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Osborne Park Archie--pairs AG Tuesday 1.00 pm...... 3 Bowl pairs AG Thursday 1.00 PM


Hollywood Master Pairs Nov 23rd Details
Armadale Breakfast mixed 4's Nov 29th Details
Nollamara Festive 4's Dec 13th Details
Yokine Any Gender Xmas Split 4's Dec 20th Details
State Triples 2nd div/and under Jan 2 / 3rd 2016 Details
Triples entry form Entry form Form
Yarloop Lightning Pairs Jan 2-3rd Jan 2016 Details
Basso shots up Split 4's Jan 2-3rd Jan 2016 Details
Golden Grain Split 4s AG Jan 12-13 Jan 2016 Details
Rockingham Fours March 5th 2016 Details
Thornlie Ravens AG Fours March 5 - 6th 2016 Details
Ravens nomination form March 5 - 6th 2016 Details

Radio show

November 28 2015
Radio show back on the airwaves and on most Saturday mornings with host Kyle McIlroy and Gavin Faukner
The show starts at 7.00 am going thru till 8.00 am.

Guests this week
Cory Bessant
Kristina Krstic
Grant Nicol

Listen live

One White preview

November 27, 2015
Many thanks to the White Knight who previews round 6....

One White Preview

Senior Master Pairs results

November 24, 2015
The Hollywood Senior Master Pairs started on Monday, some early results are in, section play continues on Wednesday and Friday


Wedding video

November 26, 2015
It is really good to see one of the famous Ball family Terry Ball, returning to bowls after a break from the game, Once a topliner and he can still go with the best of them and will resume his long and fruitful career this week playing with the Kardy Kats in their One Blue side.

How strange that upon his return to the bowling scene that we would receive a wedding video, the sender's caption stating " Terry Ball's wedding Pics " Oh boy was this a great wedding video, but is it really him?


One Blue North/ South Previews

November 26, 2015
Ron previews for round six.

Blue South Preview

One Blue Nth

Premier League preview

November 26, 2015
The 6th RD round of PL pennants brings us the top four sides Basso V Manning and Cambridge playing Osborne Park up against one and other
Other games will play a role in determining the shape of the premiership ladder

Osborne Park newsletter

November 27, 2015
Osborne Pk Latest news letter

Meals Menu

Worth a look

November 25, 2015
Thanks to John for this video
No English translation needed, You must watch it to the end



November 24, 2015
A couple of players switches Clubs


Osborne Pk Championship Pairs.

November 24, 2015
The Osborne Park Club Championship pairs got underway on Sunday...

Draw for the Sorrento Masters singles

November 23, 2015
The draw for the 2015 master Singles was made available this afternoon
The draw

One White review....

November 23, 2015
One White review with the White Knight.....
White Review

One Blue reviews

November 23, 2015
Ron Head with the One Blue North/South reviews

Blue North Review

Blue South review

Premier League review

November 21, 2015
Premier League results,

PL ladder and stats

One White ladder and stats

Blue Nth ladder and stats

Blue Sth ladder and stats


It was reported on this site yesterday that Marko Kranjancic had played his last game for Cockburn. Also that he would never return to the Club, this part is not neccessarily correct, Marko has not been suspended by the Club, he can play in all events if he choses to do so.
What is true, is It would appear that he will not play pennants for Cockburn anytime soon or in the future.

Over 60's Monday carnival more players wanted

November 20, 2015
The next monthly carnival will be at Osborne Park on the 23rd November
Be there at for a 9.30 am Start

Dress Mufti
Split 4's
To nominate please ring

Trevor Barron on 0431 160 008
Roger Barns on 0418 959 930

Perth Bowls Centre Tipping Competition

November 27, 2015



We thank Dennis Pattullo from the Perth Bowls Centre located in Canning Vale for his kindness and continued support. Once again he has donated two sets of Henselite bowls for the pennant tipping competition this year.
The winner can select both the type and colour of any of the Henselite range of bowls.

