuum and a Enviromist Spray Dome GT2300

This link below displays the two items, Clubs that are interested please contact Lindsay Thorne, 0419 939 590

For Sale

Kardinya Sponsors raffle

May 30, 2015
A rare opportunity has arisen for the major sponsor position at the Kardinya Bowling Club. Please read the details

Mandoon Estate raises the bar

January 5, 2015
We are very proud that we have Mandoon Wines Estate as a major sponsor of this website. It was my first trip to the Estate on Saturday since their new building was completed.

I would urge visitors to our website to pay a visit to this outstanding venue; you will be most surprised just as I was.
At mid-day last Saturday Between 11.00 am and 1.00 pm I would estimate there were around 300 people at the Estate and goodness know's how many more would have came after that.

It is very much a family orientated establishment where the Kids can play and the family can relax on the lawns and you can try out the fabulous wines or beers.

The Homestead Brewery ales, are something you can't afford to miss where you can buy and try five different brands of their ales all on one tray for $14, that is amazingly cheap
We have created a walk thru slideshow to help give people who are contemplating a visit an idea of what some of the Estate looks like.

When you have some spare time I urge you to visit the most modern Winery in Australia, you will be impressed
This walkthru is best viewed in Internet Explorer or Mozilla, other browsers are lagging with modern coding


Perth Bowls Centre
2nd round
Tipping Competition

May 30, 2015


Many thanks to Dennis Pattulo, the manager of Perth Bowls centre and his friendly staff for their continued support of the tipping competition.

Perth Bowls centre are all about promoting the game as much as possible and have backed the site for the past 4 years by donating two sets of bowls for the winners of the two competitions. Without their on going support we would not have a tipping competition

Please support the friendly Perth Bowls centre for your Bowling equipment

Perth Bowls Centre

All tips must be in by 5 pm friday, to avoid missing your tips do it early in the week or straight after you look at the results, remember that tippers can change their tips anytime as long as they do it by 5 pm Friday.

To see the tips before and after the conclusion of a round click the link to that round. Best of luck to all tippers

The usual rules apply, if a tipper misses a round he is awarded the away games results, on ocassions this sometimes proves to be lucky for the tipper

Tippers can use their previous username and password or register a new one.

A DOG WAGS HIS .......if you don't answer this very easy question you won't be registered.


Perth Bowls Centre tipping comp

December 28, 2014
The draw for the Perth Bowls Centre tipping competition was done at Osborne Park during the State Pairs section play.

Thankyou to Dennis Pattullo of Perth Bowls Centre for his ongoing and generous sponsorship

The second round of the tipping comp will be available soon

The winner of a set of Henselite bowls was ...........

The winner

Perth Bowls Centre
Tipping Competition

December 21, 2014
Congratulations to
These tipsters are the winners of the Perth Bowls Centre tipping competition. We will conduct a draw, the first name out of the hat is the winner of a Beautiful set of Henselite bowls

We thank Dennis Pattullo for his continued support and ask bowlers to continue to support him as a major Sponsor of this site

May 30, 2015

Don't forget to put your tips. Remember Tipping closes 5.00 pm every Friday .. more info further down the page


BowlsWA Survey results

December 18, 2014
Many thanks to Pieter Harris for releasing the results of the Bowls survey which was undertaken recently.
Congrats to BowlsWA for their inititive to conduct this survey which will help the sport on the pathway to the future


Seniors pics

December 16, 2014
The Men's and Ladies WA Senior State sides did well in the National sides series held at Tweed Heads recently
Glyn Vaughan took a few pics and passed them onto me. We have made a slideshow of some of the pics.


Soccer video

December 11, 2014
Many thanks to John for sending this soccer video,
Worth a laugh!  It reminds me of 12th Man Billy Birmingham's call: "Oh, it's hit him in the groin", except here it is in the moosh.


Soccer video

More Gender Blues

December 5, 2014
For those unaware, Tasmania now have an open gender policy for their pennant competition.
In the bowling community there are players who don't want change from the previous Men's and Ladies only pennant competitions.

In Tasmania some men are furious at being forced to play pennants with women so much so.........


The link below for whatever reason had no audio, we have changed this link to a youTUBE video, all is good now
ABC Video

Grass versus Synthetic

December 3, 2014
The Mount Pleasant Bowling Club has reversed a modern trend in WA bowls by converting one of its synthetic greens back to grass

We think this is a first in West Australia.

We thank John Terrell for his very informative and interesting article behind the reversal

John's article.

