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Osborne Park Archie--pairs AG Tuesday 1.00 pm...... 3 Bowl pairs AG Thursday 1.00 PM

Live streaming for the Australian Indoor finals
Men's / Ladies finals

August 27, 2015
Congrats to Jeremy Henry who defeated Paul Girdler 4-7, 11-4, 4-2 and to Carla Odgers who defeated Linsey Clark 10-8, 5-8, 4-2
Watch the replay

State Coach/ Selectors announcement

August 27, 2015
BowlsWA announced Graeme Wishart and Roger Barns were the successful applicants for the State Men's selection panel, their appointment will be for a two year term.

Wishart obviously impressed the selection panel after filling the role as a selector for the previous two years and Roger Barns who had filled the role previously, returns to the role.

Barns will have the distinction of being the first person to have the role of State selector for both the Men's State and Senior State sides at the same time.

Lindsay Thorn applied for the role but was unsuccessful, his non selection from the role he has filled since 2007, (barring one year in 2009 when he resigned in frustration with the then board) until the conclusion of the 2015 series, signals the end of the line for him in this area of the game.

Perhaps his finest moment as a selector was in 2007 when WA led the field into the last day needing to beat SA in the last game of the series to win the Alley Shield, they lost and finished 2nd to NSW.

Mike Zusman a State Senior selector applied for the role, was also unsuccessful in his bid to become a State Men's selector.

We wish the panel of Coach Tony Hockey and selectors Graeme Wishart and Roger Barns the best of luck in their endeavours to rebuild the fortunes and previous strong standing of the State side over the next two years.

Osborne Park Bowling Club are very proud to advise that Jaewyn Norton and Helen Stevens have been chosen for 2015/16 Women's State Selectors

Osborne Park players do well in the Northern Territory

August 26, 2015
Keith Guelfi is in 4th place on the BowlsAustralia player rankings list, he confirmed that placing with a wonderful fortnight of Bowls which included the Nightcliff and Darwin carnivals

Ossy Park
Northlands Shopping centre Saturday pairs

August 29, 2015
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Kardinya Shots up Triples results

August 24, 2015
The Kardinya Shots up triples was completed over the weekend, the winners were...

Mt Lawley Consistency Singles

August 29, 2015
Mt Lawley are calling for nominations to compete in the 2015 Consistency Singles


Stirling Zrinski Fours AG August Sat 29th Details
Sportsmans Split 4's August 30th Details
Mt Lawley Split 4's Sept Sat 5th Details
Mt Lawley Consistency Singles Sept fri 11, 12, 13, 19, 20 Details
Nollamara Spring mixed 4's Sunday Sept 20th Details
Kalamunda Cougar Fives Sunday Sept 27th Details
Kelleberrin Bill Main split 4's October Friday 2nd Details
Manning Triples AG October 10-11th Details
Wanneroo Mens Classic 4'S October 11th Details


August 29, 2015
Innaloo lose their best player for the upcoming season

August 28, 2015
Doubleview lose another player to Stirling

August 26, 2015

Cambridge lose a very good player possibly for the season

August 25, 2015

Kardinya Kats have a real goodie signed sealed and ready to play

August 24, 2015

Doubleview have already lost Kyle McIlroy, perhaps another very good player will be lost to another Club


Where to get a game
in the off season

Nollamara AG Triples Thursdays Details
Nollamara Sat Pairs AG Saturdays Details
Nollamara Drawn mixed Tuesdays Details
Cockburn Pairs Tuesdays Details
Mt Lawley Pairs AG Thursdays Details
Kardinya 2 bowl Triples Saturdays Details
Kardinya 3 bowl Pairs Thursdays Details
Cambridge 3 bowl Pairs AG Thursdays Details
Sth Perth 2x2x2x2 Pairs AG Saturdays Details
Melville Friday Pairs Fridays Details
Osborne Pk 2x4x2 Pairs AG Saturdays Details
Thornlie 2x4x2 Pairs AG Start June 6th Details
Northern Territory Guide All year Details
Victoria Park 3 Bowl Pairs Thursdays Details
Vic Pk 2x4x2 AG Pairs Saurdays Details

Kyle McIlroy to play for Stirling

August 21, 2015
The biggest move of the season so far has occurred with departure of long time Doubleview player Kyle McIlroy who has committed to play with the Stirling Bowling Club next season. No doubt this move is an unexpected bombshell that Doubleview and the broader bowling community would not have expected.........


Day 2 PBA results

August 21, 2015
Congratulations to Glenn Pauling and Scott Walker who won the World Pairs national PBA qualifier to compete in the UK later this year, they defeated Trystan Smallacombe and Clive Adams in the first game of the event then followed up in the final to win against Bernie Melville and Australian squad member Ray Pearse in a tie break. 9-7, 6-7, 2-1

They were the only WA players to win any of the qualifiers, It is a great reward for both players who have been involved in the PBA for quite sometime.