Perth Bowls Centre

New registrations must answer the question at the bottom of the registration page
A DOG WAGS HIS .......if you don't answer this very easy question you won't be registered.

Sorrento Master Singles

November 20, 2015
Sorrento are still looking for another ten starters for the 6th December.


State Senior Triples

November 17, 2015
Congrats to the Osborne Park trio Steve O`Neil, Gordon King, Grant Nicol and the runners up Jim Stean, Terry McCormack, Dave Bradbury

Finals Results

There was a rain delay of around 40 minutes when the score was 10-5 in favour of Steve O`Neil

Final Live scores

November 17, 2015

The finals of the senior State Triples are being played at Osborne Park today
We will endeavour to bring live scored for all games
First score available from here on it will be around 20 minute intervals
Live scores

Bowls for Savusavu

November 17, 2015
Bowls for Savusavu is a non profit organisation created to provide for the construction and initial set up of a Bowling green and club in Savusavu in Fiji. Their mission is..

"To build and install an international standard bowling facility for the Savusavu community that will provide a benefit and source of ongoing income for all residents and the community" The bowling greens have been designed by leading Australian greenskeepers and are to a full international standard size of 40m x 40m"

Bowls for Savusavu need your help in funding this worthwhile project. You can directly donate, become a sponsor, provide goods such as bowls/lawnmowers etc or become an annual member of the club. Membership comes with 2 nights free twin share accommodation at the Hot Springs Hotel in Fiji, a major supporter of this project.

Further information and details on how to donate can be found

Senior State Triples section results

November 16, 2015
The senior State triples section play results for todays game, the winners were ....

November 17, 2015
Some post sectional results
Ian James 18 def Greg Reagan 11
Geoff White 13 def Sam Perica 12
Jim Stean 14 def Joe Hofgesang 11
Ross Bolton 15 def Paul Loveland 13

Radio show

Senior State triples draw

November 13, 2015
The Senior State Triples gets underway on Monday with section play at the Manning and Osborne Park Bowling Clubs. The defending champions Geoff White Frank Carbone and Glyn Vaughan will defend their title starting at Osborne Park


Leeming Ladies PL team

November 11, 2015
The Leeming Ladies Premier League 16 this season were tipped to finish dead last. Well that prediction was well off the pace.
After three games they have defeated Manning who have 13 Ladies in the State squad, Osborne Park who have two lady selectors, HHmm that is a good time to play at your best. They followed up on those two wins by defeating the other powerhouse of the competion Mosman Pk

Take a bow ladies
Sue Neill (sk) Maggie Newton, D. Daniel, Jan Pass
Pam Webber(sk) Karyn Mears, Sue Syme, Chris Bolt
Pam Strongman (sk) Sue Shaw, Lucy Tinley, Lynley Rennick


Osborne Park Club Championship fours

November 9, 2015
The Osborne Park Club Championship fours final winners were.....

Sportsmans Melbourne Cup carnival results

November 6, 2015
Sorry we are late with the results of the Sportsmans Melbourne Cup carnival, as we always say, better late than never. The winners were....


Player profiles with Ron Head
Reg Humphryson

November 5, 2015
Wanneroo's Reg Humphryson, a man who has made a huge contribution to the sport. Ron Head caught up with him during the week ..........


Should the format for the Sorrento Master Singles be changed

October 27, 2015
The Sorrento Master singles is due to start soon. While we have confirmation the event will be held this year. We have signaled that the event is in danger of being scrapped from 2016
We would ask bowlers who are qualified to play in the event to register a vote on their preference of format, straight knockout or section play


Roley Ireland

October 27, 2015
Melville stalwart Roley Ireland recently played a Club record number of games......

Letters page

October 9, 2015
ONE LETTER --- Greens and starting times


Perth Bowls Centre Tipping Competition

November 27, 2015

We thank Dennis Pattullo from the Perth Bowls Centre located in Canning Vale for his kindness and continued support. Once again he has donated two sets of Henselite bowls for the pennant tipping competition this year.
The winner can select both the type and colour of any of the Henselite range of bowls.

