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October 10, 2014
Congratulations to the Mens and Ladies Senior State sides. The State Ladies going thru undefeated and the Men winning 5 of their seven games to finish in equal 2nd place.
Glyn Vaughan the winner of the McKenzie/ Barns medal for best performed player of the 2014 series with manager Roger Barns

It was ever so pleasing to see for the first time, the best player awards receiving medals named in honour of Jim McKenzie, Roger Barns and Beryl Brennan in recognition of their service to the sport.

Speaking with Roger after the series and thanking him for passing on the scores for visitors to our web site, he paid the team the highest compliment possible, stating what a terrific and happy group of people they were, and how proud he was of them along with the manner they conducted themselves in representing W.A.

He added their commitment was second to none in setting out to doing their best and giving their all for the State, we couldn't ask for anything more.

The selectors, Roger Barns, Mike Zusman and Brian Burton can take a lot of comfort in the performance of the team, considering there was plenty of flack back home after the side was announced. It must be remembered the selectors put in a huge amount of time attending all practice sessions then travelling interstate and bearing the cost of doing so.
Many would baulk at making such a commitment

Overall the mens side losing just two games and one of those against Queensland is perhaps the game they should have won, had they done so they could have won the Sides series. Their performance showed the strength of our Seniors is up there with the best of the other States.

Well done to Steve O`Neil (sk) Wayne Coyle, Jim Barry and Glyn Vaughan for being the best performed rink with 5 wins 2 losses + 52. They finished the series as the 4th best performed team.

Wings Evans(sk), Prickles Thorn, Frank Carbone and Grant Nicol also finished up with 5 wins 2 losses + 26. They finished the series as the 7th best performed team.

How good was that for Kathy Gobbart and her side to go thru a series with out being defeated, Kathy and her side won 5 games and a draw + 44.
All in all every one can be happy with the performance of WA Seniors, well done to all involved in the effort

Vicky Spragg receiving the Beryl Brennan award with manager Sue Hogg.



The man responsible to get the whole seniors concept in W.A up and running,
A job well done by Diamond Jim


Roger Barns
Team Manager

has done an enormous amount of work for sport in a variety positions at all levels He has retired from playing in the Seniors and now continues to contribute to the well being of the Seniors by becoming a selector

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