Car video

November 26, 2014
Many thanks to John for sending this video, I think our male visitors will love the colour of the flash looking car
The moral of the story is this:  Never get too far ahead of one's self

Car video

Ladies Open Night Bowls

May 30, 2015
Entries are invited for the Open Night Nominated Ladies Pairs commencing Thursday November 27th.

This event will be held fortnightly during the bowling season

Games commence 6.30 p.m.

Please phone Thia Wright on 93495786 to spend a lovely evening on the green Entry $20 per team..

Our in house chef Jason is happy to provide snacks or a main meal at very reasonable prices – Snacks menu includes chips or wedges ($5 - $7) Dim Sims ($2 each), Onion rings ($8) Nachos ($13), Roast roll with gravy ($9).

Personalities of the game

November 5, 2014
Mark Simpson has had a very satisfying bowling career. This week Ron Head was able to track him down in Mandurah where he now resides

Mark Simpson

State Fours final.

October 26, 2014

The State Fours final was completed this afternoon
The winners were..............


State fours pics

The State fours being played at Bassendean today

Sexy hi jack

October 16, 2014
Thanks to Eddy our joke man for this funny video

Sexy hi jack

Train ride

September 24, 2014
Many thanks to Eddy for sending in this humourous video.


State squad announced

September 16, 2014
BowlsWA have announced the Men's State squad

Matt Ellul

August 26, 2014
Like many of us, Matt Ellul has been thru the high and lows of the sport but he kept persevering to win a State title

Ron Head caught up with him last week


Welcome to Graham Leeks

August 13, 2014
We welcome a very nice and likeable gentleman Graham Leeks, to the position of BowlsWA President, Graham is well qualified to take on this very demanding role.


July 27, 2014

BowlsWA president Patrick Buller's four year term in office came to an end yesterday.
Sherro caught up with him for a chat about those four years.

Congratulations to Graham Leeks the incoming President and Kerry Andersen the new Vice President, we wish you well for the future....


Go to Mt Everest

August 8, 2014
Ever wondered what it looks like at the top of Mt Everest?

They say watching this video is almost like being there (well, not quite - but it gives you an idea of the climb). At the top you can view the 360 degree view from the summit (move the mouse around)

After watching this video I have decided to put my ambitions to climb the mountain on hold and stay home and play bowls with the Clydesdale

Many thanks to John for sending in this video
Mt Everest

Personalities of the game

July 29, 2014
We are most grateful for and say many thanks to John Terrell who has written a terrific player/personality profile on Jeff Hall.

John Terrell caught up with Jeff thru the week

Jeff Hall


July 21, 2014
We welcome Nicheliving on board as one of our major sponsors. This company has everything covered from Construction, Houses and land, Real Estate and Wealth creation, covering a wide range of services in this vibrant Company.

W.A State Skipper Matt Ellul is a representative of this successful company and is a major reason behind the sponsorship.

When and if any of the Bowling fraternity are in the market for house and land packages, renting, buying or selling, Matt Ellul is the man to go to.

We ask bowlers to support the very likable Matt who has been in the Real Estate business for a number of years. His number one priority will be first class service to you the customer.


Mt Lawley Consistency Singles

July 23, 2014
One of the best tournaments on the bowling calendar comes to us in the month of September which brings us the annual Men's and Ladies Mt Lawley Consistency Singles and also the Open Consistency Fours, these events are listed on our off season events down the page.



July 11, 2014
Many thanks to John for this video, it got a pass mark from the little lady, hope our vistors enjoy it.
Tastefully offensive

Letters page

June 22, 2014
THREE LETTERS ....Mixed gender

June 17, 2014
... Revamp pennant format


History in two minutes

May 22, 2014
Thankyou Eddy for this outstanding video

Seventeen year old Joe Bush got a high school assignment to make a video reproduction. He chose history as a theme and tucked it all into two minutes.
Took pictures from the internet, added the track Mind Heist by Zack Hemsey (from the movie Interception) and then you get something like this

Osborne Pk Trophy night

May 8, 2014
The Osborne Pk trophy night was held last Saturday, It was a great evening and well attended, Sherro was there and snapped a few pics.

Coaching Clinics with Colin Jonson

May 7, 2014
The 8th in a series of coaching clinics is now available

Many thanks to Colin Johnson who will do a series of coaching clinics for bowlers.
I am certain those who are just starting out will benefit from Colin's vast coaching experience, as most of us are aware, we sometimes slip into bad habits and wonder how it has occurred, perhaps a read of his articles might solve a problem for even the most experienced of players
Coaching Clinic


May 6, 2014
Many Thanks to Eddy for passing on this really good video
Hope our vistors enjoy it as much as I did, a super voice and a real feel good video.


