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Dec 16, 2014

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January 28, 2010

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December 21, 2014

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Previous news

Premier League review

December 20, 2014

Premier League comes alive with surprising results making the competition very interesting

PL review


PL ladder and stats

One White ladder and Stats

Blue Nth ladder Stats

Blue Sth ladder Stats

Doubleview Master Pairs

December 19, 2014

The Doubleview Master Pairs will be played in February, Bowlers are invited to nominate a team to this terrific event which fills rapidly.

There were many who missed out, some 30 teams in fact.

If you want to particpate, please get in early and avoid disappointment

Please Note – this event is a Bowls Australia National Ranking Event and I believe the first in WA outside of Bowls WA State Events.

We are aware Ian Taylor (the man with more twists than Chubby Checker in his bowling delivery) will be playing.

It is possible there will be other big names from the East will be nominating

The final on the Tuesday will start around 3.30pm this year allowing for more people to come and watch.

Nomination form

One White preview

December 19, 2014
The White Knight previews round NINE


Perth Bowls Centre
Tipping Competition

December 21, 2014
Don't forget to put your tips. Remember Tipping closes 5.00 pm every Friday .. more info further down the page


Radio show

December 21, 2014
The Bowls Radio program on air Saturday Mornings starting at 7.00 am thru till 8.00 am

The show will be hosted by Kyle McIlroy
His panel includes Gavin Faulkner, Therese Hastings and Dillon Elliot..
Anyone wants to plug an event or share an opinion on anything before or during the show to txt 0427788058 or email (before the show)

Guest this week
state pairs winner ladies, Pieter Harris, Matt Mitchell.

Link to listen

BowlsWA Survey results

December 18, 2014
Many thanks to Pieter Harris for releasing the results of the Bowls survey which was undertaken recently.
Congrats to BowlsWA for their inititive to conduct this survey which will help the sport on the pathway to the future


Men's State Pairs draw

December 17, 2014
Many thanks to Pieter Harris for releasing the draw for the State Pairs.
We will have a closer look at the draw soon.

Kardinya Sponsors raffle

November 16, 2014
A rare opportunity has arisen for the major sponsor position at the Kardinya Bowling Club. Please read the details

One Blue preview with Ron Head

December 18, 2014
Ron Head previews Blue North and Blue South

Round NINE

Blue North

Blue South

Premier League preview

December 18, 2014

Round 9 is a tipsters dream with only a couple of hard decisions to make.
PL preview

Osborne Park Ladies pennant results

December 17, 2014
Osborne Park Ladies pennant results are bought to us by Beryl Brennan

Perth Bowls Centre
Tipping competition

December 21, 2014
The Perth Bowls Centre tipping competition is down to the last round with four tipsters sitting on 63, three tipsters on 62 and four on 61.

We have never has so many tippers in with a chance to win in the last round, making it the closest finish since we have been running the competition.

There can only be one winner, if there is a tie for the Henselite set of bowls we will have to conduct a draw where the winning names are put into a box, the first tipper drawn will win the competition.

Best of luck to everyone who is in with a chance to win the Henselite set of bowls.

It must be mentioned the winner will be obliged to collect the bowls within 14 days of the draw.

We thank Dennis Pattullo of Perth Bowls centre for his generous and ongoing sponsorship.

Stirling Club Championship Singles winner

December 16, 2014
Congratulations to Chris Margin after winning the Stirling Club Championship singles on Sunday, defeating Tony Krajancic 25-19. It was his first major singles win.

Tony Krajancic had a hard road to make the final having to defeat the recent six time Sorrento Master Singles winner Daniel Trewhella 25-18 and last years winner Allan Erceg

The semi finals.
Tony Krajancic defeated Allan Erceg 25 - 19
Chris Margin walkover.

Seniors pics

December 16, 2014
The Men's and Ladies WA Senior State sides did well in the National sides series held at Tweed Heads recently
Glyn Vaughan took a few pics and passed them onto me. We have made a slideshow of some of the pics.