This will be Glenn Pauling's second such trip to play in world PBA, the other occasion was in 2011 when he was involved in one of the singles but bombed out early in the piece. We wish them well in their endeavours to become the new World pairs champion duo

We found it difficult to get scores for this event, only because of Dave Farley were we able to be informed for which we thank him.

Day two Results

Day one Results

Warnbro Split Fours

August 20, 2015
A little late but as we always say better late than never, the Warnbro Split fours two day carnival was concluded last Sunday, the winners were...

AHG Split Fours

August 17, 2015
The AHG Split fours was concluded yesterday, the winners were...

Bester the best

August 13, 2015
The Golden Nugget was completed today and a terrific win for Ryan Bester when he defeated....


Osborne Park newsletter

August 29, 2015
Osborne Pk Latest news letter

News letter

Meals Menu


August 12, 2015
We received a letter regarding Ron Head's terrific article regarding Tim Murray's Profile.
The writer Dean Higgon wanted to put something straight, he leave no doubt who is the best..........


Personality profile

August 10, 2015
It has been a while since we have had a personality profile, Ron Head has been out and about and caught up with the highly respected and well liked Tim Murray for a chat.

Helensvale 5 a side National Challenge

August 8, 2015
Helensvale in their media release announced the 5 a side competing clubs and their teams that will participate in the National challenge starting on the 7th Sept.

The sides

Sportsmans carnival results

August 4, 2015
Sportsmans held their split fours carnival yesterday, the winners were....


Ossy Park
Northlands Shopping centre pairs 

August 29, 2015.

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Letters page

July 17, 2015
ONE LETTER --- Clubs voting





Thankyou to our visitors, Letters keep rolling in on the three rink issue, we have received 46 letters to date which is a record for this website. Our voting poll hit 953 votes today which is also a record for any poll we have conducted.
What do our visitors prefer, Three or Four rinks for Saturday pennants?
June 26, 2015
We thank BowlsWA CEO Ken Pride who has has responded to the letter page regarding the three rink issue, he would like readers to be aware of the facts.

June 30, 2015
There has been a response to Ken Prides letter from Simon Alden

June 14, 2015

David Scott's open letter to the BMC, they are the group that will decide if and when a three rink format will be applied to Saturday pennants


Voting power of clubs out of whack

July 15, 2015
Clubs were asked to vote on the The three rink issue, 25 voted against the proposal, 23 Clubs voted in favour.

Three rink proposal deferred

July 15, 2015
The BowlsWA three rink proposal has been deferred for 12 months.

Many thanks to BowlsWA President Graham Leeks who has replied to the many letters we received, explaining the set of circumstances and outcome of the three rink issue that has been bubbling along over the past two months.

State Senior side

July 14, 2015
BowlsWA announced the State Seniors side to play in Tasmania in October

Sportsmans split fours results

June 30, 2015
Sportsmans completed their well run and well attended carnival on Sunday, the winners were......


Word of praise for John McGrath

June 22, 2015
Many thanks to Neville Stevens who sent us this reference regarding the service he received from one of our sponsors John McGrath of Bob Jane T-Marts.

" I know there have been previous testimonials but I would just like to applaud John McGrath and his team at Bob Jane T-Mart in Midland. Once again I made the trip out there to "re-shoe" the boss's chariot. The service, efficient manner and competitive pricing makes the travel worthwhile."
Neville Stevens

Stirling carnival fours results

June 16, 2015
Stirling completed their well run and well attended carnival on Sunday, the winners were......


Osborne Pk Thursday any gender Pairs
Archiee AG Pairs Tuesday Pairs

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A couple of video's

June 11, 2015
We have had this video on previously but it because it is one of the better ones we receive from time to time, so like Humphry Bogart said in the film Casablanca" play it again Sam"

June 10, 2015
Thanks to Eddy for another video, if you are into card tricks then you will like this video
Card trick

Eddy Video

June 4, 2015
Many thanks to Eddy our jokes man for sending in this entertaining video, it got the thumbs up from the little Lady

Men in coats

Egg trick

>May 22, 2015
Many thanks to our Jokes man Eddy for sending in this Johnny Carson video

Egg trick

Fred Fortesque Medal count

>May 20, 2015
Bassendean bowling Club recently held the Fred Fortesque medal count to decide the winner of the award for the best Basso PL player.
The final result of the voting was decisive .............

Fred Fortesque Medal winner

A list of Club award winners for 2014-15

Andrijasevich Medal winner

Wishart Medal winner

Mackie Medal winner

Phil Gillespie Medal winner

Caffell Medal winner

McCarrick Medal winner


April 3, 2008
The opinions expressed in this Bowls Column are not necessarily the views of the Osborne Park Bowling Club Board, Management or its members. and is written as a matter of general interest and news in the public interest to lawn bowlers worldwide.
Terry Sheridan.
Without Prejudice

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