Never too late

October 20, 2014
Many thanks to Eddy


Osborne Park's new Club Manager

April 18, 2014

Osborne Park have appointed a new Club Manager


Vic Park grand final pics

March 31, 2014
A few pics from the PL Grand Final
Grand Final

Promotion of the Bowls

March 29, 2014
Our letters page has 16 letters regarding promotion of the sport.
Comment link

Dickens Cider

March 15, 2014
Thanks to Joe for sending this youTUBE
There is a lag toward the end of the video then Bloopers comes up.
Dickens Cider

Dinner for one

February 18, 2014
Thanks to Eddy our jokes man for this video, the little lady gave it the thumbs up , hope our visitors do to

Dinner for one

January 26, 2014

Many thanks to Eddy our Jokes man for this outstanding video, one of his best
It is only short but what ever you do stick with it to the very end,
Side by side

Side by side

January 26, 2014
Many thanks to Eddy our Jokes man for this outstanding video, one of his best
It is only short but what ever you do stick with it to the very end,
Side by side

Friday night Meals

May 30, 2015
Friday Night meals at Osborne Park

One that our visitors might enjoy

January 21, 2014
Thanks to Eddy our joke man and Neil

Worst nightmare

Staying alive

December 16, 2013
Many thanks to our Jokes man Eddy for this video, it is a bit long but found it great to listen, I think with a days practice Sherro could fit with Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly

Staying alive

The Colorectal surgeon

November 23, 2013
Many thanks to our Jokes man Eddy for this video, I have heard it many times in the past but never seen it performed on stage
It got the thumbs up from the little Lady, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did

Colorectal Surgeon


October 31, 2013
Thanks to Neil for sending in this video, some will like it some won't. My little lady got a laugh out of this one
The big question is do Girls....
Find out

Watch the Waiter

October 28, 2013
Thanks to Keith for sending this video. Some will like it, some might not, my little lady liked it so here goes
Watch the waiter

Technically speaking

October 17, 2013
Many thanks to Eddy for this entertaining video
Very clever

English dui test

Sept 20, 2013
Thanks to Keith for sending this drink driving test video. Not too bad at all
Drink driving test

A couple of good videos

August 20, 2013
Thanks to Eddy our jokes man for this challenging game, a test on a driver reflexes, my fastest time .118 of a second

Thanks also to Keith for sending this neat doggy video, very good the way it was presented


BowlsWA Award night

September 4, 2013
BowlsWA awards evening is one of the highlights of the year on the bowling calendar, it is an extremely well run and attended event where we see recognition and acknowledgement given to those who achieved in the Sport.
It has been 7 years since the inception of the Senior Bowlingscene, to date medals or awards in this area remain nameless, not sure or understand the reasoning for leaving them nameless for such a long period of time ......

Terrific card trick

August 30, 2013
Many thanks to Eddy our jokes man for this outstanding card trick, he plays a real cool hand, it is just soooooooo good, Sherro is practicing this one already for the yearly windup
Card trick

Great support for our major sponsor
Mandoon Estate

August 27, 2013
Just a quick one about one of your sites sponsor's, Mandoon Estate.

Recently we at Wanneroo piled 20 odd people onto a bus and did a trip to the Swan Valley. We visited a couple of wineries but we particularly wanted to visit Mandoon because of the association with bowls and sponsorship.

We were not disappointed.
After receiving a very informative briefing about the estate and the work that is going into saving some of the oldest vines in the area we were treated to a terrific tasting session of some real quality wines.

Into the future they are planning restaurant facilities and entertainment which will make this an outstanding facility. A great spot with good wines that is easy to recommend.

Well done Mandoon and many thanks. We'll definitely be back but we have a few bottles to get through first.

Ron Bates

State squad announced

August 16, 2013
BowlsWA announced the State squad a couple of days ago...


Another good news story for
John McGrath at Bob Jane T-Marts

July 26, 2013
Hey Sherro,

About 4 weeks ago I had the wheels stolen off my car. It was a horrible situation and the insurance company was terrible!!
I went to John McGrath after seeing the review that was put up.

From the start, he went out of his way to help and his team were great. He organised a lend set of tyres until the insurance claim got sorted and came out to my house to fit them.
Everything was then sorted with the insurance company in which John and his team had to deal with the fun as well, which he handled perfectly.