Perth Bowls Centre


All tips must be in by 5 pm friday, to avoid missing your tips do it early in the week or straight after you look at the results, remember that tippers can change their tips anytime as long as they do it by 5 pm Friday.

To see the tips before and after the conclusion of a round click the link to that round. Best of luck to all tippers
The first round consists of 9 games which will be completed in December 2015.

The usual rules apply, if a tipper misses a round he is awarded the away games results, on ocassions this sometimes proves to be lucky for the tipper

Tippers can use their previous username and password or register a new one.

New registrations must answer the question at the bottom of the registration page
A DOG WAGS HIS .......if you don't answer this very easy question you won't be registered.



Our jokes man Eddy

October 7, 2015
Many thanks to Eddy
Ever wonder how they found the Boston bombers in just a few days? This may help you to understand what the government is looking at. The photo you see on the link below was taken in Canada and shows about 700,000 people.

Hard to disappear in a crowd. Pick on a small part of the crowd click a couple of times -- wait -- click a few more times and see how clear each individual face will become each time. Or use the wheel on your mouse.

This picture was taken with a 70,000 x 30,000 pixel camera (2100 Mega Pixels.) These cameras are not sold to the public and are being installed in strategic locations. The camera can identify a face among a multitude of people.

Place your computer's cursor in the mass of people and double-click a couple times. Scary sharp!! Not so easy to hide in a crowd anymore


Why are WA starting the pennant season so late?

October 6, 2015
Have West Australian pennant players noticed that other Australian States are starting their pennant season and game starting times a lot earlier that we are. Our weather is better than theirs, they start the pennant games earlier and don't forget they have daylight saving
It is time for some forward thinking by the board to bring about change.

What do bowlers think? read the facts and vote.

Sorrento Master Singles in danger

October 3, 2015
The Sorrento Masters Singles is being held again this year, however, the life of this event will be entirely in the hands of the players that qualify.

I have had good support from a small and loyal band of players, but over the last few years numbers have been dwindling, with result that we may have to consider abandoning the event altogether.

There is a lot of time and effort that goes into the planning and running of this event, as well as good sponsorship funds, and unless these costs can be justified with good fields, cancelling the event is a very real option.

I therefore urge all players that qualify to enter as soon as possible, to make sure that not only does the event occur this year, but is supported sufficiently to carry on next year.

Prize money is still good, and entry fee is still the same at $30 per head, as it has been for some years. I therefore urge all interested players to enter as soon as possible.

Entry form

Regards - Ian Wittber - Tournament Director

Personality profile

August 10, 2015
It has been a while since we have had a personality profile, Ron Head has been out and about and caught up with the highly respected and well liked Tim Murray for a chat.

Sportsmans carnival results

August 4, 2015
Sportsmans held their split fours carnival yesterday, the winners were....


Voting power of clubs out of whack

July 15, 2015
Clubs were asked to vote on the The three rink issue, 25 voted against the proposal, 23 Clubs voted in favour.

Three rink proposal deferred

July 15, 2015
The BowlsWA three rink proposal has been deferred for 12 months.

Many thanks to BowlsWA President Graham Leeks who has replied to the many letters we received, explaining the set of circumstances and outcome of the three rink issue that has been bubbling along over the past two months.

A couple of video's

June 11, 2015
We have had this video on previously but it because it is one of the better ones we receive from time to time, so like Humphry Bogart said in the film Casablanca" play it again Sam"

June 10, 2015
Thanks to Eddy for another video, if you are into card tricks then you will like this video
Card trick

Eddy Video

June 4, 2015
Many thanks to Eddy our jokes man for sending in this entertaining video, it got the thumbs up from the little Lady

Men in coats

Egg trick

May 22, 2015
Many thanks to our Jokes man Eddy for sending in this Johnny Carson video

Egg trick


April 3, 2008
The opinions expressed in this Bowls Column are not necessarily the views of the Osborne Park Bowling Club Board, Management or its members. and is written as a matter of general interest and news in the public interest to lawn bowlers worldwide.
Terry Sheridan.
Without Prejudice

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