September 15, 2014
State Senior side V State squad Rink scores below
Sherro spoke with selector and manager Roger Barns after the game, he stated he was very happy with the outcome, saying there was lots to like about the way the side went and would have learnt a lot from their first hitout and be all the better for the run.

He spoke with the players after the game to reinforce the message about certain aspects of their performance which will stand the side in good stead in future games.
He went on to mention it was a tad disappointing for the Seniors to surrender 34 shots over the last 11 ends, after dominating for such a long period of the game, but it is not the end of the world and it will addressed in coming games.
As an aside he added He was full of praise for the performance of Thomas Mitchell who played a blinder for the State squad.

State Senior side V State squad
The State squad had an good tussle with the State Senior team selected to play in the National sides series in early October. The game was drawn, both having a win and a draw however the State side won the day with a superior shots up aggregate.
Thomas Mitchell was the star performer with a scintillating display where he responded to every challenge thrown at him in the game against Steve O`Neil's rink, winning 32-11. Kyle McIlroy played an outstanding first half of the game.
Steve O`Neil's rink were holding good numbers at times but were thwarted by Mitchell's drawshot power, it was shades of last season's grand final win for Mitchell. Best for O`Neil's rink was the second Jim Barry who played consistently well throughout the game

Wings Evans rink held the whip hand against Clive Adams's rink when they led 15-5 with 7 ends to play, from there the side collapsed somewhat giving up such a commanding lead to end up with a drawn game. The small part of the game I saw left me impressed with the standard of this contest

It was Adams and Patterson who responded in those last few ends to help rescue the situation. Best for the Seniors were Wings Evans and Prickles Thorn and Grant Nicol who were steady throughout the days play.

Geoff White and his rink were too good over replacement skip Pieter Harris's side, Harris who filled in for John Slavich.
The White led rink led 24 - 10 and were playing extremely well thanks to a great start by the leader Fred Holt who played a great game and had the better of the leads duel against Ryan Moyle.
It was all over red rover so we thought but no!! The Harris led rink fired up to come back into the contest picking up 10 unanswered shots to finish 25-20 down.
All players in the Senior side contributed to the win and it augers well for the upcoming sides series

G. Evans (sk), L. Thorn 3rd, F. Carbone 2nd, G. Nicol ... 15
C. Adams (sk), D. Patterson, S. Bainbridge, D. Downey ..... 15

G. White (sk) S. Perica 3rd, G. King 2nd, F. Holt.............25
P. Harris(sk), M. Mitchell, S. Walker, R. Moyle .................20

S. O'Neil (sk), W.Coyle 3rd , J. Barry 2nd. G Vaughan ...11
T. Mitchell (sk), K. McIlroy, D. Rankin, Alan Pryce........... 32

September 11, 2014
Thank you to the Senior's manager Roger Barns for passing the sides on to me

The State Senior side will be off the Tweed Heads at the beginning of October to play in the National Sides series
To help their preparation they will play a side assembled from the State squad at Yokine on Sunday starting at 1.00pm

Some very interesting selections for the State squad with David Downey, Ryan Moyle and Matt Ayres up against the best of over 60 leads. This front end clash will be a highlight of this game

Looking at how much the over 60 leads have achieved over the year each has been extremely good.
Grant Nicol, a proven lead, one of the highlights he has accumulated along the way was defeating Brett Wilkie in the National final to get a berth in the International PBA.
Fred Holt starred as a lead for Manning who made it to the Preliminary final in the PL.
The best left hander east of the causeway Glyn Vaughan, won a State an National Pairs titles, also a Senior State Singles and Pairs winner and still going like an everready battery.