One White review

December 15, 2014
The White Knight reviews RD SEVEN

Review Rd 8

One Blue Nth- Sth review

December 15, 2014
One Blue North/South reviews

Blue Nth RD 8

Blue Sth RD 8


Bassendean Xmas Split 4's 21st December Details
Warwick Open Triples 3rd Jan 2015 Details
Nth Beach Challenge 11th Jan 2015 Details
Kellerberrin Golden Grain split 4's 13-14th Jan 2015 Details
Country Week Welcome 4's 26 Feb 2015 Details

Premier League review

December 14, 2014


PL review

PL ladder and stats

One White ladder and Stats

Blue Nth ladder Stats

Blue Sth ladder Stats

Soccer video

December 11, 2014
Many thanks to John for sending this soccer video,
Worth a laugh!  It reminds me of 12th Man Billy Birmingham's call: "Oh, it's hit him in the groin", except here it is in the moosh.


Soccer video

What's on at Osborne Park

December 21, 2014

Latest news letter
News letter

Meals Menu

Letters page

December 14, 2014

EIGHT LETTERS..... Marking the card, not happy.


Sorrento Master Singles

December 9, 2014
The final of the Sorrento Master Singles was completed this afternoon

Final results

One Blue Nth- Sth review

December 8, 2014
One Blue North/South reviews

Blue Nth RD 7

More Gender Blues

December 5, 2014
For those unaware, Tasmania now have an open gender policy for their pennant competition.
In the bowling community there are players who don't want change from the previous Men's and Ladies only pennant competitions.

In Tasmania some men are furious at being forced to play pennants with women so much so.........


The link below for whatever reason had no audio, we have changed this link to a youTUBE video, all is good now
ABC Video

Seconds to mark the card from January 1st 2015

December 5, 2014

As we are all aware, for the last four years Skippers have to mark the card in a game of fours after the World Bowls Council bought in a law enforcing them to do so

Bowls Australia recently applied to World Bowls Council to have a domestic law written into the Skippers duties to allow them to delegate the second, or any other member of a four side to mark the card, they were successful.

Good news in the post, we have been informed thanks to BowlsWA, that from January 1st 2015, seconds will be marking the card in fours games rather than the skip.
The second will regain that responsibility, as it had been for the previous 100 years or more.

The rule as to who should mark the card should never have been changed in the first place!!

Australian players in the past 8 seasons have had their short length changed by the World Bowls Council and also players had to endure the winner of an end deciding who would bowl first. In most cases the winner of the end would give the mat away.

These three rules have now been reverted back to what Australia have had in place since time immemorial

Let's hope we have no more interference from the World Bowls Council

Previously we were led to believe BowlsAUS were not going to write the new rule changes into our laws, I stand by information I had received, but am very happy that these rule changes have taken place and full marks to Bowls Australia for seeking to have them changed and implemented.

Senior Master pairs results

December 5, 2014
The Hollywood Senior Master Pairs was completed recently
The results are a tad late but of course always better than never. The winners were..............

James Jaworski leaves Manning

December 4, 2014
James Jaworski back after a 4 year absence playing PL for Manning, has left the club after playing just two games, he will play for the Stirling Wolves this Saturday against Osborne Park.

Grass versus Synthetic

December 3, 2014
The Mount Pleasant Bowling Club has reversed a modern trend in WA bowls by converting one of its synthetic greens back to grass

We think this is a first in West Australia.

We thank John Terrell for his very informative and interesting article behind the reversal

John's article.

Osborne Pk Championship Pairs

December 1, 2014
The Osborne Park Club Championship pairs final was completed yesterday , the winners were...........

Finals results

Car video

November 26, 2014
Many thanks to John for sending this video, I think our male visitors will love the colour of the flash looking car
The moral of the story is this:  Never get too far ahead of one's self

Car video


November 27, 2014

Stirling continue building with another good signing

November 26, 2014
Warnbro player returns to the Club

November 24, 2014
Stirling continue to build with the recruitment of a new skipper


Ladies Open Night Bowls

December 21, 2014
Entries are invited for the Open Night Nominated Ladies Pairs commencing Thursday November 27th.

This event will be held fortnightly during the bowling season

Games commence 6.30 p.m.

Please phone Thia Wright on 93495786 to spend a lovely evening on the green Entry $20 per team..

Our in house chef Jason is happy to provide snacks or a main meal at very reasonable prices – Snacks menu includes chips or wedges ($5 - $7) Dim Sims ($2 each), Onion rings ($8) Nachos ($13), Roast roll with gravy ($9).

State Senior Triples results

November 19, 2014
The State Seniors triples title was played this afternoon, the winners were ...........

final Results

November 19, 2014
The semi finals of the Senior State Triples were completed this morning ---- the winners were .........