I would like to thank John and his team, and would highly recommend that if anyone needs assistance with purchasing tyres or wheels, that they contact John McGrath at Bob Jane T-MART in Midland cheers,

Matty Ellul

New Sobriety test

July 17, 2013
Many thanks thanks to our good mate the Big Fish Keith Strahan for this really good video link

Sobriety test

How to get even

June 18, 2013
Thanks to Keith for sending this video, hope our visitors enjoy it as much as I did
Getting even

Mrs Brown

April 5, 2013
Thanks to Joyce for sending in this Mrs Brown video for our visitors to view

Mrs Brown

Paper is not dead

March 21, 2013
Many thanks to Eddy for this funny video
Paper is not dead

Refused racehorse names

February 19, 2013
Many thanks to Garth Brook for sending in this humourous video
Naming Racehorses

Thanks Eddy

January 16, 2013
Many thanks to Eddy McTigue for sending in this youTUBE
Must say how much Sherro really enjoyed this.
Hmmm I liked it so much I think I will take the Little Lady dancing tonight.
Hope our visitors enjoy this as much as I did
Dancing thru the ages

Game of bowls

November 27, 2012
Thanks to Neil who sent in this challenging game for our visitors to play
If you are into underwater bowling then this is for you.
My highest score is 150

Personalities of the game

May 30, 2015 -->

Previous Personalities
Pat Caffell
Allan Davis
Robby Ball
Bill Galloway
Rick Eddy
Laurie Slater
Gary Caffell
Eddy Dodd
Stan Curtis
Graeme Wishart
Henry Slawinski
Keith Doncon
Dennis Katunarich
Colin Fleay
Mike Zusman
Norm Pascoe
Phil Gillespie
Joe Kennedy
Mark Krajancic
Tom Crispin
Roger Barns
Tony Adjuk
Mal Dempsey
Ernie Lawrence
Brian Currie
Neville Faulkner
John McIntosh
Reg Cribb
Jim McKenzie
Barry Raynor
*Peter Sardelic
Jim Gupanis
Ray Pride
John Mather
Reg Payne
Ray Okely
Rance Dewson
Doc Paddick
*Bill Pengilly
Vern McIntyre
Dave Henneker
John Biglin
Cliff Graybrook
Graham Scott
Doug Arrowsmith
Dave Lyle

State Fours results

October 23, 2012
A couple of pics from the State Fours

Pictures one

Pictures two

October 22, 2012


S. O`Neil 22 defeated Peter Cole 20
Steve O`Neil won the State Fours today defeating Peter Cole, It was an unbelievable victory
The score was 20-11 in favour of Peter Cole with 2 ends to play.
Steve O`Neil picked up a four to make it 20- 15 then picked up a 7 on the last end to win the State Fours for 2012

Finals results

October 21, 2012

Down to the Last 4 results

October 20, 2012

Many thanks to BowlsWA and Brian Burton in particular for releasing the State fours results in section play

Wowwiee!! There are some amazing results in section play with last years winner bundled out among other unexpected results

Last 20 draw and comment

Manning section results rd 1-3

Cockburn section results rd 1-3

Doubleview section results rd 1-3

Bassendean section results rd 1-3

NSW wrap up the series against WA

September 23, 2012
Sunday to far away, yes the NSW Double Blues were busy once again this morning

Game four results

Game three results

Game two Results

Game One Results

Mt Lawley Consistency Singles

September 17, 2012
A tough day at the office in the final of the Mt Lawley Consistency singles.

Finals scores and other details


September 8, 2012
It shows what lengths people in some parts of the world go to get a kick out of life
Many thanks to Neil for this video but I would rather play bowls thankyou
Bull run

Mrs Brown

July 7, 2012
Many thanks to Eddy our jokes man for sending this one in
Mrs Brown

Mrs. Brown

June 20, 2012
I must say how good some of these Mrs. Brown videos are Hope our visitors might enjoy this one as much as I did
Many thanks to Eddy our jokes man
Mrs Brown

What to do with an ageing pet

June 8, 2012
Thanks to Steve Black from Able Print for sending in this really funny video, sure to get a laugh for many our visitors.
Steve does a huge amount for the bowling commuity and is the Man to see for all your printing requirements
Ageing pet Dog

This would take a bit of doing

February 14, 2012
Thanks to Neil for sending in this video, not sure if I could do this without at least couple of weeks practice