David Downey represented Australia in the 18 and under Trans Tasman Series and is a National Junior singles Champ. Matt Ayes a State pairs winner and a runner up in the Aus Open Singles in 2013.
As we said what a clash it should be. Ryan Moyle an up comer with a lot of potential

After that both sides have heaps of experience and all are playing PL except Wayne Coyle who live in the country and Ryan Moyle. Good to see Scott Walker getting a game for the State squad

G. Evans (sk), L. Thorn 3rd, F. Carbone 2nd, G. Nicol
C. Adams (sk), D. Patterson, S. Bainbridge, D. Downey

G. White (sk) S. Perica 3rd, G. King 2nd, F. Holt
J. Slavich (sk), M. Mitchell, S. Walker, R. Moyle

S. O'Neil (sk), W.Coyle 3rd , J. Barry 2nd. G Vaughan
T. Mitchell (sk), K. McIlroy, D. Rankin, M. Ayres

August 20, 2014
BowlsWA today announced the Men's State Senior side to play in the National Sides series to be held at Tweed Heads on October 5th - 10th. Trials were held Saturday afternoon and Sunday Morning at the Innaloo Bowling club on a surface that would generate similar speed to what the players will encounter at Tweed Heads.


G. Evans (sk), L. Thorn 3rd, F. Carbone 2nd, G. Nicol

G. White (sk) S. Perica 3rd, G. King2nd, F. Holt

S. O'Neil (sk), W.Coyle 3rd , J. Barry 2nd. G Vaughan,

A new selection panel this year consisting of Roger Barns, Mike Zusman and Brian Burton had a tough job to select the final side with several players playing well in the trials and putting themselves in contention for selection, some were very unlucky to miss the final side.

It was also unfortunate that gun skip Tony Krajancic became unavailable for selection due to work commitments

The good thing about the trials is player performance in the two games was to be the determining factor, and good to see that be used as the yardstick for selection. The unavailability of three players from last years side, sees five new players to take their place in the side,

Three time winner of the best player award (still un-named) in the Senior State side National sides series, Wings Evans regaining his skippers role, his form was outstanding when recalled to that position for Premier League side Osborne Park halfway thru the season.
They don't come anymore determined and skilled than the 2011 State Pairs winner, and not forgetting the 2014 Senior State singles winner and the Triples title as well in 2012

The only player to have played in the Seniors State side since it's inception in 2007, Lindsay "Prickles' Thorn is back in the engine room playing 3rd, a good choice not only for his ability but also because of his astuteness reading the head, he has many major titles to his credits
................................................................... Frank Carbone
NEW Frank Carbone an excellent player with huge drawshot ability, in the past has been a runner up in the State Triples and earlier this year won the Champion of Champion Pairs title, a player who can play a great 3rd's game as well, a very good selection indeed

Grant "the General" Nicol, one of the best leaders in West Australia, it is really good to see the genial General back to good health after a harrowing six months. A winner of two Caffell medals for best player at Osborne Pk and both in premiership winning years. A quality lead who is never beaten.

Geoff White has been a wonderful Senior State side team member for some years now, he has finally cracked getting a skippers berth and why not. He is a key player in that role for Kardinya, if his performance in the premier league game against OP at OP last season is anything to go by, he is well and truly ready for the job ahead. We didn't christen him with "Mighty Whitey" for nothing after that performance

................................................................ Sam Perica
NEW Sam Perica we hear trialled very well and good to see him make the side. It seems Sam Perica is forever improving his game. He has been at the business end in several major events , runner up in the State Fours in 2009, semi-final of State fours this year, also last 8 of the State singles this year are some that we are aware of, he has the skill and will be an ideal 3rd

.................................................................... Fred Holt
NEW Fred Holt a really beaut person is perhaps an underrated player, but that is far from reality where his outstanding leading ability has stood the Manning Eagles PL side in good stead over the past three seasons. Fred has been a versatile player and a great team man in clubs he has been associated with.
I recall He also was a member of the best performed rink in One Blue Sth for Vic Park in season 2008-9, playing 3rd in that side

Steve O'Neil retained his place as skip for this series, a wonderful team man who possess a lot of skill, played many fine games in the skippers role for OP. A winner and skipper of the 2013 State fours and a country week singles title some years back

NEW: Wayne Coyle a very passionate player and previous State selector who knows what is required to win at this level. He won a Country week singles championship some years back, a terrific achievement considering the amount of games that are played to become the winner. A solid player at Stirling and part of their most successful side of recent times when they made the final four in 2012.