Semi final Results

November 18, 2014

The Senior State Triples continued on today at Osborne Park and are now down to the semi-finals


Senior State Triples

November 17, 2014
Thanks to Pieter Harris for passing on the results
The Senior State Triples section play was completed this afternoon
Some surprise eliminations but a great field left to slug it out to see who will win the 2014 title


Osborne Pk Championship fours

November 15, 2014
The Osborne Park Championship fours final was played last night, the winners were..............

Final result

Day One

Personalities of the game

November 5, 2014
Mark Simpson has had a very satisfying bowling career. This week Ron Head was able to track him down in Mandurah where he now resides

Mark Simpson

Sportsmans Melbourne Cup
split fours results

November 4, 2014
The Sportsmans Bowling Club held their annual Melbourne Cup Open Split Fours carnival on Sunday. The winners were......

State Fours final.

October 26, 2014

The State Fours final was completed this afternoon
The winners were..............


State fours pics

The State fours being played at Bassendean today

Perth Bowls Centre
Tipping Competition

December 21, 2014

Many thanks to Dennis Pattulo, the manager of Perth Bowls centre and his friendly staff for their continued support of the tipping competition.

Perth Bowls centre are all about promoting the game as much as possible and have backed the site for the past 4 years by donating two sets of bowls for the winners of the competitions. Without their on going support we would not have a tipping competition

Please support the friendly Perth Bowls centre for your Bowling equipment

Perth Bowls Centre

All tips must be in by 5 pm friday, to avoid missing your tips do it early in the week or straight after you look at the results, remember that tippers can change their tips anytime as long as they do it by 5 pm Friday.

To see the tips before and after the conclusion of a round click the link to that round. Best of luck to all tippers

The usual rules apply, if a tipper misses a round he is awarded the away games results, on ocassions this sometimes proves to be lucky for the tipper

Tippers can use their previous username and password or register a new one.

A DOG WAGS HIS .......if you don't answer this very easy question you won't be registered.


A nice word for the State Seniors

October 15, 2014
Your girls (& boys) went extremely well at Tweed Heads BC in the Seniors - looked good - well disciplined and shared the load as good sides do - very impressed -

Seemed to me that there must have been a quite a few hours of together training/practise to reach this standard of understanding that the players had -

It was quite obvious that they each knew each others 'game' and could and did call the shot with confidence. A high standard performance from all.

Jack Cahill

Sexy hi jack

October 16, 2014
Thanks to Eddy our joke man for this funny video

Sexy hi jack

Victoria Park
prepare for title defence

October 17, 2014
2013-14 Premiers Victoria Park have been the subject of many rumours in the off season, the rumours are almost all put to bed, the Club can now concentrate on the season ahead and look to winning back to back flags

Victoria Park

Osborne Park




South Perth





Valley on the rise

October 8, 2014
The Valley Bowling Club have made tremendous progress thru the grades to make it to One Blue North for season 2014-15.
Ron Head's article takes a look at their progress


Wanneroo Classic Pairs results

October 7, 2014
A good field at Wanneroo for the Pairs classic,.... The winners were


Ladies Mt Lawley Consistency
singles results

October 2, 2014
The Ladies Mt Lawley Consistency Singles was concluded today. The Winner was ....


Sam Clough replaced

October 3, 2014
Sherro was dismayed to hear Sam Clough, a man of integrity and an absolute gentleman had been replaced as an Australian selector, a position he held for the past five years.

He absolutely loved the job and the responsibility that came with it, along with the interaction he had with administrators and players alike. In that period of time he formed very close relationships with both Men and Ladies from Juniors right through to the top echelon. It is not often we see a selector in any sport held in such high regard

Why would a person of his experience and commitment would be replaced, the sport is clearly the loser here. Not often do we see people of the quality of Sam Clough, who's friendly and caring nature won the hearts of all who came to know him

During his era of involvement, Australia has generally been very successful, and he played a role in that success.

My opinion for what it is worth, aware that people of such commitment don't come along all that often, the sport would be better off to keep people of Sam's ilk in the role of selector if they are available to do the job, rather than replacing them

It was very pleasing to see him as one of the country's most respected administrators receive recognition for his decades of service to the game of bowls on Australia Day.

Sam Clough

Train ride

September 24, 2014
Many thanks to Eddy for sending in this humourous video.


Seniors Medals

September 17, 2014
CEO Ken Pride informed me the issue of awards for Senior bowler of the year and winner of the best player in the National sides series for both men's and Ladies teams would be an item for discussion on the agenda at the next board meeting, to be held in September.