Humourous sad story

February 3, 2012
Thanks to Eddy our joke man for this funny video
The saddest story

Lipo Vacuum

January 20, 2012
Thanks to Eddy our jokes man for this video

Osborne Park youTUBE

December 8, 2011
Sherro has put together a montage of last seasons Grand final between Osborne Park and Vic Park and placed in on youTUBETweed
It is best viewed in medium mode or full screen mode which is on the bottom right of the youTUBE screen

Dog Tease

November 16, 2011
Thanks to Steve Black from Able Print for sending in this dog video. Steve is the Man to see for all your printing requirements.
Dog Tease

Stirling v Vic Park

November 11, 2011
A kindly visitor sent me this video after reading that Sherro had tipped Stirling to beat VP 8-0 and thought this is similar to the way I came up with my prediction


November 4, 2011
Thanks to John for sending this link which is quite impressive

Breast implant

September 14, 2011
Thanks to Eddy our jokes man for sending in this little doozie
Breast implant

King Billy joke

August 18, 2011
Thanks to Alan for sending in this King Billy joke, not bad at all.
Goat Joke

An act you won't see now-a-days

June 9, 2011
Boy this is a very good performance, plenty of skill here.

Osborne Park events

May 30, 2015 -->->e -->
Osborne Park play the open any gender Ar-Chee Pairs every Tuesday, the Meat Pack open any gender Fours every Thursday entry is only $10.
The open any gender Saturday Open Pairs is just $10
Ring 9349 1188 to enter a side and play on the best greens in WA

Trevors trapped testicle

June 6, 2011
This is a good yarn about Trevors trapped testicle sent in by Eddy our jokes man, it is a good listen and I am sure our visitors will have a darn good laugh from this one

Why Paddy is not at work today

May 28,2011
Another good video from our jokes man Eddy
Sick note

Two sides in Premier League

May 12, 2011
As we are aware the new season sees Osborne Pk and Doubleview will field a side in One White division, if one of these Clubs win the pennant should they be promoted to the Premier League. A possible situation is both Clubs could win promotion

Rosenthal Medal

May 2, 2011
The Rosenthal Medal will be presented on 27th May. Lets hope the new BowlsWA board will publish the points allocated to the players.
The time has come for transparency in our most prestigious Medal. There is no valid reason why the new board can't publish the points allocated .

Rosenthal article

Three rinks or four rinks

April 26, 2011
BowlsWA will be in discussion with the Premier League Clubs sometime in May to determine whether or not to break from the traditonal four rink Pennant competition to have a three rink pennant competition.
What do our visitors think, your thoughts could be very different to mine. You can vote on this issue

How to lose your job

March 3, 2011
This video was sent in by Frank it is about a Dutch interviewer who loses his job
How to lose your job


Previous Letters_page


August 7, 2010
Many thanks to one of our visitors who sent in this cartoon sent in

A game sent to me

July 15, 2010
If any of our visitors have some spare time on their hands here is a game to play, thanks to Jack.

May 21, 2010

Luggage problem

Fatal beatings



Where are my fries

Enjoy the Journey

Nick Vujicic

Bring me a beer

December13, 2010
Most will get a good laugh out of this one
Mens Business

December 8, 2010
We had this one sent in and hope that our visitors get a laugh out of it

September 5, 2010
Many thanks to Eddy our Jokes man for this video, a nice catch at the end

September 4, 2010
Many thanks to Eddy our jokes man for this video

July 4, 2010
This youTUBE skit was sent in by one of our vistors, you might enjoy it.
Nine to Nine

November 5, 2009

Thankyou to you to Pat for this WMC
How can I help you

October 6, 2009

Thankyou to Marty for this WMV
What Colour is her dress

September 11, 2009
Thankyou to Pat for this WMV
Blind Cricket

August 29, 2009
Thankyou to John T for sending in this WMV
NZ Toyota add

August 29, 2009
Thankyou to John T for sending in this WMV
NZ Toyota add

August 12, 2009
Thankyou to our Jokes man Eddy for this WMV

August 1, 2009
Another good video of George Doubleya
Thankyou to our Jokes man Eddy for this WMV
George WW

June 10, 2009
Our Jokes man Eddy has sent in another video and how many times would have our visitors felt likethis
Wishing well

June 4, 2009
Thankyou to our Jokes man Eddy for this WMV

June 8, 2009
Is this the future of Lawn Bowls, sent in by one of our visitors


April 3, 2008
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Terry Sheridan.
Without Prejudice

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