NEW Jim Barry: A regular second for the Doubleview PL side Has come under notice with good displays in the State singles, a semi-finalist in the State Singles in 2013 among his many fine performances.

Glyn Vaughan has been an outstanding contributor to the State Senior side over a long period of time. An all rounder and still retains that sparkling touch he is well renouned for and can fill any postition with aplomb. Winner of the Senior State Pairs title in 2007 and the Senior State singles in 2013

Pat Caffell, unavailble
Pat Buller unavailable
Gordon Twist unavailable
Dinko Golem unavailable
John Trewhella omitted

June 25, 2014
BowlsWA announced the 2014 24 man squad from which the final side will be selected on the 22nd of July 2014 to represent West Australia in the National Senior Sides series to be held at Tweed Heads next October.

The trials at Innaloo Bowling Club on Saturday 19th July at 1.00 PM and  Sunday 20th July at 9.30 AM

This year there has been two changes to the selection panel with Mike Zusman and Brian Burton coming on board. Roger Barns has remained as both a selector and manager of the side.

Roger Barns has been a selector/manager for six years and also represented WA for 2 seasons prior to that as a player, he has done an outstanding job serving the interests of WA Bowls, not only in this area but in many other areas as well. He has also been a State selector for the Men's State team in the past, he is very much aware of what is required to win the series

Mike Zusman has vast experience as a player and is well versed in what is required for a side to be successful having been a part of the halcyon days of the Cockburn Bowling Club who have been the most successful Club in the history of the sport here in WA. He also brings to the table 85 games experience representing WA in the Men's National sides series.

Brian Burton is new to the job of selecting and will learn plenty from his fellow selectors

It will a difficult time for the selectors in deciding the makeup of the side when it will be announced, no doubt the trials will have a big influence as to who travel's on the plane to play in Queensland and who will stay at home.

A quick glance at the side shows the selectors have chosen a very strong 24 man squad with 16 of the players playing Premier League last season, the remainder will most probably will be playing in the PL this season apart from the country players

Last season the series was played at Belmont in Victoria and without a doubt it was the worst ever series that has been experienced weather wise, it rained a lot during the week of the series, that combined with bitterly cold winds, we were told it took the boys a week to thaw out when they arrived home, it is a credit to the players to have endured playing in such conditions

The following players to trial not in any order are as follows,

T.Krajancic, L. Thorn, J. Barry, G. Regan.
G Vaughan, D Golem, H. Christensen, R. Bolton.
M. Grigsby, J. McElroy, W.Coyle, G. Evans.
G. King, J. Francisco, F. Carbone, T. Hockey.
S. O'Neil, G. White, F. Holt, B. Dinnison.
P. Pendergast, G. Nicol, S. Perica, J. Trewhella.

Nine players from last years side are included in the 2014 squad, those missing are Pat Caffell who is on a trip around Australia, Pat Buller, and Gordon Twist who were unavailable for selection

Top notch skipper Tony Krajancic has been welcomed back to the squad after missing the previous series due to work committments and will make a difference

New to the squad are some very talented players, Fred Holt, Sam Perica, Paul Pendergast, Butch Dinnison, and Jim Barry.
Also included in the squad are three country players, former State Coach Wayne Coyle from Dunsborough, Geraldton's Mark Grigsby the winning skipper of the Country Week fours and Jim McElroy who hails from Collie and has represented the Northern Territory in past series

Ross Bolton, Frank Carbone, Harold Christensen and Greg Regan retained their place in the squad which has been reduced from 32 down to 24.

Best of luck to the players in their endeavours to make the side to play at Tweed Heads

......... West Australian Senior State side 2013 ....................
John Trewhella (sk)Pat Buller, Glyn Vaughan, Gordon Twist
Steve O'Neil (sk), Pat Caffell, Gordon King, Grant Nicol
Dinko Golem (sk), Wings Evans, Geoff White, Prickles Thorn



The man responsible to get the whole seniors concept in W.A up and running,
A job well done by Diamond Jim


Roger Barns
Team Manager

has done an enormous amount of work for sport in a variety positions at all levels He has retired from playing in the Seniors and now continues to contribute to the well being of the Seniors by becoming a selector

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