Great news from that meeting was to hear the Medals have now been named in honour of people who have made an extensive contribution to the sport.


State squad announced

September 16, 2014
BowlsWA have announced the Men's State squad

Broome fours results

September 16, 2014
A great carnival played under clear blue skies and big prizemoney

Kalgoorlie Golden Nuggett
fours results

September 16, 2014
A terrific carnival, well attended and good to see so many Perth sides having as crack

State Seniors V State squad

September 15, 2014
The State Senior side did well when they played the State squad at Yokine yesterday

Matt Ellul

August 26, 2014
Like many of us, Matt Ellul has been thru the high and lows of the sport but he kept persevering to win a State title

Ron Head caught up with him last week


Welcome to Graham Leeks

August 13, 2014
We welcome a very nice and likeable gentleman Graham Leeks, to the position of BowlsWA President, Graham is well qualified to take on this very demanding role.


July 27, 2014

BowlsWA president Patrick Buller's four year term in office came to an end yesterday.
Sherro caught up with him for a chat about those four years.

Congratulations to Graham Leeks the incoming President and Kerry Andersen the new Vice President, we wish you well for the future....


Go to Mt Everest

August 8, 2014
Ever wondered what it looks like at the top of Mt Everest?

They say watching this video is almost like being there (well, not quite - but it gives you an idea of the climb). At the top you can view the 360 degree view from the summit (move the mouse around)

After watching this video I have decided to put my ambitions to climb the mountain on hold and stay home and play bowls with the Clydesdale

Many thanks to John for sending in this video
Mt Everest

Personalities of the game

July 29, 2014
We are most grateful for and say many thanks to John Terrell who has written a terrific player/personality profile on Jeff Hall.

John Terrell caught up with Jeff thru the week

Jeff Hall


July 21, 2014
We welcome Nicheliving on board as one of our major sponsors. This company has everything covered from Construction, Houses and land, Real Estate and Wealth creation, covering a wide range of services in this vibrant Company.

W.A State Skipper Matt Ellul is a representative of this successful company and is a major reason behind the sponsorship.

When and if any of the Bowling fraternity are in the market for house and land packages, renting, buying or selling, Matt Ellul is the man to go to.

We ask bowlers to support the very likable Matt who has been in the Real Estate business for a number of years. His number one priority will be first class service to you the customer.


Mt Lawley Consistency Singles

July 23, 2014
One of the best tournaments on the bowling calendar comes to us in the month of September which brings us the annual Men's and Ladies Mt Lawley Consistency Singles and also the Open Consistency Fours, these events are listed on our off season events down the page.



July 11, 2014
Many thanks to John for this video, it got a pass mark from the little lady, hope our vistors enjoy it.
Tastefully offensive

Letters page

June 22, 2014
THREE LETTERS ....Mixed gender

June 17, 2014
... Revamp pennant format



June 2, 2014
We welcome Kyle McIlroy of Bowlselite on board as sponsor of this website. Kyle has been involved in the sport since he was 14 years of age and has a wonderful knowledge of the game which has helped him to enjoy a huge amount of success along the way.

His shop is in 23 Hutton Street Osborne Park stocks the majority of Bowls brands available to the market and all associated equipment. He offers first class service to all customers, YOU CAN SHOP ONLINE, we ask that bowlers please support him. The Club June/July brochure is an indication of what is on offer


History in two minutes

May 22, 2014
Thankyou Eddy for this outstanding video

Seventeen year old Joe Bush got a high school assignment to make a video reproduction. He chose history as a theme and tucked it all into two minutes.
Took pictures from the internet, added the track Mind Heist by Zack Hemsey (from the movie Interception) and then you get something like this

Osborne Pk Trophy night

May 8, 2014
The Osborne Pk trophy night was held last Saturday, It was a great evening and well attended, Sherro was there and snapped a few pics.

Coaching Clinics with Colin Jonson

May 7, 2014
The 8th in a series of coaching clinics is now available

Many thanks to Colin Johnson who will do a series of coaching clinics for bowlers.
I am certain those who are just starting out will benefit from Colin's vast coaching experience, as most of us are aware, we sometimes slip into bad habits and wonder how it has occurred, perhaps a read of his articles might solve a problem for even the most experienced of players
Coaching Clinic


May 6, 2014
Many Thanks to Eddy for passing on this really good video
Hope our vistors enjoy it as much as I did, a super voice and a real feel good video.


