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Osborne Park Bowling Club Bingo every Monday eyes down 7.30 pm come on over to Osborne Park and enjoy your self.Osborne Park Bowling Club Bingo every Monday eyes down 7.30 pm come on over to Osborne Park and enjoy your self.

Open Meeting regarding proposed pennant structure

February 23, 2017
Hello Sherro.
I Feel that the upcoming meeting on the 14th of March, should be an open meeting for all capitated players not just club reps.

There are so many people out there who are totally confused by what is going on. This includes club reps who often put a watered down version of what the members voice is on a lot of various subjects (including this one) at executive meetings.

With this, I feel all bowlers should be able to attend the meeting &vote on another drastic change to the pennant season, not just left to a few to decide for many.

Thanks Sherro.
Peter Aungier

Osborne Park Welcome fours

February 23, 2017
Trevor Barron is looking for one Country team to fill the Welcome Fours for next Thursday, a late withdrawal has left the field one team short. Please ring Trevor on 0431 160 008

One White
Preview round Fifteen

February 23, 2017
Rd FIFTEEN Preview

February 13, 2017
Rd FOURTEEN review

Thanks to Ron Head for the preview/review of this weeks round of pennants.

One Blue Sth Preview rd FIFTEEN

February 23, 2017
One Blue Sth rd 15 preview

February 20, 2017
Rd Fourteen review One Blue Sth
Many Thanks to Ron Head for these review--previews

Premier League preview rd 15

February 23, 2017

Preview Rd 15

PL Skipper Stats

Country Week preview
with T-Bone Jones

February 23, 2017
Country Week starts next Friday with bowlers from all points of the compass making the annual trek to participate in W.A's largest event.
The best and well known Country identity T-Bone Jones, a man who has his finger on the pulse where nothing gets past him, in fact if he hasn't heard about it then it hasn't happened.

He goes into extraordinary depth and detail and is at his analytical best (Broadcasting legend Bruce McAvaney could learn something here), to give us his thoughts as to why, where and who will win the Country Week Singles, Pairs and fours titles.

Country week

Doubleview Master Pairs

February 21, 2017

Review finals

Desktop Results

Mobile Phone results

Review of the last 16 on day three

Review of 2nd day of section play

A Meeting in regard to the proposed pennant changes for next season

February 21, 2017
It was an interesting discussion held on radio last Saturday morning between BowlsWA CEO Ken Pride and John Goddard in relation to the proposed pennant changes to be in place for next season.

A further development since the discussion, Club representives of all Clubs are invited to attend a meeting scheduled for Tuesday March 14th, 6:00 PM at the Osborne Park Bowling Club premises.

People who are concerned with these proposed changes are urged to canvas the President and committees of their Club as to their views on the proposed changes, also ask members of the BowlsWA Management Committee, the Match and fixtures panel and the BowlsWA board about the change.

John Goddard PH: 0438 921 842


Osborne Park Ladies Club Championship singles final

February 21, 2017
The final of the Osborne Park Club Ladies Championship Singles final was completed last Friday evening the winner was ....


One Blue North Preview round Fourteen

February 21, 2017
Review RD 14

February 17, 2017
Preview RD 14

Many Thanks to the White Knight who will be doing the One Blue North reports this season.....

Wally Stevens

February 21, 2017
Many thanks to Ron Head for his story on Footy legend and lawn bowler extraodinaire for Innaloo, the ageless Wally Stevens.


