Octoberber 26, 2013

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Wings Evans recieving the best player award from team Manager Roger Barns at the conclusion of the series. Well done to Wings who was a standout on his third medal winning performance.

Wings Evans and Roger Barns
It was a hard series for WA having to contend with top class competition and miserable weather, it rained for two days with the temperature similar to the South Pole. The side finished 4th overall with 3 wins 4 losses, they were beaten by the top sides who from all accounts played ever so well.

It was a good effort by WA against NSW who were in front after 50 ends but were not able to go on with it to lose by six shots, N.S.W who have gone thru the series undefeated, they were undefeated last season as well, a truly impressive performance from them.

Probably the most disappointing aspect of the series was the loss to the Northern Territory who had four West Aussie boys representing them.

Dinko Golem, Wings Evans, Geoff White and Prickles Thorn were the standout rink with 5½ wins for the series. Wings Evans and Geoff White were particularly good, so much so Wings Evans won the best player award.
Manager Roger Barns commented there were too many short bowls played over the whole event which played a major part in the performance of the side over the three days but was full of praise for the team having to play in such terrible freezing cold and wet conditions.

It would be remiss of me to have not mentioned the performance of another WA rink, that of Lee Farrell Jim McElroy and Eddy Dodd who performed very well to defeat John Trewhella's rink, in fact Lee and his rink did very well last year as well with 5 wins.

Also Geoff Gunning in another rink played a major role in the only defeat of Dinko Golem's rink in the series after being 16-4 down, and Brian Jepperson who represented the Northern Territory

Well done to the Ladies on their performance to finish in 3rd place once again, I am sorry but have no other info on their performance

Kay Blackwell recieving the best player medal from Ladies Manager Sue Hogg Well done to Kay on her performance

Kay Blackwell and Sue Hogg



The man responsible to get the whole seniors concept in W.A up and running,
A job well done by Diamond Jim


Roger Barns
Team Manager

has done an enormous amount of work for sport in a variety positions at all levels He has retired from playing in the Seniors and now continues to contribute to the well being of the Seniors by becoming a selector

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