Never too late

October 20, 2014
Many thanks to Eddy


Osborne Park's new Club Manager

April 18, 2014

Osborne Park have appointed a new Club Manager


Vic Park grand final pics

March 31, 2014
A few pics from the PL Grand Final
Grand Final

Promotion of the Bowls

March 29, 2014
Our letters page has 16 letters regarding promotion of the sport.
Comment link

Dickens Cider

March 15, 2014
Thanks to Joe for sending this youTUBE
There is a lag toward the end of the video then Bloopers comes up.
Dickens Cider

Dinner for one

February 18, 2014
Thanks to Eddy our jokes man for this video, the little lady gave it the thumbs up , hope our visitors do to

Dinner for one

January 26, 2014

Many thanks to Eddy our Jokes man for this outstanding video, one of his best
It is only short but what ever you do stick with it to the very end,
Side by side

Side by side

January 26, 2014
Many thanks to Eddy our Jokes man for this outstanding video, one of his best
It is only short but what ever you do stick with it to the very end,
Side by side

Friday night Meals

December 21, 2014
Friday Night meals at Osborne Park

One that our visitors might enjoy

January 21, 2014
Thanks to Eddy our joke man and Neil

Worst nightmare

Staying alive

December 16, 2013
Many thanks to our Jokes man Eddy for this video, it is a bit long but found it great to listen, I think with a days practice Sherro could fit with Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly

Staying alive

The Colorectal surgeon

November 23, 2013
Many thanks to our Jokes man Eddy for this video, I have heard it many times in the past but never seen it performed on stage
It got the thumbs up from the little Lady, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did

Colorectal Surgeon


October 31, 2013
Thanks to Neil for sending in this video, some will like it some won't. My little lady got a laugh out of this one
The big question is do Girls....
Find out

Watch the Waiter

October 28, 2013
Thanks to Keith for sending this video. Some will like it, some might not, my little lady liked it so here goes
Watch the waiter

Technically speaking

October 17, 2013
Many thanks to Eddy for this entertaining video
Very clever

English dui test

Sept 20, 2013
Thanks to Keith for sending this drink driving test video. Not too bad at all
Drink driving test

A couple of good videos

August 20, 2013
Thanks to Eddy our jokes man for this challenging game, a test on a driver reflexes, my fastest time .118 of a second

Thanks also to Keith for sending this neat doggy video, very good the way it was presented


BowlsWA Award night

September 4, 2013
BowlsWA awards evening is one of the highlights of the year on the bowling calendar, it is an extremely well run and attended event where we see recognition and acknowledgement given to those who achieved in the Sport.
It has been 7 years since the inception of the Senior Bowlingscene, to date medals or awards in this area remain nameless, not sure or understand the reasoning for leaving them nameless for such a long period of time ......

Terrific card trick

August 30, 2013
Many thanks to Eddy our jokes man for this outstanding card trick, he plays a real cool hand, it is just soooooooo good, Sherro is practicing this one already for the yearly windup
Card trick

Great support for our major sponsor
Mandoon Estate

August 27, 2013
Just a quick one about one of your sites sponsor's, Mandoon Estate.

Recently we at Wanneroo piled 20 odd people onto a bus and did a trip to the Swan Valley. We visited a couple of wineries but we particularly wanted to visit Mandoon because of the association with bowls and sponsorship.

We were not disappointed. After receiving a very informative briefing about the estate and the work that is going into saving some of the oldest vines in the area we were treated to a terrific tasting session of some real quality wines.

Into the future they are planning restaurant facilities and entertainment which will make this an outstanding facility. A great spot with good wines that is easy to recommend.

Well done Mandoon and many thanks. We'll definitely be back but we have a few bottles to get through first.

Ron Bates

State squad announced

August 16, 2013
BowlsWA announced the State squad a couple of days ago...


Another good news story for
John McGrath at Bob Jane T-Marts

July 26, 2013
Hey Sherro,

About 4 weeks ago I had the wheels stolen off my car. It was a horrible situation and the insurance company was terrible!!
I went to John McGrath after seeing the review that was put up.

From the start, he went out of his way to help and his team were great. He organised a lend set of tyres until the insurance claim got sorted and came out to my house to fit them.
Everything was then sorted with the insurance company in which John and his team had to deal with the fun as well, which he handled perfectly.