Premier League Review rd 14

February 19, 2017

Review Rd 14

PL Skipper Stats

One White ladder and stats

Blue Nth ladder and stats Many thanks to the clubs for their prompt assistance

Blue Sth Ladder and stats

Tipping competition

Osborne Park any gender Friday night cash pairs

February 3rd winners

Commencing Friday, February 3rd and on every Friday night

Osborne Park Friday night any gender cash pairs 2 x 4 x 2.
Starts 6.30 PM
$20 per team
Dress Mufti
Table draw
All welcome, any gender and any pair combination
To Nominate a team ring Lionel Bell 0428 970 720

St Ives Cup

Cambridge Bowling Club will again host the very popular St. Ives Cup on Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th April.
Numbers are limited to 28 teams this year only, so get your entry in as soon as possible.
All Country and metro bowlers are welcome. Phone Neil Bolton 0418 913 436 or download the attached forms to enter.
See details and Forms
Should you wish to get more information on the services provided by the sponsor, St Ives Realty, please go to their website at
St Ives

Carnival Guide

Osborne Pk Master Singles date yet to be released  
Vic Park Quick and the dead February 26 Details
Sth Perth Welcome fours March 1st-2nd Details
Thornlie Ravens Classic flyer and form March 4-5th Details
Lady Master Singles March 3-4-5th Details
Morley Millions Pairs March 12th Details
Fremantle Split 4's AG March 26th Details
Quinns Rocks any gender Triples April 1st Details
St Ives Cup April 8 - 9th Details
Wanneroo Any Gender Split fours April Saturday 15th Details
Nth Territory Carnival guide April to October Details

Metropolitan team named for the Allstars game

February 18, 2017
BowlsWA announced the team team to play the Country Allstars Thursday March 2nd at Osborne Park
We also have the Country Allstars team and hopefully we will have the draw a little later.

The sides

Blake Nairn helps out

February 18, 2017
Quairading Bowling club held one of their carnivals recently....


BPL series in New Zealand

February 17, 2017
Clive Adams will be on his way to New Zealand after his appointment to be part of the commentary panel for the BPL (Bowls Premier League) series to be broadcast live on Fox Sport starting on the 27th February.

His duties include crowd involvement, before and after game interviews and introducing players to the audience.

Clive, who was involved with the BPL as a player in the first three series has a wealth of experience in both the print media as the Sunday Times Bowls writer and has his own radio program.

For those who are not aware, his radio program is broadcast on Saturday mornings at station 89.7 FM, a show he has been involved with for many years.

We wish him well and look forward to his input in the upcoming series.

Stirling Club Singles Championship

February 15, 2017
Stirling recently held their Club Singles Championship, the winner was....
Stirling winner

Cambridge Club Singles Championship

January 18, 2017

Cambridge Singles Winner

Pairs winners

BowlsSA conditions of play

February 15, 2017
Thanks to Aaron Dellaporte for sending the rule regarding abandonment of play in Sth Australia.
The 50/50 rule was scrapped in readiness for the 2017 season.


A couple of video's

February 15, 2017
Many thanks to John for sending in this humorous video, hope you enjoy it as much as we did


Thank you to Mike for sending in this amazing Card trick which was developed by magician after attacks in France
Card trick

Feel young again, thanks to Eddy our jokes man.

Letters page

February 15, 2017
FOUR letters regarding the abandoned mid-week fixtures last Thursday.

The 3rd letter provides a possibles solution to the abandoned games issue.
THREE Letters

February 13, 2017
Another letter today and a good read it is
ELEVEN Letters

A letter from a very concerned John Goddard regarding the pennant restructure scheduled for next season. We would urge visitors to have a good read of the link in John's letter.
More letters today indicate there is growing concern regarding the proposed Pennant restructure.

February 11, 2017
THREE Letters regarding rain affected greens

THREE Letters

We thank John Goddard who has replied to all letter writers on the subject of the pennant restructure issue
John's reply

February 4, 2017
THREE letters regarding roll up up until 10 minutes before starting time for pennants
THREE Letters
One letter regarding late inclusion of a player to the State side

Osborne Park Club Championship singles final

February 14, 2017
The final of the Osborne Park Club Championship Singles final was completed on Sunday the winner was ....

