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November 17, 2010
Welcome to the Osborne Park Ladies section.

The Ladies Club Championship Fours were concluded last thursay,

November 17, 2010

The Osborne Park Ladies Fours Championship concluded this week and congratulations to the winning team of

Lesley Wooldridge, Judy Golding, Beth Duffy and Carol Hansen – and sub. Lesley Bell.

Winning 21-11 against

Runners-up Mary Buktenica, Mary Slavich, Sylvia Pynes and Margaret Gunn.

Plate winners -
Muriel Nipperus, Phyl Lind, Joan O'Grady and Hazel Brotherston.

For the first time a ladies final was played in the evening, and the remaining Championship finals this season will also be played in the evening at the same time as the men's finals. Next will be the Triples, scheduled for Friday 17th December.

Apart from a few dramas such as the lights failing at one end of the green and particularly cool weather, the celebration which followed was a happy affair..

Hopefully there will be more spectators to cheer on the combatants when the weather is warmer.

The green, as usual was running beautifully. Though it was a strain on the player's eyes for a while, there was certainly no strain on the back or shoulders.

-------------- L/R: Beth Duffy, Leslie Bell, Judy Golding, Leslie Wollridge


RUNNER UP 2010-----
---------L/R: Mary Buktenica, Mary Slavich, Sylvia Pynes, Margaret Gunn.