I would like to thank John and his team, and would highly recommend that if anyone needs assistance with purchasing tyres or wheels, that they contact John McGrath at Bob Jane T-MART in Midland cheers,

Matty Ellul

New Sobriety test

July 17, 2013
Many thanks thanks to our good mate the Big Fish Keith Strahan for this really good video link

Sobriety test

How to get even

June 18, 2013
Thanks to Keith for sending this video, hope our visitors enjoy it as much as I did
Getting even

Mrs Brown

April 5, 2013
Thanks to Joyce for sending in this Mrs Brown video for our visitors to view

Mrs Brown

Paper is not dead

March 21, 2013
Many thanks to Eddy for this funny video
Paper is not dead

Refused racehorse names

February 19, 2013
Many thanks to Garth Brook for sending in this humourous video
Naming Racehorses

Thanks Eddy

January 16, 2013
Many thanks to Eddy McTigue for sending in this youTUBE
Must say how much Sherro really enjoyed this.
Hmmm I liked it so much I think I will take the Little Lady dancing tonight.
Hope our visitors enjoy this as much as I did
Dancing thru the ages

Game of bowls

November 27, 2012
Thanks to Neil who sent in this challenging game for our visitors to play
If you are into underwater bowling then this is for you.
My highest score is 150

Personalities of the game

December 21, 2014 -->

Previous Personalities
Pat Caffell
Allan Davis
Robby Ball
Bill Galloway
Rick Eddy
Laurie Slater
Gary Caffell
Eddy Dodd
Stan Curtis
Graeme Wishart
Henry Slawinski
Keith Doncon
Dennis Katunarich
Colin Fleay
Mike Zusman
Norm Pascoe
Phil Gillespie
Joe Kennedy
Mark Krajancic
Tom Crispin
Roger Barns
Tony Adjuk
Mal Dempsey
Ernie Lawrence
Brian Currie
Neville Faulkner
John McIntosh
Reg Cribb
Jim McKenzie
Barry Raynor
*Peter Sardelic
Jim Gupanis
Ray Pride
John Mather
Reg Payne
Ray Okely
Rance Dewson
Doc Paddick
*Bill Pengilly
Vern McIntyre
Dave Henneker
John Biglin
Cliff Graybrook
Graham Scott
Doug Arrowsmith
Dave Lyle

State Fours results

October 23, 2012
A couple of pics from the State Fours

Pictures one

Pictures two

October 22, 2012


S. O`Neil 22 defeated Peter Cole 20
Steve O`Neil won the State Fours today defeating Peter Cole, It was an unbelievable victory
The score was 20-11 in favour of Peter Cole with 2 ends to play.
Steve O`Neil picked up a four to make it 20- 15 then picked up a 7 on the last end to win the State Fours for 2012

Finals results

October 21, 2012

Down to the Last 4 results

October 20, 2012

Many thanks to BowlsWA and Brian Burton in particular for releasing the State fours results in section play

Wowwiee!! There are some amazing results in section play with last years winner bundled out among other unexpected results

Last 20 draw and comment

Manning section results rd 1-3

Cockburn section results rd 1-3

Doubleview section results rd 1-3

Bassendean section results rd 1-3

NSW wrap up the series against WA

September 23, 2012
Sunday to far away, yes the NSW Double Blues were busy once again this morning

Game four results

Game three results

Game two Results

Game One Results

Mt Lawley Consistency Singles

September 17, 2012
A tough day at the office in the final of the Mt Lawley Consistency singles.

Finals scores and other details


September 8, 2012
It shows what lengths people in some parts of the world go to get a kick out of life
Many thanks to Neil for this video but I would rather play bowls thankyou
Bull run

Mrs Brown

July 7, 2012
Many thanks to Eddy our jokes man for sending this one in
Mrs Brown

Mrs. Brown

June 20, 2012
I must say how good some of these Mrs. Brown videos are Hope our visitors might enjoy this one as much as I did
Many thanks to Eddy our jokes man
Mrs Brown

What to do with an ageing pet

June 8, 2012
Thanks to Steve Black from Able Print for sending in this really funny video, sure to get a laugh for many our visitors.
Steve does a huge amount for the bowling commuity and is the Man to see for all your printing requirements
Ageing pet Dog

This would take a bit of doing

February 14, 2012
Thanks to Neil for sending in this video, not sure if I could do this without at least couple of weeks practice

Humourous sad story

February 3, 2012
Thanks to Eddy our joke man for this funny video
The saddest story