Finals results

February 7, 2017
Osborne Park Saints started their Club Championship singles last weekend, section play was completed and the field is down to the semi-finals

Last 16 results

Premier League review rd 13

February 12, 2017
All scores now on site.

review Rd 13

PL Skipper Stats

One White ladder and stats

Blue Nth ladder and stats

Blue Sth Ladder and stats

Tipping competition

Rain affected greens

February 10, 2017
Extreme weather conditions have affected many greens in the Metro area, there is some doubt they will be made availabe for pennants this Saturday.
Doubleview greenkeeper Aron Faulkner is concerned about the likely negetive effect it will have playing on the greens this Saturday and has written a letter expressing his concern


Confucius Says

February 10, 2017
Thanks to Steve for this wise Confucius quote


Osborne Park newsletter

February 23, 2017
Osborne Pk Latest news letter


Bistro Menu


Seniors State singles championship finals

February 8, 2017
It was a marvellous day at Osborne Park for the State Seniors finals, the winner was ......
Finals review

The finals start at 9.30am at Osborne Park this morning. Score updates after each round.
Last eight review

Scores live updates, it is a close game between Gary Caffell and Grant Nicol

Mobile Phone

Men's Draw

Ladies draw

New format from Greg Kelly

February 8, 2017
The very highly regarded Greg Kelly sent this article to us in 2014 regarding a pennant format that is different.
He says "Nothing has change except brown shoes . colour clothing and coloured bowls - BUT nothing is DIFFERENT"


Interzone report with Peter Rogalski

February 7, 2017
Many thanks to Peter Rogalski who gone to great lengths to bring us his report on the Interzone round robin, It is greatly appreciated Peter


February 5, 2017
Allstars team announced

February 5, 2017
Thanks to Peter Rogalski for sending these day one results of the Interzone round robin played at Halls head, the event continues on today

Premier League review rd 12

February 4, 2017
All scores now on site.

review Rd 12

PL Skipper Stats

One White ladder and stats

Blue Nth ladder and stats

Blue Sth Ladder and stats

Tipping competition

Osborne Park Ladies championship Triples

February 23, 2017
Osborne Pk Latest news letter, many thanks to Aileen Gemmell

Ladies Championship Triples

Ladies Championship Pairs

Bistro Menu


Doubleview Master Pairs draw

February 3, 2017
Doubleview released the draw for the Master Pairs this morning. The event will get underway Feb 12th


Henselite Perth Bowls centre tipping competition
2nd round commences Saturday Jan 14th
Tipping closes Fridays

February 23, 2017
We thank the Manager of Perth Bowls Centre Dennis Pattulo who has kindly continued his sponsorship of the Osborne Park Bowling Club website and donated two sets of bowls for our tipping competition. Please write your user name and password down in case you need to contact me should an issue arise. Tippers can use last years username and password

To log in and sign up
Tipping competition

Roger Federer

February 1, 2017
Many thanks to John Terrell for sending in this article on Roger Federer the Australian Tennis single champ 2017

It shows a side of the tennis great that many would not be aware of, he is very popular in Australia, this is just one of the many reaons for his amazing popularity.


Eddy video

January 30, 2017
Many thanks to Eddy our jokes man for this terrific video

This is a classic; they sure don't make PMs like they used to! Could you imagine the prim and proper Howard, Rudd, Gillard, Turnbull pretenders carrying on like this? …

Bob Hawke

Henselite Perth Bowls centre tipping competition
2nd round commences Saturday Jan 14th
Tipping closes Fridays

February 23, 2017
We thank the Manager of Perth Bowls Centre Dennis Pattulo who has kindly continued his sponsorship of the Osborne Park Bowling Club website and donated two sets of bowls for our tipping competition. Please write your user name and password down in case you need to contact me should an issue arise. Tippers can use last years username and password

To log in and sign up
Tipping competition

Inter-League round robin
with T-Bone Jones

January 26, 2017
The Inter-League round robin is due to kick off soon, Well known Country identity T-Bone Jones, a man who should know, goes into extraordinary depth and detail and is at his analytical best to give us his thoughts as to why, where and who will win this event!!

Country week

Gary Caffell
30 years to miss a game of pennants

January 26, 2017
Gary Caffell, a long time Osborne Park player has gone 32 seasons with out missing one game of Saturday pennants. That golden run came to an end recently. We asked him to name some of the many highlights in those past 30 years.


Practice before a pennant game

January 24, 2017
We are trying to gauge if bowlers would be happy if the 90 minute cut off time prior to the start of a penant game was changed to allow them to practice on the green they are to play on up until 10 minutes before start time.

As it is now W.A bowlers are not allowed to practice on the green they will play on 90 minutes before the start of a pennant game.
Is it time to revisit this rule and allow practice up until ten minutes before the start time and eliminate the two end practice roll up.


State Singles draw down to the finals

January 23, 2017

Finals review

We will bring score updates during the semi-final and final starting around 10-30 am

Desktop viewers

Mobile phone users

Review of today's last 16

Review of the follow on play

Men's Preview

State Singles draw

January 12, 2017

We have had a look at the Men's draw to see if we can select a winner or two

Men's Preview

February 23, 2017

BowlsWA released the Ladies State singles draw, section play will kick off on Sunday 21st January.
Ladies draw


January 11, 2017
Hold that Tiger! Claremont are looking to bolster their playing stocks and sign a couple of players who might help in that regard

January 4, 2017
Basso star back in the Lion's den


Murray District Bowling League Claims title

January 10, 2017
Congratulations to the Murray District Bowling League who won the South West Bowling Zone Inter-League Round Robin which was conducted on the weekend of the 7th and 8th January at the Bunbury Bowling Club.


Nth Perth Phil Atherton triples results

January 9, 2017
The Nth Perth Phil Atherton Triples was completed on Saturday.. the winners were ...

State 2nd Division and under State Triples scores

January 8, 2017

Finals wrap

Desktop Scores

Mobile Phone Scores

Down to the last eight of the State 2nd Division and under State Triples played at Osborne Park today

Last Eight


January 3, 2017
We take a closer look at the State 2nd division and under State triples draw scheduled for this coming weekend

2ND Div draw

Osborne park Saturday afternoon drawn pairs

February 23, 2017
Osborne Park have started a Saturday afternoon drawn pairs competition.
If there are any players not involved in Pennants or those who can't get a game and would like a game of pairs...come to Osborne Park

State team announced

December 12, 2016
BowlsWA announced the State side to represent WA in the National Sides series to be held in Sth Australia

Men's Team

Ladies team

Lady Master Singles

December 12, 2016
The Ladies Master Singles will be held in March 2017 at the Mosman Park Bowling Club
For more details click this link or refer to our Carnival guide down the page.

Thanks to Eddy our jokes man

December 8, 2016
Many thanks to Eddy for sending in this video "The Colorectal Surgeon" we hope our visitors enjoy this one as much as we did


Tweet from Chicago

November 29, 2016
Thanks to Eddy our Jokes man.

"I thought my vasectomy would keep my wife from getting pregnant But apparently it just changes the color of the baby."

BPL comment

November 18, 2016
The Bowls Premier League was finalised last week, my comment would have been published earlier but we had some incorrect information.
We can be sure some visitors will disagree with my view but that is how I saw it sitting in my lounge chair from afar.


Three Letters

Welcome to our new sponsor Crediflex

November 13, 2016
Many thanks to Bill Brandsma, partner of Crediflex, a Company that is involved in Home Loan, Equipment Finance, Business solutions and Property Fianance for their support and sponsorship of the Osborne Park Bowling Club website.

Bill is one of the most liked and highly respected people in the world of Lawn Bowls and a keen supporter of the great game of Lawn Bowls. His involvement in our sport doesn't stop there, he is a very community minded person and puts a lot of time into coaching young footballers which includes some who are who on the edge of breaking into the AFL.