Lipo Vacuum

January 20, 2012
Thanks to Eddy our jokes man for this video

Osborne Park youTUBE

December 8, 2011
Sherro has put together a montage of last seasons Grand final between Osborne Park and Vic Park and placed in on youTUBETweed
It is best viewed in medium mode or full screen mode which is on the bottom right of the youTUBE screen

Dog Tease

November 16, 2011
Thanks to Steve Black from Able Print for sending in this dog video. Steve is the Man to see for all your printing requirements.
Dog Tease

Stirling v Vic Park

November 11, 2011
A kindly visitor sent me this video after reading that Sherro had tipped Stirling to beat VP 8-0 and thought this is similar to the way I came up with my prediction


November 4, 2011
Thanks to John for sending this link which is quite impressive

Breast implant

September 14, 2011
Thanks to Eddy our jokes man for sending in this little doozie
Breast implant

King Billy joke

August 18, 2011
Thanks to Alan for sending in this King Billy joke, not bad at all.
Goat Joke

An act you won't see now-a-days

June 9, 2011
Boy this is a very good performance, plenty of skill here.

Osborne Park events

December 21, 2014 -->->e -->
Osborne Park play the open any gender Ar-Chee Pairs every Tuesday, the Meat Pack open any gender Fours every Thursday entry is only $10.
The open any gender Saturday Open Pairs is just $10
Ring 9349 1188 to enter a side and play on the best greens in WA

Trevors trapped testicle

June 6, 2011
This is a good yarn about Trevors trapped testicle sent in by Eddy our jokes man, it is a good listen and I am sure our visitors will have a darn good laugh from this one

Why Paddy is not at work today

May 28,2011
Another good video from our jokes man Eddy
Sick note

Two sides in Premier League

May 12, 2011
As we are aware the new season sees Osborne Pk and Doubleview will field a side in One White division, if one of these Clubs win the pennant should they be promoted to the Premier League. A possible situation is both Clubs could win promotion

Rosenthal Medal

May 2, 2011
The Rosenthal Medal will be presented on 27th May. Lets hope the new BowlsWA board will publish the points allocated to the players.
The time has come for transparency in our most prestigious Medal. There is no valid reason why the new board can't publish the points allocated .

Rosenthal article

Three rinks or four rinks

April 26, 2011
BowlsWA will be in discussion with the Premier League Clubs sometime in May to determine whether or not to break from the traditonal four rink Pennant competition to have a three rink pennant competition.
What do our visitors think, your thoughts could be very different to mine. You can vote on this issue

How to lose your job

March 3, 2011
This video was sent in by Frank it is about a Dutch interviewer who loses his job
How to lose your job


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August 7, 2010
Many thanks to one of our visitors who sent in this cartoon sent in

A game sent to me

July 15, 2010
If any of our visitors have some spare time on their hands here is a game to play, thanks to Jack.

May 21, 2010

Luggage problem

Fatal beatings



Where are my fries

Enjoy the Journey

Nick Vujicic

Bring me a beer

December13, 2010
Most will get a good laugh out of this one
Mens Business

December 8, 2010
We had this one sent in and hope that our visitors get a laugh out of it

September 5, 2010
Many thanks to Eddy our Jokes man for this video, a nice catch at the end

September 4, 2010
Many thanks to Eddy our jokes man for this video

July 4, 2010
This youTUBE skit was sent in by one of our vistors, you might enjoy it.
Nine to Nine

November 5, 2009

Thankyou to you to Pat for this WMC
How can I help you

October 6, 2009

Thankyou to Marty for this WMV
What Colour is her dress

September 11, 2009
Thankyou to Pat for this WMV
Blind Cricket

August 29, 2009
Thankyou to John T for sending in this WMV
NZ Toyota add

August 29, 2009
Thankyou to John T for sending in this WMV
NZ Toyota add

August 12, 2009
Thankyou to our Jokes man Eddy for this WMV

August 1, 2009
Another good video of George Doubleya
Thankyou to our Jokes man Eddy for this WMV
George WW

June 10, 2009
Our Jokes man Eddy has sent in another video and how many times would have our visitors felt like this.
Wishing well

June 4, 2009
Thankyou to our Jokes man Eddy for this WMV

June 8, 2009
Is this the future of Lawn Bowls, sent in by one of our visitors


April 3, 2008
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Terry Sheridan
Without Prejudice

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