At one stage in his younger days back in around 1980 Bill was in the W.A State Cricket squad playing as leg spin bowler. Around that time he also played along side Dennis Lillee, Ian King, Bob Paulson and Pakistani great Mustaq Mohhommad for the Perth Cricket Club.

Bill transferred to Kalgoorlie with the ANZ bank in 1981, but after suffering a knee injury he seemed to disappear off the cricketing landscape. As a good-natured chap and fine cricketing craftsman, you'd go a long way to find one better.

Many thanks to John Terrell for this piece of information.

If any of our visitors are contemplating a loan please make Bill your first port of call.

No change to State Senior pairs format

November 4, 2016
There is no alteration to the State Seniors Pairs format despite a call for change by many of those who play in the event


November 1, 2016
Latest news from the Ladies pennant scene

Lady News

Clever youTUBE

October 31, 2016
Thanks to John for sending this clever youTUBE, how do they make these things is the intriguing question


Slow play a concern

October 26, 2016
The State fours finals were concluded last Sunday. It is time for BowlsWA to reconsider the need to have the Men's and Ladies finals start at the same time, it not neccessary and inconvenient not only to the participants, but to spectators as well.....


Some humour for Friday

October 21, 2016
Thanks to Eddy for this very well put together video, hope you enjoy it as much as my little Lady did


Amazing rope trick

September 22, 2016
Many thanks to our jokes man Eddy for this without a doubt, best ever rope trick video.

Rope Trick

Thanks to John for the latest in the world of Ducks

Thanks to John for this video.

Mandoon Estate
Wins best wine of the Royal show

September 6, 2016
Mandoon Estate continues the stellar run it has been enjoying over a long period of time and is going from strength to strength. They recently won the best wine award of the Royal Show with their Frankland Reserve Shiraz 2014, it is a simply outstanding wine. Mandoon's Reserve Shiraz won the best red wine They won three awards in all.

Call in to the Mandoon Estate and sample their magnificent wines, you will be so glad you did.


BowlsWA go it alone and sponsor the Australian Premier League series

August 9, 2016
BowlsWA will sponsor W.A's participation in the annual BPL (formerly known as the APL) Fox television program due to the lack of a primary sponsor.

We are asking visitors to this site to tell us their feelings as to whether or not BowlsWA should be paying this fee on behalf of WA Bowlers......


Mandoon wins best wheat beer award

August 8, 2016
Congratulations to Allan Erceg and the Homestead Brewery after winning the Cryer Malt Trophy for best wheat draught named Kaisers Choice at the Perth Royal Show.
I must say it is one of the highlights for Sherro when I visit the Mandoon Homestead Brewery to sit down and enjoy a pint of Kaisers Choice Wheat Beer.
It is simply the best and little wonder the Homestead Brewery won the award.
If any of our visitors are intending to go to Mandoon Wine Estate and Home Brewery try Kaisers Choice, you are sure enjoy it as much as I have.


Monday Seniors carnival 16th January

February 23, 2017
The next over 60s carnival is on Monday 16th of January at Osborne Park.
9.00am for a 9.30am start

To put your name on the list Contact.

Trevor Barron 0431 160 008
Roger Barns 0418 959 930

Radio show Saturday back to start time 8.00am--9.00am

February 23, 2017

John Goddard will discuss with the panel and BowlsWA CEO Ken Pride the pennant format due to start next season. It promises to be an interesting discussion

Listen to the radio Bowls show this Saturday, 8am through to 9am.
Panelists are Kyle Mcilroy, Gavin Faulkner and John Goddard.

Kristina Krstic
Ken Pride
Gary Caffell
listen live

New start time this week Radio Show starts 7.00 AM thru to 8.00AM

February 23, 2017
This week The bowls show starts an hour earlier due the cricket broadcast

Panel is Kyle Mcilroy, Gavin Faulkner
Ken Pride
Barbara McNeil
Mal Burton

listen live


April 3 2008
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Terry Sheridan
Without Prejudice

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